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KLM Luggage Allowance

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KLM Luggage Allowance

We fly next week and it looks like our hold luggage exceeds the 62" size allowed for our flight - we only have small cases by comparison to some. Our small hand luggage also exceeds the 45" size - are KLM very strict on the sizings or might we get away with it. Weight isn't an issue as I think we're OK there.

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1. Re: KLM Luggage Allowance

Please disregard the above - I was thinking that the 62" was the circumference of the case and not just the height, width and depth so I think we're OK now. Sorry.

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2. Re: KLM Luggage Allowance

How can it be small hand luggage if it already exceeds the fairly generous allowance KLM set?

If you are over the allowed size then they are within their rights to charge you and ask you to tag it for the hold.

>>we only have small cases by comparison to some<<

How do you figure that if again they are oversized? To be honest KLM are not that fussy but a lot depends on the gate agent especially on the return journey from Quito and how busy the flight is. Again you could be charged extra.

How much over the limit are you? For Equador you are allowed 2 checked bags each up to 23kg and 62"

By the way when posing these questions it is useful for you and us topost your destination eg B'ham to Quito. Saves people looking it up.

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3. Re: KLM Luggage Allowance

I have had five flights on KLM in the past month. Passengers boarded with carry-on luggage that vastly exceeded the quota of two small cases. Not once did I see any flight attendant say anything to any passenger about the size of carry-ons.

Based upon my observation I think KLM flight attendants are oblivious to luggage. One gate agent did force a few passengers to gate check luggage, but that was only because all the over-head storage was filled and there was no space for additional luggage. The last 20 or so passengers were simply not allowed to take any carry-on aboard.

Berlin, Germany
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4. Re: KLM Luggage Allowance

I board in Amsterdam and fly KLM very frequently and I would describe the gate agents as very reasonable. If the flight is full, they will enforce the quantity, weight and size restrictions so that everyone has a chance at getting their items on. The check in agents and gate agents mostly screen the carry ons for restrictions. The check in agents approve of your carry on baggage and apply a "cabin baggage" sticker to your bag. This is good to get especially if you are connecting to another city in Amsterdam. That way there is no dispute on your connecting flight that you can carry on your item. The gate agents also check the carry ons for size, weight and quantity. I find the KLM cabin crews to be very friendly and in my experience will do what they can to help you find a place for your carry ons. If it is impossible they will check it. They were recently rated as the best of European cabin crews by the Business Traveller survey and I think it is warranted. They actually physically help you with your bags....unheard of in the U.S.

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5. Re: KLM Luggage Allowance

Hi i'm looking around to find the best airline to bring myself and my little dog (as hand baggage) from Cardiff has anyone travelled with their pets with KLM and what service do you get as i have read so many stories about different airlines it's quite frightening.


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6. Re: KLM Luggage Allowance

Never done it but I have seen a small dog in a carry on case flying between LBA-AMS before.

Probably best if you contact KLM reservations I'm sure they'll tell you some good advice.


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7. Re: KLM Luggage Allowance

You know you need your dog micro chipped and there are strict rules on pet movement and if you don't follow them your dog won't be allowed back into the UK on your return.


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8. Re: KLM Luggage Allowance


please start a new thread next time as your question has nothing whatsoever to do with KLM luggage allowance!


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9. Re: KLM Luggage Allowance

I had to gate check genuinely small hand luggage because of the $%^%^ who thought that they were better than everyone else and carried large hand luggage on board.

KLM and other need to enforce their own luggage regs.

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10. Re: KLM Luggage Allowance

Thanks for your replies i will check and re check :)