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Premium economy

Caloundra, Australia
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Premium economy

I am flying Premium economy BNE to LAX in November with VA. I have just flown Business with Virgin domestically within Australia. Some of the earlier forums and reviews ( from when VA started flying internationally from Australia) I have read indicate the international premium seats are the same as or very similar to the domestic business seats, for leg room, pitch and recline. Is this still the same, can I expect similar in international long haul premium economy?

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Hong Kong, China
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1. Re: Premium economy

PE seats typically consist of a wider seat, more leg room (better seat pitch), and more recline. Some are comparable to the regional/domestic business class you mentioned.

Perth, Australia
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2. Re: Premium economy

The PE seats on VA international flights are quite good (we did BNE-LAX and LAX-SYD in November/December last year) - the pitch, recline and width is far better than the economy seats and similar to the business seats on the Virgin 737s on domestic routes (I assume when you said you'd flown domestic Business with Virgin that you were referring to the 737s, not the A330s which have "proper" Business class seating and 60" pitch between seats).

Caloundra, Australia
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3. Re: Premium economy

Yes the 737, thanks for your comments, I thought that was going to be the case.

Cairns, Australia
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4. Re: Premium economy

Hi .... Booking premium economy seats to Europe next year. Not sure if British airways/Qantas - Cathay Pacific or Virgin are best.... would love any feedback from recent travellers ??

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Sydney, Australia
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5. Re: Premium economy

Travelled SYD to LAX return in September with V Australia. The check in process was faultless, cabin crew excellent there and back. Worth the extra $$?? I would say if your travelling 14 hours then yes...5 or 6 then economy would do.

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6. Re: Premium economy

We travelled Bris-Frankfurt then London-Sydney in Premium Economy with Qantas. It was really comfortable particularly for long sectors. Would definitely recommend for comfort and service if you can afford it. It wasn't cheap!

Caloundra, Australia
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7. Re: Premium economy

In LAX at the moment, just did the BNE to LAX with VAustralia in premium economy and was well worth the extra $.

Strandhill, Ireland
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8. Re: Premium economy

We flew BA Heathrow to Nassau recently on premium economy and have to say it was great. Extra leg room is so nice on a 10 hr + flight.

Adelaide, South...
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9. Re: Premium economy

Is Cathay's Premium Economy worth it?

Let's talk benefits first. What's touted on the website is Priority Check-in, Priority Boarding, plus better seats than in regular economy.

It's certainly true the seats are much more comfortable than in Economy - they're wider, with more legroom and greater reclining capability. And for many people, that would probably be enough to convince them that Premium Economy is for them, and certainly it was for the couple sitting behind me. My poor old back certainly appreciated it. And if you can score the front row of Premium Economy on an A330, you've got some serious leg room. I couldn't reach the bulkhead, but just pray you don't get the Mum with screaming baby in the bassinet! The noise cancelling headphones were a real plus too. (On a 747 there's a loo in the Premium Economy section, not so on an A330. That might be important to you!)

But there are plenty of buts. For starters, there's no Priority Baggage, which means that though you might get off the plane ahead of the pack, you could still be the last man/woman/family standing at the carousel, as I was at Heathrow. That certainly took the gloss off getting off ahead of the bunch. There's not much point in having Priority check-in and Priority Boarding without Priority Baggage as well. You're paying to avoid the luck of the draw.

But even Priority Boarding doesn't work, or didn't in my case in Hong Kong. When I saw there was no separate roped-off corridor I went to the service desk and asked about it, to be told that 'management' had decided that there would be no more Priority Boarding after May 1. I showed them the website, where it was clearly still being spruiked as a selling point. I received an apology, a complaints form to fill in, but no apparent acceptance that Priority Boarding was still on offer. I was given priority boarding as a special favour. No other Premium Economy passenger was accorded the same.

Trying to complain to Cathay is like confronting the bureaucracies of Communist East Germany, China and Whitehall all rolled into one. On top of that, their complaints web page is so poorly designed that it is impossible to use. The cynic in me says that's obviously deliberate. Of course you can only complain via the complaints website. Catch22.

Now with a bee firmly ensconced in my bonnet, I ended up sending emails to various Cathay Sales teams around the world. First of all I received the standard automated reply - always infuriatingly impersonal, and guaranteed to increase feelings of frustration. I was told I'd get a proper response within 20 business days - not much good as I was flying home in just 2 weeks.

But then I did get two personalised emails - though each basically denied that any such ruling about Priority Boarding existed at HK airport. It must have been my imagination then, or some face-saving on their part. Of course I also received the stock standard company line about the importance of customer service to the airline. Yeah, yeah, yeah. (At this point, I would upload the responses, if only I knew how.)

Having Priority Check-in was a waste of time on the return trip from Heathrow, as I was there so early it was just me and the check-in staff. But when it came to getting through the gate into the Departure Lounge, First and Business had their separate queue - not so Premium Economy customers. At this point you're probably saying, get over it, stop whingeing etc etc, but if you'd paid virtually double the economy fare, how would you feel? Did I want special treatment? Absolutely.

At Hong Kong, (and, by the way, if there's a more confusing and less passenger friendly airport in the world, then I haven't seen it, and I've seen a few - OK, maybe La Guardia and LAX), there ended up being just two queues to board: First and Business, plus those few of us in Premium Economy who by that stage were saying blow it! And a few Economy passengers also joined our lineup, as they were actually urged to do by the ground staff! Another total shambles, made worse by the fact that there was then yet another security check of our cabin baggage, virtually right at the entrance to the plane. That was certainly a new one on me!

The saving grace was that out of the 28 seats in Premium Economy, only 9 were taken, though that doesn't bode well for the future of the service to Adelaide.

Having booked 4 days before the flight, I paid $3270 for this emergency return trip to the UK. I could have gone Economy on Qantas for $2400, and got there 5 hours quicker ( because of the necessity to go through Melbourne with Cathay). But I'd long wanted to try Premium Economy. I also wanted to punish Qantas for giving up on flying overseas out of Adelaide, and this was the perfect opportunity.

I return to my original question - would I go Premium with Cathay again? To be honest, I don't know. Like the curate's egg, it was good in parts, but could be so much better, a) with Priority Baggage, and b) with a little more organisation and consistency in the ground. Neither of which should cost Cathay very much, and it would surely lead to happier passengers, including this one!

Sydney, Australia
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10. Re: Premium economy

So in a nutshell, would you go CX PE given another chance?

It comes across as a distinct no to me.

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