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Warning: Beware budgetair, Vayama

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Warning: Beware budgetair, Vayama

IDENTICAL long error messages came up from the "two" companies budgetair and vayama for flight info (gotten, sadly, via Tripadvisor).
 Each lists a certain trip at amazingly low fare, then has error message saying can't access the flights, try again later.

Lots of great sounding reviews for all at a website clearly set up by budgetair.

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1. Re: Warning: Beware budgetair, Vayama

BudgetAir and Vayama are sister companies both owned by the same parent company, Netherlands based Travix International BV. It's entirely possible that they have consolidated IT and are using the same search engines and reservations system.


As regards TripAdvisor, Vayama and co (and others) pay TA to be included in the TA search results, and for advertisements. They do the same for Kayak and SkyScanner. That doesn't mean TA endorses them.

If you had searched and read these forums you'd see dozens of posts about Vayama (especially) and BudgetAir.

And the recommendations for the regulars on this forum is don't use any 3rd party booker; book directly with the airlines.

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2. Re: Warning: Beware budgetair, Vayama

BudgetAir Beware indeed!

They screwed up my booking - basically, they didn't book one segment of my return flight. Apparently, it was some system error. I uncovered the issue a week before my outgoing flight - was bounced around by customer service of Budget Air for 2 days, until I started getting angry. They re-directed me to Vayama, who handles their back end operations. Vayama kept bouncing me around for 2 weeks, before they finally re-booked me on a different flight. My return flight was confirmed 3 days before I was scheduled to take it. What a nightmare!

For two weeks, every day, while I was on my vacation, Vayama kept assuring me that the issue would be resolved "within the next 24 hours." It was always the same answer, and yet nobody would actually resolve it because supposedly they were waiting for some higher being to sign off on the higher fare flight.

I yelled and screamed after all was said and done - they reimbursed me for the expenses I had to incur because of their mistake (i.e. long distance phone calls) and gave me a $150 voucher with several strings attached for use on a future trip.

Overall, horrible experience....they were very apologetic but I don't think any number of apologies can explain why it took about 10 different customer service representatives, and almost 3 weeks to rebook one segment of my return flight. I also thought the reimbursement in the form of the future use voucher was a joke, given my original ticket cost $2k.

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3. Re: Warning: Beware budgetair, Vayama

Wow!! I just booked a flight with them a couple days ago. I am contacting the carrier to confirm that all is well.


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4. Re: Warning: Beware budgetair, Vayama

With all that's been written on hear I would also check with the airline that your flights are confirmed.

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5. Re: Warning: Beware budgetair, Vayama

Another Duck here...

After reading reviews on line I decided to check with the carrier to make sure that the flight had been booked and confirmed. The travel date is several months away with Air India. When I called AI they said the AI confirmation code I received from BudgetAir wasn't valid. I called BudgetAir, they contacted Air India and gave me a new confirmation code. I then wen to Air India's eCommerce confirmation website with the new confirmation code and found the reservation.


My suggestion is to verify their bookings. This may be a computer system glitch but whatever, travelers don't need problems.

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6. Re: Warning: Beware budgetair, Vayama

I just replied to something similar to this on another thread. I never worked with Vayama but the consolidator I used to work for issued all their tickets or most of them. I know exactly about these types of complaints. These discount agencies sometimes depend on these consolidators and if there is no communication between both sometimes these things happen. Now a days it's all about the volume of tickets sold and not the customer service. Things do fall through the cracks like in this case. Somebody should of informed you right away and try to fix the problem. I've seen how things can go through so many people before someone actually helps you. I remember I use to be the one who would try to resolve the problem with a direct customer only because the travel agency wouldn't or I would contact that agency to make sure they took care of the problem. As the ticketing agency you want customers in both parties to be happy no matter the cost. I remember there was one company I worked for, all I did was try to help the customer, management got upset at me because it wasn't my problem. I no longer work for them but I do advice anyone who purchases tickets through these discount agencies through their website to contact the airline that what you have confirmed with them is what you want and if your tickets are not issued within 24 hours of submitting your payment info make sure you contact them right away otherwise the air fare can change at a moments notice. If anyone tells you that it's the airlines problem it's not, its the ticketing agency they buy the tickets through. Someone on that end either didn't do their job or it was never sent to get ticketed on time and the fare has went up and they won't ticketed until they find a solution. I hope with my experience I can help others with questions they might have or maybe what they can do to get the problem resolved.

Pico Rivera...
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7. Re: Warning: Beware budgetair, Vayama

I sent this reply twice...sorry!

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8. Re: Warning: Beware budgetair, Vayama

I did verify with Vayama and even spoke to a live person to confirm that my bookings were in order.

This was one week ahead of departure date.

I don't know what else I could have done to make sure my air travel plans would not be a problem.

Never again, Vayama.

Pasadena, California
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9. Re: Warning: Beware budgetair, Vayama

Your point taken....book directly with the Airlines!


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10. Re: Warning: Beware budgetair, Vayama

jkjdk, Just in case you missed it you have an answer from Vayama at post #19 on this thread.


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