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Bandar Seri Begawan
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We have confirmed seats going out of NYC to SIN on 31st December. But now we want to leave later, preferably on 2nd Jan. Problem is, flights are full until 7th January.

So if we want to be waitlisted on 2nd January, that means we have to give up our confirmed seats on 31st Dec?

I've only heard of cases where people want to be on an earlier flight, not on later flight. Wondering if anyone has ever done this and the chances.

Park City, Utah
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1. Re: Waitlisting

There's really no way you can do that without risking losing your entire ticket. Your only realistic alternative is to pay the change fee and rebook for another date.

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2. Re: Waitlisting

The fact that all seats are booked out until the 7 Jan is an indicator of your chances of getting on a flight 2 Jan are near impossible....considering that airlines use overbooking practices a full flight means that capacity is at 110% not 100%

White Plains, New...
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3. Re: Waitlisting

Whether you can be waitlisted for an alternate flight depends upon the fare that you paid. Most restricted fares are not eligible, that's why they usually have fees associated with making a change. If you fare qualifies, you can be waitlisted without canceling your confirmed reservation. You would need to contact the airline or the travel agent that issued your current ticket.

Stuttgart, Germany
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4. Re: Waitlisting

As flights after New year are a lot more popular than being on the plane for it the prices will be much higher.

Even if some seats do come free there are frequent flyers that will jump to the head of the list as they get guaranteed seats. If you give up your seats then you could well be staying longer than planned

Seattle, Washington
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5. Re: Waitlisting

I still am not sure what you mean by "waitlisted". What airline is this on, are these nonrefundable tickets, and are they award tickets or did you purchase them?

Bandar Seri Begawan
posts: 20
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6. Re: Waitlisting

Thanks for the replies - we've decided that it's too much of a gamble and besides we have to be back to work by the 7th! Will be 'celebrating' new year's in a plane!

Perth, Australia
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7. Re: Waitlisting

If you have a confirmed flight, and waitlist on another day, your first flight won't be disconnected, until you are confirmed on that waitlist flight. If you accept that change, then the first flight will be deleted from the airline system.

Bandar Seri Begawan
posts: 20
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8. Re: Waitlisting

Eaglemaniac - Thanks. So if by say 27th December (the day before confirmed flight) the airline still cannot confirm the other later flight, we should still be able to fly back according to the original flight right?

Perth, Australia
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9. Re: Waitlisting

Yep .. if the waitlist doesn't come through, the original will stand.

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10. Re: Waitlisting

pop over to the new york city forum and do a bit of reading about spending new year's eve in the city. that wonderful, evocative 'ball-drop' scene is witnessed by thousands of people, crushed into pens and coralled by nypd, for up to ten hours before the drop. no chance of going to the lavatory, if you leave your place, you lose it. apparently, they do a good trade in adult diapers.

alternatively, you can pay upwards of $500 a head for some pretty insignificant food, a few drinks, and only spend 4 hours in the pen....

really? i'd sooner be on the plane, and buy champagne from the drinks trolley...


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