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United Airlines

Astoria, Oregon
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United Airlines

we recently booked a flight with Lufthansa, from Portland, Oregon to Frankfurt , Germany.

the return flight from Frankfurt to Portland was with one of their 'Star Alliance " partners, UA. It was a disaster! From the wait at boarding time, where a rude man ordered us to stand in line for over 1/2 hr along the moving walk, pushing me when I 'fell out of line". I have a bad knee and really would have preferred sitting in the boarding area. We tried to get to our seats after finally being allowed to board, only being pushed around as the attendants were serving the business class travelers their drinks... One meal and one round of liquids offered during the entire 12+ hrs flight. When I asked an attendant in the back for a bottle of water, I was ordered to get back to my seat. Writing a letter to Lufthansa with copies to United Airlines got us a response of 20% discounts on our next flight if taken within 12 months. It will be a cold day in hell before we fly UA again. Have other travelers experienced such out and out rudeness, and what else can a person do to effect some changes? This was unacceptable!

South Pole
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1. Re: United Airlines

"Have other travelers experienced such out and out rudeness"

been flying with UA regularly for over a decade. 14 hours sydney-west coast usa, then domestically for another 5 or so with one stop..

never had a problem ever with staff on the ground or in the air. in fact any problem that has cropped up has been dealt with efficiently.

flight across the pacific is dinner, snack, breakfast. water/juice provided on a regular basis.

no complaints from me. one happy UA customer.

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2. Re: United Airlines

United fly FRA-PDX? That's news to me!

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3. Re: United Airlines


While I agree with #2's implication-- that being UA doesn't fly FRA-PDX-- I'll side step that for a moment..

To me, I think you've got a legitimate issue if you were in fact "pushed" as I don't think that's ever appropriate for staff *or* passengers to do unless there's some extreme situation like a true emergency or the like.

Otherwise, I expect that everyone essentially keep their hands off other people.


"We tried to get to our seats after finally being allowed to board, only being pushed around as the attendants were serving the business class travelers their drinks"

==> This sounds like that time period before take-off when Economy is still boarding but premium cabins are also getting their pre-departure drinks and services.. If so, I can see how this happens as there's a lot of people moving around in both directions..

That said, I'd still expect a basic level of courtesy in that if someone "ran into" someone else-- regardless if that was a passenger or crew- that there would be the common courtesy acknowledgement.


"... One meal and one round of liquids offered during the entire 12+ hrs flight. "

==> Almost all carriers do scheduled 'water runs' thru the cabin at some point during the times between meal/snack services.. Some do it more often than others, but almost all do it (in part as it also allows the crew to see if there's any issues or problems brewing).

Therefore, I'd be very, very surprised if in fact there was no 2nd or any later beverage service offered after main meal service ended, as that would mean essentially that on a sector of about 10h:30m to 11h:30m of total length (10:30 to shorter legs like to SEA and 11:30 to cities a bit longer like SFO) that the cabin went without any beverage offering for the last 8h:30 to as much as 9h:30m.

Sounds like there might be some issues here.. I'd need to see exactly what that pushing at the airport was and what the case was on-board as I can see this is several different ways.. However, the idea that no services were offered after main meal on what is/was a 10h+ sector, I personally think is not the reality.

Travel Safe,

Astoria, Oregon
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4. Re: United Airlines

United Airlines flew this 'leg' as part of their partnership with Lufthansa.

and yes, it was a shove, getting me 'in line' , as I had stepped out a foot or so to lean on the rail of the peoplemover.

one meal, with drinks. One more round of liquids offered later. The crew sat in the back near the toilets and on my second attempt to get something to drink I was asked:' now what do you want?"

I am a 72 yr old senior citizen, non confrontational, aware of my status of flying in economy class and not expecting any perks, just common courtesy and consideration. We got all of that on the way from PDX to Frankfurt with Lufthansa. We flew with Alaska Airlines just a week ago,short trip to San Diego, and it was a pleasure.

this experience was like nothing we ever had to deal with.

Aluthgama, Sri Lanka
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5. Re: United Airlines

UA do not fly direct from FRA to PDX. You must have changed somewhere en-route.

Portland, Oregon
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6. Re: United Airlines

Just to reiterate OP2002, GOPBI and Hans Den ....

..... United does NOT fly FRA-PDX, never has in my 17.5 years living in the Rose City. .....

Lufthansa did fly that route for 6 years but it was discontinued in Sept 2009.

As to the other points. Tomorrow I fly my 21st intercontinental flight for 2012, all with United, the previous 20 split 10/10 between economy (plus) and business. On all the E+/Y flights there have been two meals, or meal plus snack. On FRA-EWR (c. 8 hours) two weeks ago the snack was was a cheese pasty. On all flights there have been plenty of water runs, with water and juice (and other beverages) also available in the galley, and I have never been "ordered back to my seat". Your experience of the flight attendant service simply doesn't tally with any of my flights.

As to boarding. At FRA the process - for all flights - is you have to firstly enter a holding area (I call it a boarding pen) right beside the gate, and to enter this requires a document check (BP plus passport). These lines can get quite long when the pen opens, and as the concourse isn't that spacious it can cause a log jam for people walking through. So, the ground staff (who I believe are Lufthansa staff) do try to keep some order to the line for the convenience of pax passing through to their gate. If you were close to the moving walkway, then that was a very long line and it would have been impacting passengers using the duty free and convenience stores.

That said, you seem to have been pushed around and refused water rather a lot for a non-existent flight. Please come back and clarify exactly which flights you were on; as you most definitely did NOT fly FRA-PDX non stop.

Edited: 5:49 am, December 29, 2012
Portland, Oregon
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7. Re: United Airlines

FYI - according to the OP's posting history they flew the outbound via SFO.

I doubt the return would have been the same, as United use a 747 for that route, and the economy class boarding barely touches business class. So they wouldn't have been affected by FAs serving the J pax their pre flight drinks.

Edited: 5:58 am, December 29, 2012
Nannup, Australia
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8. Re: United Airlines

OP never said he flew FRA-PDX non-stop. He did use the word 'flight' (singular), but lots of peole do that when they mean getting from A to B without specifiying intermediate stops. In the context of his post it is a minor (if not totally irrelevant) point.

According to Matirx LH flies FRA-ORD-PDX, but both sectors are UA operated.

Oregon Coast
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9. Re: United Airlines

Thanks for the explanation of the boarding area, USBT.

I have to admit that I question the staff of any airline "pushing" or "shoving" a fairly elderly person. Perhaps a guiding hand on one's back was interpreted as a "shove"?

Astoria, Oregon
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10. Re: United Airlines

thats encourageing. It this was an isolated incident, we will chalk it up to 'everybody has a bad day now and then'. BUT it wasn't just the fellow who was in charge of boarding, but also the cabin crew. Hmmmm