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Aeromexico LHR-MEX

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Aeromexico LHR-MEX

So... I booked a flight with Aeromexico from London to Mexico City yesterday evening, at a pretty awesome price (compared to BA/Air France/KLM).

HOWEVER, since I made the booking I have already had 3 pretty stressful phonecalls with a travel agency called "Bravo Travel" who seem to be processing the booking.

The English Aeromexico website doesn't seem completely finished yet and didn't ask for any of my personal details, such as date of birth, nationality, passport etc., so these have to be given over the phone.

This is where the problems started, as the person from 'Bravo Travel' doesn't speak English and cannot understand me. And I, on the other hand, am extremely confused and frustrated that I can't speak to Aeromexico directly (or email them, for that matter).

Am I the first person to use this new Aeromexico route, or has someone else on here already tried them and can help me?? I can't seem to talk to anyone who can write down my passport details correctly! I am already stressed out because now I think there'll be something wrong with the ticket...


Any input would be much appreciated!

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1. Re: Aeromexico LHR-MEX

It really does not appear that you booked this trip directly through Aeromexico's official webpage for the UK:


I did a dummy booking and it asked for passenger name, DOB, passport info., etc. Noted that these flights appear to be operated by AF. Did you check their webpage to see if the price was cheaper booking directly through them?

Their contact information, including phone number and ability to email them is right on the front page of their webpage.

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2. Re: Aeromexico LHR-MEX

Thanks for your message - that's exactly the same website that I used!

When I made the booking, it only asked for my name and credit card details.

The flight is operated by AeroMexico, not Air France. It's a direct flight from London Heathrow to Mexico City (they only fly this route three days a week).

Also, when you click on "help" to contact them, it generates an email to "Bravo Travel".

It's all very strange and very annoying, and I spent 2 hours on the phone to Bravo Travel today, trying to give them my passport details! Nobody seems to be able to do their job in that place.

Tickets haven't been issued yet.

I hope for the best...

Seattle, Washington
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3. Re: Aeromexico LHR-MEX

When I did a dummy booking, it asked for my passport numbers, etc. Odd that you did not get this page. I did not notice the flights I was looking at as having "awesome prices" - curious as to what you paid for this.

Check your itinerary carefully, because most of these flights are operated by AF. There are very few that have the CDG-MEX leg on Aeromexico.

All I can think of is that Bravo Travel handles this information for Aeromexico, but it seems strange.

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Seattle, Washington
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4. Re: Aeromexico LHR-MEX

Also, if you can't make progress, try emailing Aeromexico in the US. It's worth a try:

Our Customer Care office

Aeromexico Consumer Relations

3663 N. Sam Houston Parkway E. Ste. #500

Houston, Texas 77032


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5. Re: Aeromexico LHR-MEX

Call the U.S. Aeromexico call centre, give them your PNR and give them the info.

Otherwise don't worry about it and they'll just enter the info at check in.....

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6. Re: Aeromexico LHR-MEX

Thank you for that email address, I will email the US customer services!

I still haven't got any ticket/reservation or anything to show anyone at check-in, so I'm still worried. Obviously my card has been charged. I'm getting nowhere with Bravo Travel, as they don't seem to know what they're doing.

The price was £612 return, which is significantly cheaper than British Airways or KLM, but for peace of mind I wish I had booked a more expensive flight with a different airline.

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7. Re: Aeromexico LHR-MEX

Hi Dannie,

Would you mind sharing what happened with your tickets? I want to book a flight on the same route, but I am bit wary of this new route. I have traveled with Aeromexico plenty of times on routes from Mexico to US with no problems, but since this one is relatively new I am a bit concern that something odd might happen.

As Gracie-Boo did, I tried a dummy booking and I was also asked for my passport number and DOB, however, when I checked the contact email they provide I did see it would be sent to info@bravo-travel, not very trustworthy.


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8. Re: Aeromexico LHR-MEX

Hi there,

well, I seem to have e-tickets, issued by Bravo Travel. It took them almost a week to email them to me. The thing is, when you try to call Bravo Travel, they seem extremely unprofessional and rude, and there is only one person who deals with Aeromexico, his name is William and he speaks only a few words of English. It was extremely frustrating having to call them again and again and not being able to even give them my date of birth without them misunderstanding me... He kept saying I was born in 1917, instead of 1977...

I got a few grey hairs during that week.

I tried contacting Aeromexico customer services in the US, but no reply.

The thing is, Aeromexico IS flying from Heathrow and I'm pretty sure that my tickets are fine. It's just weird that the airline cannot be contacted and seems to employ this very strange travel agency to deal with their bookings.

Please let me know how you get on!

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9. Re: Aeromexico LHR-MEX

Thanks for your answer! Glad to here it all went OK for you at the end.

I will try to book my flight this week, let's see how it goes.

Hitchin, United...
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10. Re: Aeromexico LHR-MEX

Just seen the link - I booked via Air France's website and all ok, but I contacted Aeromexico in UK about internal flights. their details are:

united kingdom (london)

Shakespeare house 168 Lavender Hill , Londres SW115TF

Phones - 44 207 8016234

Schedule - Monday to Friday 09:00 - 18:00hrs

Bizarrely this is only on the US website aeromexico.com/us/…

Hope its sorted