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Airport Security & Travel Docs question

Bethesda, Maryland
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Airport Security & Travel Docs question

Need a little bit of assistance with an issue that I would like to have resolved before it becomes an issue the day that I'll travel. Anytime I book any international travel, I'm told that the name on my travel docs must match the name in my passport.

I recently booked a flight from Washington Dulles to Copenhagen on Icelandair. The booking interface for Icelandair only asks for first name and last name. Unfortunately, my passport also contains my middle name. Therefore, my eticket reads LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, but my passport reads LAST NAME, FIRST NAME MIDDLE NAME.

I contacted Icelandair within five minutes of my faux pas (Yes, I know I should have put my middle name in with the first name). The lady corrected my name in the system, but when I asked if an eticket would be re-issued, she said it wouldn't because my first name and last name would suffice.

Being the neurotic pre-planner that I am, I'm not comfortable with the answer. I've already been in contact with the TSA so I'm nipping the issues in the bud on the domestic side, but I'm still concerned about Copenhagen and possibly Keflavik if I decide to take advantage of my long layovers to sightsee.

Does anyone have any other suggestions or ideas? I've got time, but any help will be greatly appreciated.

Fredericia, Denmark
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for Bentota, Beruwala, Sri Lanka
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1. Re: Airport Security & Travel Docs question

I have been flying for around 40 years. On the ticket it has always been my first name plus last name. Never had any problems.

The names on the ticket are for the airline. The names on the passport is for immigration.

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for Marrakech
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2. Re: Airport Security & Travel Docs question

I don't think that you have a problem. I would stop worrying.

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3. Re: Airport Security & Travel Docs question


You'll be fine..

The issue with name is that not all people have names in and of the same format.. Some places you'll find people with a two-name last name, some places don't really use a middle name, etc.. There's just a lot of differentiation on the whole structure of what a name is..

You did the right thing in contacting the carrier to attempt to get it fixed.. and from what you say, to the carrier, it is fixed.. So, I think you're good at this point..

That said, yes, your name-- as listed in your passport or national ID should match your ticket in all details-- however, as noted above, in some cases this just isn't going to happen..

I think where people tend to be exposed to high risks is if they:

a) Use a former/maiden name and there's no secondary documentation available to support that name change,

b) use a "nickname" like Jon for Jonathan or Mike for Michael.. While one can argue that each nickname is derivative of the full name, they're not the same.

c) Use flat-out wrong spelling.. example: Smith versus Smyth or Johnson versus Johnsen.. While each one is one letter "off" they're not the same and a case can be made that they represent entirely different people.

Travel Safe,

Portland, Oregon
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4. Re: Airport Security & Travel Docs question

Another vote for you'll be fine. Depending on who books my tickets (myself or my company travel agent) my tickets have been either First Middle Last, First Last, or First Middle Initial & Last. None have ever been a problem.

Bethesda, Maryland
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5. Re: Airport Security & Travel Docs question

Thanks all! That does give me peace of mind. Very much appreciated!

Oxford, United...
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6. Re: Airport Security & Travel Docs question

Sad as it sounds ..... I still have emails from previous flight bookings, some from December 2010.

Just had a quick look and all of them are just first and last names. Both our middle names aren't mentioned at all in the booking.

(That was with Air Asia, Malaysian, Etihad, Emirates, Bangkok Airlines, Garuda.)

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7. Re: Airport Security & Travel Docs question

My passport shows my middle name. I use it so rarely that I forget I even have it--and I have never put in on a ticket--domestic or international--and I have never had problems.

Haarlem, The...
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8. Re: Airport Security & Travel Docs question

My passport has my middle name too but I don't use it when booking flights. when they say name as in passport, they mean your first and last name as in your passport.

rural West Aussie
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9. Re: Airport Security & Travel Docs question

My DH has two middle names, but our tickets are always issued as Last Name First Name. Never had a problem.

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10. Re: Airport Security & Travel Docs question

Yep - we are the same as posts #6-9 Middle name shown in passport, not on tickets.

Not been an issue in 40 years of flying.