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Ryan Air free add-ons for Reduced Mobility Travellers

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Ryan Air free add-ons for Reduced Mobility Travellers

These are definitely good to know points for anyone travelling with a person with reduced mobility and/or who needs mobility aids and medical equipment.

1. You can carry up to 2 pieces of mobility equipment e.g. wheelchair and wheeled walking frame - FREE OF CHARGE - You only need to register the wheelchair at time of booking. No need to ring the Special Asistance Line for the 2nd mobility item (walking frame). If you have missed this at the initial booking stage you can change the special assistance later under "manage my booking". Alternatively you can ring the Special Assistance Line on 0871 2460 003 which is charged at 10p per min. There are no alternative landline numbers for this (I've tried).

2. If you need to take extra medical supplies, e.g. incontinence pads, nebulisers etc., then the Special Assistance Line will allow you an extra 5kg FREE OF CHARGE

3. People requiring special assistance will be put in rows 27-32 at the back of the aircraft. They can get a special wheeled seat to get a disabled person along the aisle.

4. Ryan Air policy is to always seat an accompanying adult next to the person requiring Special Assistance.

5. People requiring Special Assistance are boarded LAST.

6. There are a maximum of 4 people requiring Special Assistance allowed on any one aircraft.

Hope this helps those disabled travellers out there as Ryan Air do not publicise this information.

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1. Re: Ryan Air free add-ons for Reduced Mobility Travellers

Hi there. I am a passenger that will be needing

assistance and have logged this with Ryan air.

We are travelling as a family,my husband,son,me and daughter. My daughter will come with me and I have booked priority boarding for my husband and son. I assumed we would be seated at the front of the aircraft,and was going to ask my husband to sit as close to there as possible so the family could be near each other. I shall now tell him to get seats at the back,thank you so much for this information x

Bristol, United...
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2. Re: Ryan Air free add-ons for Reduced Mobility Travellers

some times ryanair change their tune and will seat disabled passengers in rows 5/6. if at the back they will seat you 2-3 rows down.

they always make sure that at least one of the party is with the diabled passenger especially if u need to accompany them to the toilet. they will try to get all the family together. they told us not to book priority boarding. do call the contact centre. it may cost 10p per minute but it is worth it for peace of mind & could save the cost of priority boarding. even a 30 minute call will only cost £3.00 .

ryanair always board disabled passengers last. weird as they have to turf other passengers out of their seat when getting someone who can't walk into a seat.

don't forget to get yr free extra 5 kilos for medical stuff (incontinence products, nebulisers, drugs, creams, etc) once they give u this u need tp reprint yr boarding pass with the additional 5kgs.

have a great time

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3. Re: Ryan Air free add-ons for Reduced Mobility Travellers

Right okay thank you again. So I won't know which row I'll be on until I get on the plane,so it's pot luck really as to if we'll be near my husband and son. I know to most it may seem I'm being a bit of a fusspot as I will be with my 14 year old daughter so I should be thankful for this at least . but as I've been so unwell for so long it's the very first time we've been able to go abroad as a family and one of the best things about the holiday would be seeing the excitement on the face of my 11 year old son on take off.

If the special assistance phone line won't be able to tell me the row we'll be sat on,perhaps the check-in staff on the day may tell me.x

Worthing, United...
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4. Re: Ryan Air free add-ons for Reduced Mobility Travellers

Ryanair Alert!! Ryanair Alert!!! Ryanair Alert!!!

There are no check in staff for Ryanair!! You must check in online and print off all your boarding passes.

There is a baggage drop, but no, and I repeat no check in for Ryanair.

I think the charge is now £60 per person if you don't print off the boarding passes>


Bristol, United...
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5. Re: Ryan Air free add-ons for Reduced Mobility Travellers

Hence the reason why I said you need to r e p r i n t your boarding pass once the contact centre has allocated you an extra 5kgs.

There is baggage check-in.

You don't know where you are going to be sat until you get on the plane even if the contact centre tells you something different.

Ryan Air always make sure that you are NOT in the first 4 rows or the last row in the aircraft.

They also INSIST that the disabed person is sat in a window seat. So as not to impede able-bodied people exiting the aircraft in the event of an emergency.

Here's a useful link:


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6. Re: Ryan Air free add-ons for Reduced Mobility Travellers

Can you post this on the traveling with disability forum as some people might not look on air travel forum first. thanks


Bristol, United...
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7. Re: Ryan Air free add-ons for Reduced Mobility Travellers

feel free to copy to disability forum

Derby, United...
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8. Re: Ryan Air free add-ons for Reduced Mobility Travellers

I traveled back from Murcia to EMA on 15th April 2013 to find that they have changed seating arrangements for disabled passengers. I was seated on row 27. I am in a wheelchair and had to walk from the ambilift to the seat which is more than I am safely able to do. I've also sat at the back of the plane which is close to the loos. They told me it was "new regulations"- after I was seated! During the flight I had to use the loo and it really is too far away. Have received an e-mail re our flight out on 30th June to say that I have been designated a seat on rows 26 or 27. I intend to phone them and ask Why? and also to request a lift on to my seat. It's so ridiculous for disabled/chronically sick people to be seated a third of the way down the aircraft- so far away from the Loos and the exit/entry door!

Leyland, United...
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9. Re: Ryan Air free add-ons for Reduced Mobility Travellers

If you'd read the original post from January, you would see it is Ryanair policy to seat passengers that need assistance, near the rear of the aircraft, and also what services they offer. Row 27 is only 6 rows from the rear toilets.

Derby, United...
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10. Re: Ryan Air free add-ons for Reduced Mobility Travellers

It certainly felt a lot more that 6 rows! I've been flying Ryanair to Spain for a number of years and this is the only time I haven't had a seat in the 2 rear rows.

I have M.E and by the the time I've travelled to the airport, booked in, gone through security, waited for the plane and then having to wait outside [winter and summer] till everyone has boarded and then gone out to the Ambilift and walked from that to the entry- I'm pretty shattered. Having to walk those extra yards was not expected nor wanted. Then during the flight I had to go to the loo [am 70 years old with a weak bladder] and then returned to my seat. Waiting for the plane to empty at the other end and going through everything in reverse - it was pretty exhausting. The Stewardess implied that it was new Aviation laws- nowhere can I see that online. It's just Ryanair being bloody minded with disabled- and regular- customers.

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