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SQ economy vs BA premium economy

Hitchin, England...
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SQ economy vs BA premium economy

We are planning a family trip (2 adults + 16 and 14 yr old) to Australia for xmas 2013. Flights have just been released and I am wondering whether to go Singapore Airlines economy (A380) for £1,300 each or push the boat out and book BA premium economy for £2,350 each.

Is the extra leg room worth an extra £4,000?

Will the reputed great service of SQ make up for the lack of space.

Would love some advice to help me make my decision.

Salisbury, United...
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1. Re: SQ economy vs BA premium economy

It's a difficult question to answer as only you know if you are prepared the extra money. IMHO service can not make up for space. I would travel Premium Economy.

I have travelled BA premium Economy and like the small cabin and space. For me it's important on a long flight. BA service is good, crew attentive I'm not sure if Singapore would be much better.

Have a good trip.

Lewes, United...
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2. Re: SQ economy vs BA premium economy

This is a difficult one to quantify. You are comparing different airlines over different classes of travel.

Are any of the passengers long legged? If so, then extra legroom for that length of flight would probably win hands down every time.

Some people prefer BA, others prefer SQ. SQ does have better service overall, but in a large plane over that distance, and in economy where the staff to passenger ratio even with SQ is low, how much service would you get? Versus the benefits of a smaller, quieter cabin, the extra legroom, slightly better food and getting off the plane ahead of the economy passengers (depending on aircraft configuration, in some cases)?

It also depends on whether you'd use the saved money for a better time elsewhere on your trip, too, or can afford to just increase the travel budget, anyway.


Hong Kong, China
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3. Re: SQ economy vs BA premium economy

Whether the extra legroom is worth the cost is something you have to decide. On a long haul flight, the extra room and smaller cabin do make it a noticeable improvement over most economy cabins.

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4. Re: SQ economy vs BA premium economy

Will the reputed great service of SQ make up for the lack of space.


Consider this. If your legs are squashed and the seat in front reclined back in your face on hour one of a 20+ hour flight, how does getting an extra sandwich and a hot towel compensate? :-)

If you are looking at BA WT+ also look at Qantas PE, when I've done price comparisons between the two they are the same, and Qantas is reputedly better (never flown it myself, only BA)

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5. Re: SQ economy vs BA premium economy

Note that BA only serve Sydney in Australia with one daily flight, Singapore Airlines have about 12 flights per day between Singapore and Australia and fly into Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

That amount of money saving is a huge amount of money which if it was me I would spend on the holiday in Australia.

Wow - on the exchange that looks like about AU$ 6,000, that is a large sum.

Every day thousands fly these routes in Economey and quite happy, in the end up to you, but Singapore Airlines are excellent + they have the huge choice of flights and I think 4 a day from London to Singapore and as said about a dozen onward flights a day into Australia

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Hitchin, England...
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6. Re: SQ economy vs BA premium economy

Thank you to everyone who took the time out to reply. Was great to have your feed-back which I think pretty much confirmed my own thoughts.

Especially joeintheuk comment about the economy seat in front being reclined in your face one hour into a 22 hour flight! No amount of good service can help in that situation.

It's our first trip out there in 10 years and think it might be worth pushing the boat out.

Thanks for the advice, once again.

Portland, Oregon
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7. Re: SQ economy vs BA premium economy

You should also consider Asiana in economy since it's roomier than SQ, has the same if not better service, and is just a wonderful way to fly, in my experience.

I've read that SQ is slipping in quality recently. I do believe that Asiana has the very best economy class of all (they have no PE).

New Delhi, India
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8. Re: SQ economy vs BA premium economy

Its an individual choice, but for me PE is poor value for the extra $$$. I would do either economy or Business. We did PE on BA from BOM to ORD via LHR and return a few years back and decided to stick to business, whenever possible, or economy. The only time I would buy PE on BA is if I intended to upgrade using points.

Portland, Oregon
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9. Re: SQ economy vs BA premium economy

Another vote for considering Asiana. You'll get 777s all the way but with economy it really is the best service and comfort you'll find. The seat pitch on Asiana is also a very roomy 34" so much less likelihood of the seat recline at hour 1 hurting (in fact OZ regulates recline strictly but charmingly during meals).

Another very good economy product IMO is Malaysia, which could also be an option from London. Malaysia will (from late Feb) be OneWorld so you'd be able to earn BA miles and elite points on those flights too.

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10. Re: SQ economy vs BA premium economy

You also have economy options on Malaysia, Thai Airways etc