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Air Travel Today

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Air Travel Today

Hey, am I mistaken but planes today are made worse than 20 years ago?

Portland, Oregon
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1. Re: Air Travel Today

Yes you are mistaken.

Liverpool, UK
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2. Re: Air Travel Today

I think you're mistaken but it depends on what you mean by "worse".

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3. Re: Air Travel Today

Hey, am I mistaken but planes today are made worse than 20 years ago?


You are mistaken AND grammatically incorrect.

Houston, Texas
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4. Re: Air Travel Today

I agree with 1, planes are undoubtedly made better (and safer) today, than 20 years ago. But, it's possible your "airplane experience" today (vs. 20 years ago) has changed. Maybe you can clarify?

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5. Re: Air Travel Today

bud the planes used to be bigger than now and leg space was better

Leyland, United...
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6. Re: Air Travel Today


'Leg space' or the size of the plane, has nothing to do with how it is made.

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7. Re: Air Travel Today

Planes used to be bigger? Seriously? All of them? Blimey. There was I believing all those stories about spitfires and Concorde. Sigh. Next someone will tell me there is no Santa.

I'm off to question the meaning of the universe. What else did they lie about?

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8. Re: Air Travel Today

I think we know Daniel is talking about seat configuration and layout rather than production of aircraft. For economy, probably true in most cases Daniel. In real terms fares are considerably lower than 20 years ago, so afraid that is the trade off for lower fares.

Liverpool, UK
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9. Re: Air Travel Today

I'd agree that 40 years ago (not 20 yrs) that flying was more of a luxury experience but it was also the preserve of a priviliged few.

I'd say 20 yrs ago saw the start of a shift towards air travel being a mode of mass transit which has led to lower fares, greater number of routes but the downside is that air travel is no longer a luxury experience at least in economy class.

It could be argued that travel in premium cabins is better than 20 yrs ago with flat beds, on demand entertainment etc.

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Toronto, Canada
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10. Re: Air Travel Today

I don't have stats handy, but I bet the proportion of flights on "regional jets" has gone way up in the last 20 years.

The big planes are still used, probably not much more cramped than they used to be (except for lots more stuff in the overhead bins), and with better amenities like AVOD, even in economy. _But_ you're probably more likely to find yourself on a smaller plane with only 3 or 4 seats per row than you used to be, even flying between larger cities.