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Mr to Mrs ?

Alloa, United...
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Mr to Mrs ?

we are going to Vegas in Feb and have booked with Expedia, since the booking I have had to phone their Bombay call centre 3 times to have my wifes names (both first and middle) spelt correctly on our booking with BA .

I have now received the confirmation from BA and all names are spelt correctly but for some reason they think a passager with a female name is Mr and not Mrs .

My question is do I need to call (at premuim rate) again and spell every word as the scottish accent seems beyond the call takers to get them to have BA ammend the error or will we get through at the airport with it shown as Mr rather than Mrs given the names are now the same as her passport.

This question is in hope rather than expectation as I have a feeling I know the answer

Thanks in advance

Bingley, United...
Destination Expert
for Edinburgh
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1. Re: Mr to Mrs ?

Don't bother, airlines are only interested in forename & surname matching between ticket and passport

Destination Expert
for Thailand
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2. Re: Mr to Mrs ?

Can you not speak to BA direct , Why are you having to call Mumbai ?

Alloa, United...
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3. Re: Mr to Mrs ?

Tried BA first time and they said because my contract was with Expedia and not them I would need to sort it with Expedia

Perth, Australia
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4. Re: Mr to Mrs ?

Ah ..the dreaded third party problem.

I wouldn't bother either .. as long as the ticket and passport are the same names, it shouldn't be a problem. Just tell them about the accent problem and I'm sure they will understand .. if they ask...!

Sheffield, United...
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5. Re: Mr to Mrs ?

My son and partner have recently returned from holiday and had this same problem MR Female name ....... on tickets.

This wasn't allowed and he had to pay £25 before they were allowed to check in.

Two things which may make a difference - it was a package holiday and it was with Thomson.

Fredericia, Denmark
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for Bentota, Beruwala, Sri Lanka
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6. Re: Mr to Mrs ?

Title is not important.

Next time you should book directly with the airline.

Alloa, United...
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7. Re: Mr to Mrs ?

Thanks for the replies , it was much cheaper to book via a 3rd party than with BA and the hotel , we used Expedia for Vegas last year and it was fine .

Falls Church...
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8. Re: Mr to Mrs ?

In my personal experience: On a previous vacation (2009, via LAX-SYD) my OH suffered the entire trip titled as a Mrs. John Doe. (Interestingly, my tickets had no title.) The US TSA seemed not to care and we had no trouble checking in or getting through security.

London, United...
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9. Re: Mr to Mrs ?

Normally they don't care. Just have her look them in the eye, butch it up and growl that she prefers mr:))

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10. Re: Mr to Mrs ?

Probably not a big deal, but I would call them backa gain to ensure that the secure flight data says her gender is female, because that could be a problem, not the title of the name. Acutally, don't bother calling Expedia, I would go on BA's website and seeing the secure flight data and if you can't do that call BA to ensure the data is correct.

Good luck:)