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Food on a plane.

Abbotsford, Canada
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Food on a plane.

Hello all,

Just curious as to what you think about people bringing food onto a plane?

I have decided that if I am going to pay to eat on a plane I might as well eat what I want to eat instead of what the airline offers.

On a recent flight from SFO, my wife and I brought chinese and sushi on the plane to eat, as the we knew from the flights from 3 days prior, the other options were not that appealing to us.

Your thoughts?

Fredericia, Denmark
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for Bentota, Beruwala, Sri Lanka
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1. Re: Food on a plane.

I don't mind pax bringing their own food - as long as it is not smelly!

South Pole
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2. Re: Food on a plane.

i bring food on every long haul flight.

sometimes i eat it, other times if the airline's offer is good enough then i dont.

dont see any problem.

am just sure i 'dump' any of mine before entry into a foreign country.

Portland, Oregon
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for Air Travel
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3. Re: Food on a plane.

There is nothing wrong with taking your own food onto a plane. That's unless the airline specifically prohibits this. There's one I know of (Air Asia) but check other carriers' T+Cs to verify.

If you do bring food onboard, just be considerate to other pax. Not just the type of food, but where and for how long you store it.

Other than that, Bon Appetit!

Nannup, Australia
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4. Re: Food on a plane.

No smelly salami.....

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for Cambodia
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5. Re: Food on a plane.

You're naughty Numbat!

Mount Dora, Florida
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for Istanbul
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6. Re: Food on a plane.

Did you eat your meals immediately after taking off? I cannot imagine eating warm sushi and cold Chinese food. I am not at all sure how I would feel if my seat mate ate warm raw fish mid-flight.

I always carry food. If practical I usually make chicken salad sandwiches at home. If not we purchase fruit, nuts, crackers and cheese.

I really wished it was possible to purchase a gourmet box lunch in the airport terminal. I would pay as much as $20 for a good sandwich, a cup of some type of side dish and a little dessert. I see people getting on the plane all of the time with pizza and hamburgers, and I cannot imagine eating airport "fast food' on the plane, particularly if it is not hot.

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7. Re: Food on a plane.

I'd not recommend what my colleague had for lunch on Friday - apparently it was a tin of tuna with herbs and garlic. Tuna on its own is "aromatic" enough, this one practically took the paint off the walls!

London, United...
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8. Re: Food on a plane.

No reason not to take food on a plane unless its prohibited by the airline or smelly as others have said.

I think the idea of a gourmet lunch box is an excellent idea. I really don't know why someone does not do this,,,different sizes, different price points. I guess the keeping it chilled would be the issue.

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9. Re: Food on a plane.

i can't think of anything worse than smelly fish on a plane. if you open your sushi next to me, i shall throw up. and that is not going to help your appetite. i'm not keen on second-hand garlic either. but i can cope with smelly cheese...

one man's meat [or fish] is another woman's poison.


Hong Kong, China
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10. Re: Food on a plane.

You want lunch boxes, then you'd love Japan... this is normal in every train station and airport (though eating on domestic flights in Japan is not a common thing... LCCs like Peach have BOB menus, but traditionally people are just happy with the complimentary drinks served).

I have no problem as long as the food is not smelly or noisy.

If travelling on an LCC like Air Asia (especially if long haul) I have brought my own food. As a vegetarian, these carriers only supply me unimaginative or just plain disgusting pasta meals. These meals are particularly silly when served at some crazy hour like 2am. So on such night flights I find some fruit, like apples or bananas, usually better.

On full-service carriers, I always order Indian Vegetarian, which is generally tasty. No need to bring my own food in such cases.