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Perth, Australia
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i would like to book a fare through this company however am dubious to do so as ive never heard of them.

Has anyone used them before/had any experiences with them?

Thanks :)

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1. Re: faresaver.com.au

Actual Name is Sunny World Travel based in Sydney also known as airticketonline.com.au, atol.com.au

tried checking all the IATA codes listed but couldn't get any validated (but that could just be me I was using evaluation version of IATA checkacode

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2. Re: faresaver.com.au

How much cheaper are they than the airline? Is baggage included in the price, is the price quoted what you will be charged or is it a quote only.

I personally don't use third party providers especially when I cannot find much info on them and they operate under more than one name

Perth, Australia
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3. Re: faresaver.com.au

They are atleast $500 cheaper. It has given a total cost including taxes however says in the fare conditions baggage charges apply and upto 50kg can be prebooked but it hasn't given me the baggage cost??

I've also just read that fares will not necessarily be available on all flights???

Perhaps I should just go direct!!!!

Thanks for your help :)

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4. Re: faresaver.com.au

I've also just read that fares will not necessarily be available on all flights???

and the fare you are trying to book is of course never available and they ask for more money.

In this day and age with the internet everything should be instant what you see is what you get, in the case of these companies it isn't

Adelaide, Australia
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5. Re: faresaver.com.au

"I've also just read that fares will not necessarily be available on all flights"

To be more correct, you've probably just read that the fares aren't available on any of the flights anymore. At one time the airline might have had seats that cheap as well.

Other words/phrases to watch for are

"as low as"

"may be"

"fares not final until payment is made"

"limited seats", and

"We take your money, seriously."

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Portland, Oregon
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6. Re: faresaver.com.au


I wouldn't trust an online booking agent (I can't even bring myself to call them travel agents). As others have said, they may advertize a fare without checking the GDS's real time. You then book the flights and give them your money. Then, once they have your money, they'll try the booking. And if that fare is no longer available they (who have your money) tell you that and ask for more money to book the real available fare, that you would never have selected had you known in the first place. They also then tell you how long it's going to take them to give you your money back.

I would book directly with the airlines. If the fare isn't available direct, or it's a multi-carrier schedule, go to a reputable full service (real) travel agent. They should be able to get you the lowest fare(s) available, AND give you a time to ticket (hold the reservation for a day or so) to let you mull it over. Their fees may be more, but you shouldn't need to hand over money until you know the true fare.

Terrigal, Australia
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7. Re: faresaver.com.au


"ïf it sounds to good to be true - it most certainly is '

Book direct with the airline - do not get involved with 3rd parties. (especially one that sounds soooooo dodgy !

Safe Travels!

Watford, United...
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8. Re: faresaver.com.au

So Kirsty, you have tried edreams with a predictable outcome and now this... What value do you put on peace of mind?

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9. Re: faresaver.com.au

Oh dear. Kirsty you are chasing illusory low prices that don't actually exist, or if they do ( and it won't be $500 cheaper, perhaps fifty at best but possibly not a saving at all, indeed the opposite*) you can bet your bottom dollar plus all those five hundred and more that you are in for a world of hassle and pain should you need to contact them.

Book direct with the airline.

* in many cases once you add up all the extras and booking fees and then subsequent coming back of the company wanting more money because "this particular fare is no longer available" ( after they took your money already, as mentioned previously) then the end ticket price is *more* than if you had purchased direct with the airline !

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Perth, Australia
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10. Re: faresaver.com.au

Hence why I was dubious! Thanks for your help guys I booked direct this morning.