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flight delay

Malaga, Spain
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flight delay

I am sending this as I have just seen all about this on Watchdog. My flight from Gatwick to Spain was delayed due to snow. Should I have been given compensation for a 6 hour delay? Thanks

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1. Re: flight delay

Almost certainly not, I'm sure snow would be regarded as extraordinary circumstances, likely the airport was part closed or had big restrictions on take offs and landings. You can't blame the airline for that !

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London, United...
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2. Re: flight delay

You may be eligible for a small payment under your travel insurance. Which may, of course, be subject to an excess.

Check your insurance documents.

Edinburgh, United...
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3. Re: flight delay

Might have been due a meal voucher at the airport but that;s about it

Liverpool, UK
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4. Re: flight delay

EU 261 says that the airline was responsible for providing care i.e. meals etc during the delay but further financial compensation would not be payable as the delay was due to exceptional circumstances i.e. adverse weather.

Manchester, United...
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5. Re: flight delay

Snow will be a valid reason for the airline not to pay compensation as it would be deemed 'extraordinary circumstances' if it directly affected the operation of your flight. So long as the airline provided the Article 9 'care' to which TomC97 has alluded, it has done everything it is obliged to do.

Tees Valley
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6. Re: flight delay

I've just read this link on another forum and it's clearly stirred some people into action in terms of considering compensation for delays going back as far as 7 years.

Clearly it relates to EU flights and only when the airline is deemed to be to blame. Wonder if we will indeed see a raft of historic claims for inconvenience over the years!



Edit; apologies, I see this issue is already under discussion on another thread

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Geneva, Switzerland
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for Geneva, Liechtenstein, Air Travel
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7. Re: flight delay

…europa.eu/transport/…03-air.html has it all...

Sydney, Australia
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8. Re: flight delay

Oh, good grief. I can understand that someone might seek compensation for a delay caused by something that the airline can control, but it seems totally unreasonable to expect compensation for something which the airline cannot possibly control, such as snow.

What is wrong with us that we expect to be paid money for any inconvenience, no matter how caused?

Glasgow, Scotland...
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9. Re: flight delay

My flight with thomas cook was delayed for 7 hours am I due any compensation

Geneva, Switzerland
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for Geneva, Liechtenstein, Air Travel
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10. Re: flight delay


…europa.eu/transport/…03-air.html has it all.