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Do Not Use CheapOAir.com *Warning*

Modesto, California
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Do Not Use CheapOAir.com *Warning*

Dear " ",

Thank you for choosing CheapOair.com.

This is in reference to booking #1########

Due to the airline(s) not confirming your booking, we were unable to issue your tickets.

We have searched our database and found the following option which closely matches the original selected fare and flight times for a total of USD 839.94

Flight:American Airlines 892 Departure: San Francisco 08OCT / Arrival:Chicago OHare /

Flight:American Airlines 092 Departure: Chicago OHare 08OCT / Arrival:Dublin /

Flight:American Airlines 093 Departure: Dublin 22OCT / Arrival:Chicago OHare /

Flight:American Airlines 1651 Departure: Chicago OHare 22OCT / Arrival:San Francisco /

Please call us at our toll free number 1888-562-3395, to confirm this new flight option or you may also forward this email to ticketing@CheapOair.com and state that you are authorizing us to issue the ticket(s) on the new offered option and cost.

Please note that fares are not guaranteed until tickets are issued.

Thank you,


Ticketing Department

*** This is bait and switch scheme. Advertise a low price to get you into the store, and then fail, mislead the consumer and attempt to get more money. I will be contacting the NY State Attorney Generals Office for official formal complaint. Do Not Use CheapOAir.com

My price I paid was $588, and now they want $839 .. and increase of $243 .. and yet the advertised price of $588 is still being advertised.

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Fredericia, Denmark
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for Bentota, Beruwala, Sri Lanka
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1. Re: Do Not Use CheapOAir.com *Warning*

You are not the first and you will not be the last to fall for cheap prices. The are multiple threads about CheapOAir in this forum.

I'm amazed that the name of the company did not ring a bell. If it's too good to be true, it usually is.

London, UK
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2. Re: Do Not Use CheapOAir.com *Warning*

"I'm amazed that the name of the company did not ring a bell". My thoughts exactly. The fact that a company calling itself Cheapoair remains trading proves there's nothing easier than parting a fool from his money.

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3. Re: Do Not Use CheapOAir.com *Warning*

Seriously not again. Anyone who books with a company with the words cheapo in the title deserves everything they get IMO.



Leicester, United...
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4. Re: Do Not Use CheapOAir.com *Warning*

DearO DearO Dear!

Leeds, United...
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5. Re: Do Not Use CheapOAir.com *Warning*

"I will be contacting the NY State Attorney Generals Office for official formal complaint. Do Not Use CheapOAir.com

My price I paid was $588, and now they want $839 .. and increase of $243 .. and yet the advertised price of $588 is still being advertised."


My question to you (hopefully you will come back and answer) is I assume you had never heard of CheapoAir before booking, the fare you booked was probably the cheapest you'd seen so you committed to buy - did you not think of doing a little research before buying?

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6. Re: Do Not Use CheapOAir.com *Warning*

Well someone did spam a company here recently called something like "DearPrice" LOL !

Tell me "donotusecheapoair" why did you do no research on them first? Before booking (or trying to book anyway, as you never actually book with these companies until they confirm)

One poster here can't believe people are so dumb, after all they look in here afterwards, so why not before? She thinks maybe they are trying to blacken CO's name, but my position was, no, lot of fools waiting to be parted from their money.

Can you confirm ?

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7. Re: Do Not Use CheapOAir.com *Warning*

Please do not turn this into a 28 page thread. Clearly this site is very controvercial, but I have seen many threads like this, but my problem is how many people (and this is not specific to the OP) that alot of the comments are trying to be helpful (noone wants to listen) and lots are from only first post people. Either trying to sway the public to hate or like. (Maybe employees of them or other compaines\) Either way, this company does not deserve that much time, because if someone wants to book with them and then come on TA an complain, after they have done the research, then that is their own fault. Just do the research (and we are talking about minutes here) and you should realize you shouldn't book with them. If you can find this forum to complain, then you can find it to see what others are saying before you give out your info.

Edited: 7:30 am, September 11, 2012
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for Milwaukee
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8. Re: Do Not Use CheapOAir.com *Warning*

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't $ 839 a pretty low price for SFO to Dublin?

If 839 is a good price then $588 is probably too good to be true. How much are the taxes on a flight like that?

Stanley, Falkland...
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9. Re: Do Not Use CheapOAir.com *Warning*

"CheapoAir is a scam!".

And on other news tonight, scientists believe bears defecate in woods.

And from our Rome correspondent, it has been revealed that His Holiness the Pope, is, in fact, a Catholic!

Whatever next?

Houston, Texas
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10. Re: Do Not Use CheapOAir.com *Warning*

Actually a one poster who registers with "DoNotUseCheapoAir" is not worth replying to.

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