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Rapid travel rewards

Aurora, Colorado
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Rapid travel rewards

Does anyone know. Anything about a company called Rapid travel rewards? We received a travel check voucher in the amount of $1298.00 for US Airways. I am a former travel agent who has never heard of this consolidator. Is this a scam?

Please reply to gmeserko@aol.com. Thank you

Gwen Meserko

Liverpool, UK
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1. Re: Rapid travel rewards


Never heard of them but it's not a good idea to post your email address on a public forum.

Seattle, Washington
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2. Re: Rapid travel rewards

You really should ask that your post be removed, as it contains your email, unless you enjoy receiving a lot of spam. I don't understand why a travel consolidator would send you a voucher from US. You just received this "out of the blue"?

Houston, Texas
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3. Re: Rapid travel rewards


Leeds, United...
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for Leeds
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4. Re: Rapid travel rewards

Agree with others in getting your post removed. It's not only a spam issue, there is the possibility others can reverse look up your email address.

Seattle, Washington
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5. Re: Rapid travel rewards

Yes, by providing your name and email address, it's very easy to find out your DOB, lots of personal info such as inquiries you've made on other boards, etc. please request your post be pulled.

Nashville, TN
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6. Re: Rapid travel rewards

Here's a link to their site.


Fort Lauderdale...
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for Fort Lauderdale
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7. Re: Rapid travel rewards

You have to attend " a discount travel open house" as a first step ( if you can even see the tiny print on the bottomof theri site that is the only place you learn that.. I would not go near these people- you'll be walking into a high pressure sales session and no doubt a scam.

Seattle, Washington
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8. Re: Rapid travel rewards

This is absolutely a scam. They, and other scammers, send out postcards that say you've won or are entitled to discounted vacations. They usually include a lot of brand names that you'd recognize and make it look like came from them. Just today I got a postcard which starts with the headline "Travelocity Hotel Gift Card" including the travelocity logo. The small (tiny) print says this has nothing to do with Travelocity or the other airlines that they are impersonating.

Absolutely do not reply or call them. Ideally report them to your state AG or to FTC.

If you reply, you'll either talk to a direct scammer who will pressure you to give person information, or you'll be 'invited' to a high-pressure sales meeting to join an exclusive travel club where members make huge savings on their travel (they don't, of course).




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9. Re: Rapid travel rewards


Edited: 3:48 am, February 05, 2013
Fort Wayne, Indiana
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10. Re: Rapid travel rewards

Please delete my email from you files.......the above messhort2337 is not a correct address and not the one I gave when talking to a representative . At this time we are unable to keep an appointment and interested in a future one.

Thank you,

Mary Short