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When do you renew your passports?

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When do you renew your passports?


The question is how much longer should I procrastinate?

I'm running out of pages in my US passport. It doesn't expire until 2015, but I have only 1.5 pages left (exactly six quadrants). I've already decided not to buy more pages but to simply renew the thing.

The question is when--right away after my near-term trip to Australia (I believe that will stamp off probably two quadrants for entry & exit)?

Or can I procastinate any longer since four remaining quadrants will be fine for another trip to Western Europe theoretically. Nobody seems to stamp anything when I go to Canada. Or will somebody have a cow when there's this little space remaining?

I head out of the country about once every two or three months.

One page or four quadrants will be insufficient to get to China and some other places that chew up an entire page just for entry.

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1. Re: When do you renew your passports?


To me, I'd just get it done.. It sounds like the time difference here isn't too great..

So, the question I'd ask is this.. Will the stamps you think you'll get on these immediate upcoming trip be enough of an issue with your new passport that it makes sense-- from purely a space utilization standpoint- to make sure they go into your current (old) passport and not your new one?

On the surface of it, your current passport only has, at most, 36 months left (assumed from Jan13 to Dec15) but will tend to run out of usefulness around 30 moths out (again, maximum based on a Jan12-Dec15 scenario) so I'd wonder if you really loose a whole lot by just doing it now and getting it done.

The other thing I'd think about-- if it applies to you-- is visas you may have in your current (old) passport..

Some countries that issue multiple entry, multi-year visas will allow you to carry and use that visa in your old passport, so long as you (naturally) have a new current valid one as well.... however, other countries will not-- they'll require you to get a whole new visa in your new passport even though your current visa will expire past your current passport usage.

Travel Safe,

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2. Re: When do you renew your passports?

I am having two passports (from the same country) since some 30+ years.

Whenever one runs below 2 pages I renew that PP and it does not matter to me if that one still has 5 years validity.

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3. Re: When do you renew your passports?

Go ahead and renew and get the extra pages this time. Worth the $. I've never been able to keep my US passport for its lifetime, even with extra pages.

US passport holders need a legitimate "reason" to be issued a second passport. One is 10 yr and other is provisional for 2 yrs (if you can get one).

Good point regarding multiple entry visas, Gopbi.

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4. Re: When do you renew your passports?

Well, I am lucky that my 2nd one is valid for 5 years. But can't get extra pages and therefore usually 2nd one still is full before expiry. :(

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5. Re: When do you renew your passports?

'The question is when--right away after my near-term trip to Australia (I believe that will stamp off probably two quadrants for entry & exit)?'

Not sure if this applies to everyone or just Australian passport holders, but when I departed (from Australia) on Dec 1, I heard at immigration that from Dec 1 they do not stamp passports anymore.

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6. Re: When do you renew your passports?

Many countries won't let you in unless you have more than a couple pages left on the passport... some as many as six.

I have to renew my passport every three years or so... the maximum is (was) 4 years and 6 months, but Canada has just brought out 10 year passports that are chipped/ I need to get me one of those.

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7. Re: When do you renew your passports?

I-Luv-to-Trav... I "think" the non stamping thing is just for those of us with electronic passports. As far as I know that is just us and New Zealanders because we go through the un-manned check points.

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8. Re: When do you renew your passports?

I have an Aussie passport and I don't get stamped unless I request it. Hubby has a South African passport and he also does not get stamped. He doesn't even have a visa sticker in there as he has an e visa to live here.

I hope this helps :)

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9. Re: When do you renew your passports?

Used to be that you could get extra pages for free through a US embassy or consulate and it only take a little time, but alas now they charge. So $82 for extra pages to get the remaining two years out of your current passport vs $110 to renew the passport.

If you choose the renew route and if you are going outside the state 4 to 6 times a year, I would make my move sooner rather than later just to be safe. Last time I went to Australia, they only stamped me in, but then I have had US inspectors in a stamping mood, who have welcomed me home with an unnecessary US stamp before I could say anything.

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10. Re: When do you renew your passports?

Go ahead and renew. I had one page left which I didn't notice until it was pointed out by a customs/BP agent in Brussels when boarding Eurostar last month. $82.00 for new pages was too pricey for the 18 months remaining on the passport.

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