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What airline is best from USA>London?

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What airline is best from USA>London?

Booking flight from NC to London Heathrow. What airline is recommended?

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1. Re: What airline is best from USA>London?

Only AA fly non-stop from RDU so it's Hobson's choice.

Otherwise if you're willing to connect it all depends on the class of travel IMO.

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2. Re: What airline is best from USA>London?

If you are willing to connect there is another consideration.

If you fly with an airline registered in the European Union (e.g.British Airways, Virgin or Lufthansa which all have direct flights from the US to Heathrow) you get a few more rights if things go wrong on the outward leg. For example, if you are delayed overnight for any reason that is not your fault, they *must* provide a hotel and meals. US airlines are not obligated to do this on the outbound flight (but they are on the return). You have other rights too depending on the circumstances.


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3. Re: What airline is best from USA>London?

Plus, from March, US airways will fly between Charlotte (CLT) and LHR, a reasonable alternative, I'd have thought!


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4. Re: What airline is best from USA>London?

and keep your eyes open for codeshare flights. We live in wales and fly to boston annually for family visits. These days, most BA and AA flights are codeshare, but we always book under the BA 'badge' to get the benefits described above if things go wrong.

Unless there is a huge financially advantage to a stopover flight, do try and book a direct flight; there is then less chance for missing a connecting flight which does of course eat into that precious holiday time.

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5. Re: What airline is best from USA>London?

We use DL but given your location AA is a far better choice as will be US when it begins service.

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6. Re: What airline is best from USA>London?

Take the airline that fits your schedule the best. There is little to differentiate economy and it is a relatively short flight to begin with. BTW... Lufthansa does not fly to the US from London as was previously stated... those are all codeshare flights with United.

If you are in RDU AA is your choice for non-stop. If you are in Charlotte (CLT) then you take US. Everything else is a connection.

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7. Re: What airline is best from USA>London?

The flight is so short it's hard to care. Economy is economy, too.

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8. Re: What airline is best from USA>London?

"Economy is economy, too"

Excuse me, but you're wrong! For those of us who fly infrequently, and appreciate really good service and standards, there is a big difference between air carriers. I personally don't mind paying an extra $200. or so for a superior product, and yes, I always fly economy.

I avoid US carriers like the plague when I fly internationally. It seems to me the only really good US carriers are the smaller, non-legacy ones like Southwest, Alaska and Virgin America.

For travel to the UK, I would pick British Airways - I've always received wonderful service from this carrier.

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9. Re: What airline is best from USA>London?

Trans-Atlantic... economy is economy.

US is actually pretty good (marginally better) internationally. With all respect, infrequent flying and avoiding a particular genre of provider leads to bias in comparisons.

"Good" is a subjective term. A goodness quotient is dependent on a person's perception of value. Being able to fly non-stop may outweigh many extra hours with a connection, still flying domestic carriers in order to get to a BA gateway. For some it might be worth it, for most, I'd wager a 4-6 extra hour, maybe even 8 extra hours wouldn't be worth the incremental difference that *might* be there over the non-stop on American or US.

So OP needs to define what "best" means.

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10. Re: What airline is best from USA>London?

Hi mary i have flown into london heathrow fron new york abot 9 times in the past few years once i flew in on amdrican airlines they were fine no problem but all the other times i flew virgin atlantic the resson i did was because i felt the servise was better more snaks and drinks besides a decent meal and the condition of the aircraft to me the virgin atlantics looked cleaner and better maintaned but thats just my take on it good luck and nice save travel.