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Frankfurt airport transfer, what to do?

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Frankfurt airport transfer, what to do?

I will be making my first non-direct flight to Europe this summer and have no idea what to do at the Frankfurt airport. My travel agent keeps giving me conflicting info so I'm literally giving myself a headache over it.

I'll be on a US Airways flight landing at 6:25 a.m. in Frankfurt and then taking a connecting flight to Florence after a 5 hour layover. I'll be flying business/Envoy class if that will make any difference to procedure.

I get off the plane and then do what?

My thinking is: I deplane, head towards baggage claim and along the way encounter passport control. Go through it, continue to baggage claim, then have to reenter the airport, stand in line like a "new" passenger to check my bag and re-do security. Right or wrong?

My TA seems to think that I don't have to re-do security, but I have no idea how I'd get from rechecking my bag to my gate w/o going through security. Is there a special baggage claim for those with connecting flights that takes you through a "back door"? She previously told me I wouldn't need to claim my bag, but now says I have to.

Explain it to me like I'm an alien, because that's how all this makes me feel :)

Thank you for all replies.

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1. Re: Frankfurt airport transfer, what to do?

Hope I can help. We did a nonstop with United last March. Arrived in Frankfurt left from San Francisco. We got off United and walked not really far 5minutes, and went through immergration, not long, then we walked to get our luggage and went through a swift customs. Frankfurt is a wonderful airport. I have no idea who your connection airlines is but Luthansa Air was on the second level and the escalators down there was United! US Airways is a partner, so maybe they are next to each other. So much easier than some larger hubs. When we left Franfurt to come home to San Diego we stayed at the airport Hilton which was on the second floor by Luthansa Air and it was by the ICE train. Great shops over there and a Starbucks, and eating establishments. You have plenty of time on your connections. Also everyone is sooo helpful if you need questions answered. My husband will be going back sometime in the spring, for work wish I was going back.

Hope this helped. Go on the website of the Frankfurt terminal and ck it out.

Denise :)

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2. Re: Frankfurt airport transfer, what to do?

All flights are booked on one ticket, aren't they?

In that case you don't have to collect your luggage, you don't have to clear customs in Frankfurt and you don't have to recheck anything.

After you disembark you will clear EU (Schengen) Immigration in Frankfurt.

You will then probably have to go thorugh a security check point again.

You won't see your bags until you are in Florence and that's where you clear customs.

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3. Re: Frankfurt airport transfer, what to do?


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4. Re: Frankfurt airport transfer, what to do?

If you opt for through luggage then you will pick your luggage up at Florence.

You will likely to arrive at your terminal on a shuttle bus when you get off your US plane, clear immigration and then go to the gate for your connecting flight. The airport is well sign posted.

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5. Re: Frankfurt airport transfer, what to do?

My TA first told me luggage could be check through, then today along with telling me my three hour layover had been whittled down to one, said I would have to claim my luggage before boarding my US/Lufthansa shared flight from Frankfurt to Florence. That is why I now have the five hour layover, I didn't think an hour was enough time to get my bag and do immigration.

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6. Re: Frankfurt airport transfer, what to do?

get a new travel agent!

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7. Re: Frankfurt airport transfer, what to do?

One ticket - you will NOT have to claim your baggage and re-check. Your bags will be tagged straight through to Florence. You should receive your boarding pass for both flights upon check-in for your first flight (at your original departure location).

Upon landing in Frankfurt, follow the signs that will either say 'Transfers" or "Connections" (I can't remember which since i haven't connected in Frankfurt in a few years). You will pass through immigrations where you will show your passport. After you pass through immigrations, look for a monitor that will show departing flights. Find your flight and locate the correct gate - then follow the signs to your gate. 5 hours is plenty of time.

Have a great trip!

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8. Re: Frankfurt airport transfer, what to do?

Not sure why your TA would say that unless he booked you on seperate tickets!

If that is not the case then you will clear immigration and security then go the Lufthansa lounge for a few hours.

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9. Re: Frankfurt airport transfer, what to do?

Go back to your travel agent and ask them ...

"Are the US Airways flight to FRA, and the Lufthansa flight to Florence on the same ticket? Yes or No?"

If the answer is "yes" then you will not have collect your bags at FRA. You will clear immigration into the Schengen area, then reclear security and go to your gate. If you're flying Business Class then you should have access to the Lufthansa Business lounge to relax between flights.

If the answer is "no" then you may have to clear immigration, baggage claim and customs, and then check in again with Lufthansa. You can ask the US check agent if they will through check the bag to Florence but it's entirely at their discretion. With an on time arrival at FRA 5 hours will be fine. But, if your travel agent did book separate tickets that's a very poor agent. Your second flight will not be protected against a delayed arrival in FRA and there's a risk (however slim) of losing that second ticket if you miss your flight. If it's a Business Class ticket to Florence you'll probably be okay as it should be flexible, but it's still not a good thing for a travel agent to be doing.

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10. Re: Frankfurt airport transfer, what to do?

The minimum connecting time at FRA is 45 minutes, so if you are on one ticket get your onward flight changed back to a connection that is less than 5 hours.

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