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Peach Airlines?

Nottingham, England
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Peach Airlines?


I am flying from ICN to KIX on 28/02, returning on 03/03 with Peach Airlines. I paid about KRW 300,000 (£180ish) which I feel is expensive for a LCC. I do understand that there is a Korean holiday on 01/03 and I am travelling over a weekend.

Has anyone flown with them before? How do they compare with other LCC such as Air Asia, Ryanair, Wizzair or EasyJet?

Any opinions would be great.



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Hong Kong, China
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1. Re: Peach Airlines?

They're a Japanese LCC, so not as cheap and nasty as some others.

If you book at the right time, you can get some amazing fares.

Service is excellent, and buy-on-board food is reasonable, though like every other LCC the standard vegetarian choice is pasta-- particularly vexing when it's an Asian airline and you expect to have some Asian option.

Leg room is fine (I am petite, though). They use terminal 2 at KIX, which is basic but still not as bad as the KUL LCCT Air Asia uses.

Hope that helps. Feel free to ask anything else.

Osaka, Japan
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2. Re: Peach Airlines?

I have flown with them 3 times now and would recommend them. Some of the deals are amazingly cheap and reasonably easy to actually get.

Saying that though, these were my first times I have been on a discount airline so was a bit shocked by the tight space. For the first time ever, I had thoughts of crashing and being stuck in my window seat.

If you a bigger, I would recommend paying the extra money for an aisle seat.

Hong Kong, China
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3. Re: Peach Airlines?

Another thing-- the wifi doesn't seem to work post immigration at KIX Terminal 2, and there's not much beyond except for a Japanese food cafeteria and a couple of duty free stores, so don't rush through expecting to have something to do waiting for your flight!

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4. Re: Peach Airlines?

FRUSTRATING!!! We boooked a flight for 3 people last Friday. When we clicked submit a message came up that said "change address". We thought the reason for that was the credit card address was different than the address we put in. We tried to go back and change the address. We had to redo the entire reservation. Again after hitting Submit, the change address sign came up. We were about to try again but decided to look at our emails. The first flight was there. The other was not. We waited a while and eventually we saw that two flights were booked for 3 people. We immediately cancelled the first flight. It was late Friday so Peach customer service was closed, they are only open Mon-Fri from 9-6. On Monday two of us called and were told they would refund one way because we changed the departure day by a day. We insisted that if we knew the booking had gone through we would not have changed the date and we would be happy to fly on the original date. We were told to call back. Tuesday I called and then had a Japanese friend call. Again we were told to call back with credit card information. They said they would refund one reservation but keep the 1890 yen credit card charge. Peach charges to use your credit card and they also charge to pay the fare at Family Mart, so you cannot book the flight without being charged an additional fee. Though we thought that was grossly unfair because the address was not a issue and it was obviously something with their booking site, we wanted the bulk of our money credited. On Wednesday my Japanese friend called again for me, the credit information was given, and we were told that they would only cancel the second reservation we booked and they would reconfirm the first reservation we had cancelled as soon as we saw two went through. Why would they want to make matters even more complicated when they didn't seem to know what they were doing? On Thursday the first flight was NOT reconfirmed and no money had been credited on the credit card, but were told everything was OK. On Friday the both flights were still showing as CANCELLED and NO money had been refunded to the card so we called again. This time we tried for hours and could not reach them. I could name some of the people we spoke with, but I will leave that for a later time. SO BEWARE. This has not been a peachy experience. If anyone knows how to contact the CEO of Peach, send me the info. I am still amazed a business can run this way. It is very unusual for Japan. We live in Okinawa and have never experienced anything like this with any airlin and we fly often.

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Windsor, Canada
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5. Re: Peach Airlines?

I hate Peach. I flown them once from Sapporo to Hong Kong via KIX. I was so glad it was only one way and only one time. It was one of my all time worst experiences. I DO NOT understand why I had to take my checked bag at KIX and then had to wait for the longest ridi line to check the bag AGAIN. The bag and the weight was fine at Sapporo and then the checkin counter at KIX said NO. They she wanted us to take stuffs out and then wait in that line AGAIN! It was ridi!!!! We refused!

Once on the plane, the space was the worst, I am only 5'10 and 160# and I can't even sit right because it was the smallest seat! The back was thin and you can feel whenever the person behind you move their legs!

I will NEVER fly them again!

Portland, Oregon
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6. Re: Peach Airlines?

>> I DO NOT understand why I had to take my checked bag at KIX and then had to wait for the longest ridi line to check the bag AGAIN. <<

That's because they are a point to point airline. They don't offer connecting flights or through checking of bags. Your journey from CTS to HKG would have been on two separate tickets (CTS-KIX, and KIX-HKG) with check in required for each. That's the way many low cost carriers operate. It keeps their costs, and hence your fares low.

If you wanted the level of service of a full service airline, then you should have booked one.

Brisbane, Australia
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7. Re: Peach Airlines?

I cannot reccomend them. If you can, fly Jetstar they would be better.

We flew return Osaka to Sapporro last year and had a single booking for two people. When we checked in we were seated on opposite sides of the plane. This is OK, we hadn't paid for seats to be reserved and we accept the possibility of not sitting together. The problem was that Peach has a deliberate policy of splitting passengers even on the one booking AS A "PUNISHMENT FOR NOT PAYING THE SEAT RESERVATION FEE." We found this out because we both had empty seats next to us but the airline staff would not let us sit together, even after take-off. When we checked in for our return flight they tried to do that again and I made a big fuss and they seated us together. Any other airline check-in system will automatically put passengers from the same reservation together if the seats are available. Every one except Peach. When I asked for contact details to lodge a formal complaint They told me to go on the website. So far I have still not been able to find a way to send an email to Peach and I have no intention of ringing them from Australia to get the run around in person.

Hong Kong, China
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8. Re: Peach Airlines?

From what I remember, seat selection is a measly few hundred yen on Peach, while other LCCs charge much, much more. After your first negative experience being seated away from your partner, you didn't bite the bullet and just part with an extra 5 or so dollars?

Singapore, Singapore
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9. Re: Peach Airlines?


I am wondering if they are very particular about the baggage part as in they will literally charge any extra pieces of checkin baggage as I am traveling with 4 adults and 2 children so if I take the happyplus fare, I am entitlted to 6 pieces of checkin which I doubt I will have.

Also, is my understand right that once I booked, I can't add in the extra check in baggage online? Only way is to do it at the airport or call centre which is more exp?

Hong Kong, China
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10. Re: Peach Airlines?

Not sure if you are saying you will have extra luggage or that you won't, but anyway:

you can add extra baggage at the airport. I had to pay extra but it was a flat fee, not too expensive at all.

Personally, I wouldn't worry till you're at the airport... unlike LCCs in many other parts of the world, charges are not very high and staff are very accommodating and polite.

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