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Oakland, California
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This afternoon, I purchased a ticket from Cheap Fare Guru/Airtkt based on a search on airfarewatchdog. After looking around the net for reviews, I'm paranoid that the ticket isn't legit. Anyone have any experiences to share about them? If my paranoia is well founded, what should I do?

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Seattle, Washington
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1. Re: Cheapfareguru/Airtkt

Check directly with the airline to see if you actually have a ticket.

Leland, North...
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2. Re: Cheapfareguru/Airtkt

?.?? Is AirTkt. A reliable company to buy air tickets. .??? They are 500.00 dollars cheaper than anyone else. RDU. To. Barcelona. In July 2013. To August 2013. Help. Thanks

Taos, New Mexico
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3. Re: Cheapfareguru/Airtkt

I share your concerns, Sally T: I also just bought a ticket from them (1/27) and the whole interaction was/is VERY weird..I see that there already is a pending charge for 2 transatlantic tickets on my credit card, so I am very

anxious to get my eticket confirmation. did you ever get your, or what's your status?

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4. Re: Cheapfareguru/Airtkt


Looking at this profile I would be very worried!!

Leland, North...
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5. Re: Cheapfareguru/Airtkt

I did not buy the ticket. Yes, very strange. Let me know if everything is OK with your ticket or tickets. The air fare at 500.00 less is now gone.

does anybody have personal positive or negative remarks about AirTkt.


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6. Re: Cheapfareguru/Airtkt

Having read some reviews on a site measuredup.com (I think, have closed the page), they were not complimentary. I have to admit some of them are the "I had to cancel my ticket and it was non-refundable but the mean company won't give me my money back" variety. However there are others that follow the tradition of cheapoair for offering a flight at, say, $500 and then when the customer has 'booked' it, contacting the customer and saying "sorry, that flight is now $800".

But what would put me off ever, ever, EVER using this company is that when they respond to some of the reviews, they are rude to the customer. Sure it might be the customer's fault for being naive, but they come across as being a shonky company. Of course I'd probably get defensive and rude, too, if I knew that my business model was potentially unethical.

Taos, New Mexico
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7. Re: Cheapfareguru/Airtkt

In my case, it seems to have a good ending: the tickets actually came through, a few hours later, from cheapfareguru/airtk. with a confirmation number for the two (major) airlines involved.

So I went directly to their sites, and all checks out : I am registered on their sites as having valid tickets. So that is a relief.

The way i see it is that I got a real great flight with major airlines at rock bottom price, but that I "paid" for that with quite a bit of anxiety :

the weirdness of calling me 10 seconds after I had submitted my online order, supposedly to verify my home phone number, then being absent from the phone for a while, ultimately disconnecting me.... then another email, asking me to phone in to verify my home phone number... huh? didn't I just do that? but I called in and was on hold for a LONG time, finally the same, or another guy was on the phone again, with hard to understand English...

I asked when they would email my eticket number, they said right after we finish the call. That didn't happen, so i got REAL nervous, but decided to just wait - and it did come through several hours later!

Well, I know it's not over until it's over...I'll report back if something else happens..

The other thing that is very weird is that they seem to have screwed up our names on the tickets: they had asked to spell our names exactly as listed in our passport (international travel) , so we did, properly separating first, middle, and last. But they contracted the first name with the middle name and made it all one.

I decided to just not worry about that, and see what happens at check in.

The prospect of calling them about it and asking them to rectify their mistake, is just asking for trouble, or possibly an artificial "change fee" of several hundred dollars?

Anyhow: i wouldn't use them again, it's not worth it, but saving a HUGE amount on a one way , long, international flight is the "reward".

PS : Possibly they aren't even rude, just totally clueless on how to deal with customers, or how to be professional. Maybe total computer geeks/nerds? just an idea..

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8. Re: Cheapfareguru/Airtkt

So, does the name on the ticket not match the name in your passport?

I thought, with the exception of the saluation (Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc.), the names had to match between ticket and passport?

Taos, New Mexico
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9. Re: Cheapfareguru/Airtkt

they contracted the first name and middle name and made the whole thing into the first name.. but all the letters, everything else is correct, so I'm just gonna not fight it right now - or would you??

Portland, Oregon
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10. Re: Cheapfareguru/Airtkt

>> But they contracted the first name with the middle name and made it all one. <<

You mean that if you entered say " Mr. Us Business Traveller", your ticket says something like "Traveller/UsBusinessMr"?

If so that's perfectly normal, and how my name appears on my tickets and boarding passes.

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