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Alitalia Refund Issue

Cincinnati, Ohio
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Alitalia Refund Issue

We had to cancel tickets from Boston to Rome after my brother-in-law died only 5 days before the scheduled flight. Alitalia promised a full refund within 30 days. Then it became 30 to 60 days. Then it was 90 days. Now, after 100+ days they say it may take 180 days. They refuse to let us speak to a supervisor and have even hung up the phone on us. Obviously, phone calls are not working. Is there another way to make contact with them and to hopefully find out what is going on.

Salisbury, United...
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1. Re: Alitalia Refund Issue

Can't you claim on your travel insurance? Many people by non refundable tickets, are your tickets non refundable? If this is the case are you relying on Alitalia's goodwill. Maybe you need to send a letter.

May be it is time to try your travel insurance to see if they will pay. There maybe exclusions which you will need to check but your policy should tell you.

Good luck.

Elk Rapids, Michigan
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2. Re: Alitalia Refund Issue

Fly to Fiumicino where the HQ is and talk to them?

Really though if they were non refundable tickets and they promised to refund them anyway I don't see where you have a beef waiting months.

Things generally do not proceeed too fast in Italy anyway.

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Seattle, Washington
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3. Re: Alitalia Refund Issue

I agree. I don't know why you would receive a refund. Assume these were nonrefundable tickets, and as such, you don't get a refund, even if a family member dies. For some tickets, you can pay a change fee and use the remaining value of the ticket for another trip. You would have to check the terms and conditions associated with your ticket.

If you had travel insurance, many policies would have reimbursed you for this loss.

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4. Re: Alitalia Refund Issue


The time-line to me I think is more than reasonable here.. I get that refunds take time.. and I'd personally allow 8 to as much as 12 weeks maximum for *most* refund matters.. So, the idea that it's going to be 26 weeks, is, to me, not reasonable on the surface of it; barring exceptional circumstances.

As others note, there *may* be other issues in play here-- like the idea that this is a non-refundable ticket so it needs to go to or get approved by someone authorized to override that, if that's what's going on here.

I don't know if the part of "... Alitalia promised a full refund within 30 days.." includes or was made recognizing the tickets restrictions (if any) or was that an auto-generated response.. so I'm not clear on how that timeline came to be..

But, even with that, I'd reasonably expect to be told what is the expected processing time and that the results be in the "ball park" of that.

Travel Safe,

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Sydney, Australia
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5. Re: Alitalia Refund Issue

I'd be pretty happy that they are giving any refund at all.

Surprisd that they are actually.

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6. Re: Alitalia Refund Issue

I cannot see where the op has mentioned they were non refundable tickets.

I had to cancel an Emirates flight last Tuesday because of family bereavement and the refund is back in my account today - thats three working days. 180 days for a refund is ridiculous whether its legitimate or goodwill refund.

Nannup, Australia
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7. Re: Alitalia Refund Issue

Why has everybody assumed they are non-refundable tickets? The OP hasn't declared their status.......

Elk Rapids, Michigan
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for Lanai
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8. Re: Alitalia Refund Issue

star and Numbat:

That was why I used the word "IF" in my post, I never said they were only said IF they were.

Edinburgh, United...
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9. Re: Alitalia Refund Issue

And even if they were non-refundable, some airlines are willing to bend the rules in cases of death in the immediate family.

In any case, since the refund has already been approved by Alitalia, the reason is pretty irrelevant. The issue is here is the timeline for providing it.

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10. Re: Alitalia Refund Issue

There are three occasions spring to mind where, I have had to cancel flights over last few years and claim refund/partial refund. On each occasion the refund has been dealt with in less than a week. As mentioned in my post, an Emirates flight cancelled on Tuesday and an e mail last night stating claim was processed and money back in my account.

It seems to me that Alitalia are stonewalling this claim.