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Air Asia - changing time of flight?

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Air Asia - changing time of flight?

I am flying into Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia on morning (0900) of 6th Feb with Emirates and will be taking a flight to Bali from KL on the same day in the afternoon at 1640 with Air Asia. Personally would have liked to have taken the Air Asia flight to Bali, earlier and there are earlier flights on that day, however was a bit worried about missing the second flight so took a later flight.

If I arrived at KL on time, is there any chance Air Asia would allow taking the earlier flight to Bali, without being charged extra. And if there is a charge, how much would it be? Ie would i need to buy a brand new ticket instead

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1. Re: Air Asia - changing time of flight?

Possibly ...... I had a similar experience, although with a different airline. When checking in I was told there was an earlier flight if I wanted it, which I did and I was put on it at no extra charge.

Its worth asking when you check in, although I can imagine some airlines would charge.

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2. Re: Air Asia - changing time of flight?

Hi there,

So sorry but Changing flight times at the last minute is not permitted on AirAsia, unless you purchase another ticket. To change flight times you would need to change it 48 hours in advance and pay a fee which is not very cheap.

Also, AirAsia flies from another airport which is the LCC Terminal. It's a short (about 20 minutes) shuttle bus ride from the main terminal KLIA. So you would need that extra transit time to get to the other airport and do the check in process etc.

Hope this helps!

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3. Re: Air Asia - changing time of flight?

I flew Emirates to Singapore and then after a 6 hour transit flew Air Asia to Bali in October last year.

There was an earlier flight which, like you, I didn't book due to concerns about possible delays with my Emirates flight. With nothing to lose I asked about changing to that flight. They were very pleasant and told me that of course I could do that but I would be purchasing a new ticket at approximately 4 times the price I had already paid. I would also need to repurchase my hot seats and luggage allowance. I hadn't ordered a meal but I would have needed to repay that too. There would be no credit or refund of what I had already paid.

When I decided to wait for my original flight they very generously offered to check my luggage in early (the counter was open for the previous flight) so that I didn't need to get a locker or sit around waiting for the check in counter to open for my flight. This enabled me to enjoy our transit time inside Changi.

The LCC terminal in KL is certainly not Changi so I can't imagine wanting to spend more time there than you need to. Perhaps ask on the KL forums for suggestions on how to pass the time in transit as this is a common problem.

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4. Re: Air Asia - changing time of flight?

Someone who has been to the KUL LCCT could perhaps answer this more correctly, but from memory there is a pay-to-use lounge there.

Also, if you like massage there is a reasonably priced massage place there, which can be a nice way to spend an hour or two.

Food options are OK-- local Malaysian food, good Indian, plus the usual fast food suspects.

Don't be in a rush to get past immigration in the LCCT, as there is very little going on!

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5. Re: Air Asia - changing time of flight?

Hi Kajann,

Poster #2 is correct. Malaysian Airlines arrives a KLIA terminal, which is quite separate from LCCT from where Air Asia operates its flights.

Should your flight arrive on time in Kuala Lumpur, it may take 40 minutes or so to collect your bags and clear immigration......for the sake of this discussion, lets say an hour. 10.00am.

Then you need to travel, by road, to the LCCT terminal. There are a couple of options - by bus, which depending on traffic can take up to 40 minutes and is quite cheap, or via Taxi which takes between 15 and 30 minutes depending on traffic and costs about 40MYR. Say, 10.45am arrive at LCCT.

Air Asia suggests you need to be at their check in 3 hours prior to departure for international travel. You need to join the check in queue which can be horrendous, or if you are lucky not too bad. Check your bags, go through customs etc. Lets say the time is now about midday at best.

LCCT has heaps of food options, and a number of shops to wander around in. By the time you grab something to eat, or have a coffee somewhere before you know it it will be time for you to be at the gate lounge for PRE boarding.

We just had a 7 hour transit at LCCT a couple of weeks ago and it was a long 7 hours....but we managed to pass the time by wandering, eating, chatting.

I guess the most important part of this whole thread, is the fact that Air Asia will not allow you to change/bring forward your flight. Your only option should you still wish to catch the earlier flight (interested to know wha time it actually is now) is to burn your current ticket and purchase a new one from KL to Bali, then claim back the airport taxes (minimal) on your missed flight when you get home.

All of these times I have listed above are best case scenarios. In my opinion, for what it is worth after several recent trips in and out of KL would be to keep your original plans n place, relax and look forward to landing stress free in the beautiful Bali.


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6. Re: Air Asia - changing time of flight?

All airline policies are different and sometimes it depends who you find at the customer service counter but we arrived from Barbados earlier than we should have and asked at the British airways counter if we could get on an earlier flight to Milan willing to pay extra to do so and was pleasantly surprised when the girl said we could because they had a lot of availability on the next flight and there would be no extra charge. so If you are there and can make an earlier flight there's no harm in asking they can only say no.

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7. Re: Air Asia - changing time of flight?

EK (Emirates) on the whole have not been late getting into KLIA all the times I flew to KL with them, but of course there is always that chance...

Yes you will have to go over to the LCCT(Low Cost Carrier Terminal) for the Air Asia flight and they will give you nothing for nothing so you would have to buy anther ticket to Bali if you wanted to go on a earlier flight.

Its your call on that one, but I would say leave at least 3 hours from getting to KLIA to getting over for the Air Asia flight if you do decide to change your flight.

(Mullos the op will be travelling with Emirates to KLIA not Malaysia Airlines;)

Sydney, Australia
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8. Re: Air Asia - changing time of flight?

Ooops ! Thanks for the pick up Scotlandscout.......

Never mind, that won't change the timings from KLIA to LCCT.

And totally agree with you re Air Asia - they will simply sell you another ticket - no changes will be possible.

Thanks man


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9. Re: Air Asia - changing time of flight?

I did also mean to add your suggestion Mullos of buying another ticket before travel if the cost was ok with the op, would be a good idea, then they would have the choice.

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10. Re: Air Asia - changing time of flight?

Either way, it is worth asking when you go to check in you never know, no one knows now what they will charge on the day if they do charge. I didn't expect it with Bangkok airlines, but they said yes at no charge........

I don't mind LCCT ......... I've been in worse airports!