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what can anyone tell me about Air Canada Vacations.

Calgary, Alberta...
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what can anyone tell me about Air Canada Vacations.

wondering about Air Canada Vacations what kind of service they have.

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Nova Scotia
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11. Re: what can anyone tell me about Air Canada Vacations.

ACV has lost our business after 3 out of 4 trips have had problems of varying degrees.

The last trip just had too many issues. We are prepared to have delays and minor snags when traveling, but when a real problem occurs they become the huge unreachable corporation with lots of red tape to navigate. They have your money, so the customer service attitude is to ignore them (customers) and they will eventually go away.

ACV has no email address or phone number for customer complaints. They provide only a fax number and a snail mail address, and leave you hanging for weeks for a response.

If you book with them, make sure it is a real bargain price and pray you never have a problem.

Fredericton, Canada
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12. Re: what can anyone tell me about Air Canada Vacations.

We are not using ACV for the first time after 10 trips to Cuba with them because they have made Cuba destinations "rouge" flights. We flew rouge last time and it was sheer misery. This time we are using Aeroplan points to book an AC flight to Toronto (only AC flies out of our local airport) where we will take a HolaSun flight to Cuba. That is how much we absolutely despised traveling with rouge, as well as feeling that the jokey, giggly FAs and the crammed seats could be deadly in an emergency. Never again if I can help it.

Niagara Falls...
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13. Re: what can anyone tell me about Air Canada Vacations.


It's a shame - I am doing the same thing - flying from Toronto to Vancouver, before flying to my US destination, just to avoid flying on Rouge (once was enough and at that time I was rouged with no choice). I will not be doing this circuitous route very often. The thing that bothers me is that they are promoting this as a discount airline - but the fares are the same as mainstream Air Canada - there is absolutely no benefit to their customers.

I live on the border so it's easy for me to fly out of Buffalo. Prefer to fly non-stop via AC (not on Rouge), but AC has made this impossible, so it's back to flying US domestic flights for me.

Safe travels

Nova Scotia
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14. Re: what can anyone tell me about Air Canada Vacations.


The drive or shuttle to Halifax may be a better option for more choices. Although, even booking ahead does not guarantee they don't change your flight.

I agree Rouge flights are just a downgraded service at the same price. Other carriers will likely follow suit seeing ACV getting away with it.

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15. Re: what can anyone tell me about Air Canada Vacations.

We used ACV for our trip to St Lucia (Ottawa via Toronto to St Lucia). We stayed in two places in St Lucia (Sandals and Sugar Beach), which could have been a complicating factor but turned out not to be. The booking experience went well (because of the two places I had to speak to a live person rather than just the internet). The travel experience also went well. An ACV shuttle took us to Sandals on arrival and picked us up at the end of our trip at Sugar Beach (we were on our own to get from Sandals to Sugar Beach). Everything seemed quite organized and punctual. We did not need any other "in country" services so I cannot comment on that. I would use ACV again.

Waterloo, Canada
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16. Re: what can anyone tell me about Air Canada Vacations.

DO NOT FALL FOR THIS - IT'S A LOTTERY!!!!!! Air Canada Vacations sells you the holiday but does not guarantee your seat on the plane, unless you show up at the airport and are lucky to fight for one of those 20% spots that about 100 people want. More than a month ago, we paid over 4,000 dollars for a week in Cayo Santa Maria Cuba - Melia Buenavista. When I tried to check in, I found out that my husband was assigned a seat but not me. I am supposed to show up at the gate. Yes, that's my seat number "GATE" as printed on the boarding pass.

When you call, they will be busy, or closed, or whatever. Just get your sorry little behind to the airport hours earlier if you want to actually GET to Cuba. FYI- Make sure you are talking to the "ACTUAL AIR CANADA" because they hide behind various company names...e.g., Air canada Vacations is not part of Air Canada, so AIr Canada per se, couldn't care less about your little problem. Maybe you should have grown some wings. It's all your fault you know!

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Waterloo, Canada
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17. Re: what can anyone tell me about Air Canada Vacations.

Air Canada, AIr Canada Rouge, Air Canada Vacations - the entire "family" is laughing all the way to the bank because we put up with it.

Toronto, Canada
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18. Re: what can anyone tell me about Air Canada Vacations.

I presume you realize it is very easy to pre-book your seats with Air Canada vacations.

Their website clearly spells it out


Call us to reserve your seat in advance after completing your booking. Make sure to have your confirmation number handy.

Advance seat selection is available at a cost of $15 each way.

Seat selection is FREE for passengers departing for the USA, Europe, South America, South Pacific and Asia.

FREE advance seat selection is available to all passengers travelling in Business Class® service.

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19. Re: what can anyone tell me about Air Canada Vacations.

If you read Honestly's other post(s) today i suspect the problem lies somewhere other than Air Canada vacations (whatever its physical manifestation).

Syracuse, New York
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20. Re: what can anyone tell me about Air Canada Vacations.

How "unreasonable" - in addition to having to actually "buy" your "ticket" you also have to "show up" at the "airport" on time in order to actually get your seat and to your destination.

Either the poster is rather naive about how flights work, or there is something missing in this - are we talking about a lack of online check-in, then turning up to the airport and finding out that the flight is oversold and that there is no assigned seat?

Either way, if you look at the legal contract that you enter in to when you buy a ticket, you will find out that what you are buying is the airline getting you to your destination and back. There is no promise that it will be on a specific flight, or in a specific seat.

This isn't specific to Air Canada, but applies to pretty much every airline in North America.

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