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Passport Problem?

Swansea, United...
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Passport Problem?

Three years ago I noticed a water stain on my 2005 UK Passport. Returning from Greece, it went unchallenged at any stage.

As the photo page was and is still perfectly legible and the integrity of the paper itself in no way changed I have continued using it.

There is no bubbling of the laminate, and the only thing noticible is a slght heightening of the blue colouration around the bottom left of the page, the photo itself is not affected. It is due to expire December 2015. Yesterdays Guardian Money section referred to instances of Easy Jet rejecting water stained/defaced passports. In the last three years since the stain took up residence on may passport (No idea what caused it, one minute it was fine next there it was, never damp that I noticed) it has been used 7 times no questions asked by easy jet or Thomas Cook, or even remarked on.six of the oinstances I have used it were with easy jet at Gatwick. Should I replace it now just in case? What would you do?

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1. Re: Passport Problem?


That's a hard call as it's really a matter of your own personal risk tolerance level..

For me, I personally don't like to risk it when it comes to matters of officialdom as largely if the airline or government official doesn't "see it" the same way as I, my rights or abilities to effectively challenge that ruling at that point are small or limited... and while I may prevail later on via some form of appeal or similar, I'll probably loose out on time or money while doing so..

Therefore, I tend to err on the side of being conservative and take very little risks when it come to my passport..

Travel Safe,

Liverpool, UK
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2. Re: Passport Problem?

Personally I'd replace it - you will have to do it one day and if you are denied boarding because of a damaged passport the cost will be greater than the 2 yrs passport validity you have lost.

Seattle, Washington
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3. Re: Passport Problem?

Replace it unless you want to be stranded at an airport when your passport is rejected. Not worth the risk.

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4. Re: Passport Problem?

I too, am chicken when it comes to certain matters. I would replace it.

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5. Re: Passport Problem?

Yes, replace it or you'll always be stressed out before your trip wondering if it won't be accepted.

Perth, Australia
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6. Re: Passport Problem?

You weren't concerned before because you had had no issues and then you read an article in a paper and now you are?

If you hadn't seen the article, you would still be quite happy to rock up with your passport.

But you have seen it - so only you can decide - pretend you didn't read what you read and continue on as usual or stress out about it pre every flight...

Swansea, United...
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7. Re: Passport Problem?

Thanks to everyone for their help and suggestions.

I had decided to bite the bullett and part with the money for a new passport.

But first thought to ring the passport agency on 0300 222 0000, they are open on Sundays too! And no cost to ring as its 0300. Foregone concusion I thought. Imagine mt surprise then when I spoke to Rachel I think she said her name was.

"Providing the photo is clear, and the all data readable, including the hologram, and the passport has not been fully submerged, it is acceptable, " I admit I was and am surprised, in particular as this was over the phone, so she couldnt see the passport. At the end of the day, it will still be my risk, but I am reassured by what she said.

Winnipeg Canada
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8. Re: Passport Problem?

I agree with the above replace it.

Swansea, United...
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9. Re: Passport Problem?

Given that the assurance received are from the government office which issued the passport, I cant see the need for a replacement any more.

Brazil, Indiana
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10. Re: Passport Problem?

Thanks for sharing this;)