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Review of Scoot Biz (Syd - Sin -Bkk)

Sydney, Australia
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Review of Scoot Biz (Syd - Sin -Bkk)

Overall an excellent experience - as a frequent flyer & loyal Singapore Airlines customer, I was impressed with our flight experience with Scootbiz. We purchased the tickets on a special promotion (A$1,000 return Syd - Bkk with a transit in S'pore). Having read mixed reviews & nothing specifically on Scootbiz, I was anticipating the flight with a little trepidation.

Check in at Sydney airport was fast & efficient - the special lane for biz class meant avoiding the long queue. We were checked in within 5 minutes. We were within our 20 kg per person limit so no hassles with baggage. Boarding was also smooth as biz class priority meant a special lane & no rushing!. We were greeted, shown to our seats, jackets taken from us to be hung & immeiately given a bottle of Evian to refresh ourselves. All with warmth, pleasant smiles (& dare I say it - the Singapore Girl charm!). I later found out that quite a few crew members were ex SQ. The crew went about their duties efficiently & were always smiley & pleasant.

The biz class cabin is in a 2-4-2 configuration & were spacious & the pitch & width are more akin to "premium economy" in commercial ailines. The last rows on the sides are probably the best. There is space between the seat & wall (to economy) that allows you to stand & stretch your legs without getting in anyone's way. There is no bassinet provided for babies (which are usually located on 1st row of Y class) so thankfully no screaming babies to disturb.

Biz class was full (about 40 seats) & food orders were taken prior to takeoff. Ipads were handed out immediately once the seatbelt signs were switched off after takeoff. The selection on offer were all new releases & sufficient entertainment for the 7 hr flight. Meal service was timely & efficient. The tray comes out of the side & is rather small but nothing to compain about. The reading light & call service button are located in an odd position (left arm rest at the bottom)which is very easily pressed accidentally.

The food choices were OK. I have read some reviews complaining about the food but personally couldnt fault it. Sure - its not gourmet picking but what we ate was perfectly acceptable. Portions are however on the small side. Service in biz class was prompt, efficient & food delivered & cleared on a timely basis. There are 2 toilets up the front for the exclusive use of biz class so there was never a queue.

The biz class fare povides 1 free meal ( main course & fruit cocktail) with a drink & coffee/tea. Approx 2 hrs prior to landing, a 2nd food service was made but you had to pay for this if you wished to eat or drink.

Our flight landed on time & we were off the plane within 10 minutes of landing. Probably my only grouse would be that biz class baggage doesnt have any priority & as such doesnt come off the plane first. Our bags ended up being one of the last to get on the belt so despite getting off the plane first & being at the baggage carousel before the other passengers, we were one of the last to get our bags. Luck of the draw I guess. It would be nice if biz class passengers also had priority baggage tags - but in the overall scheme of things, this is a very minor thing.

Our onward flight to BKK was also seamless & on time.

Would i recommend & travel on Scoot again? Definitely YES. For a budget airline, it delivered everything as promised. In fact, I would say they were better than alot of full paying commercial airlines I have travelled on.

In my opinion, its worth the extra $$ you pay for the privilege of sitting at the front of the plane. The price is on par for an economy class ticket on a commercial airline. Keep up the good work Scoot & I hope they will expand their network in the near future.

Hong Kong, China
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1. Re: Review of Scoot Biz (Syd - Sin -Bkk)

Thanks for the review. Do they use B777 for SIN-BKK, too?

Sydney, Australia
posts: 233
reviews: 202
2. Re: Review of Scoot Biz (Syd - Sin -Bkk)

Yes. Scoot only flies the 777. So very comfortable flight.

Sydney, Australia
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3. Re: Review of Scoot Biz (Syd - Sin -Bkk)

Any lounge access?

Singapore, Singapore
Destination Expert
for Singapore
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4. Re: Review of Scoot Biz (Syd - Sin -Bkk)

No Lounge access. No longer offer ipads (until further notice), therefore BYO entertainment, book, magazines.

Sydney, Australia
posts: 233
reviews: 202
5. Re: Review of Scoot Biz (Syd - Sin -Bkk)

Bear in mind this is a budget airline & what you pay for is often less than an economy ticket on a full commercial airlline. Quite happy to not have extras such as lounge access as long as Scoot keeps prices low. But wish Scoot would implement priority baggage for biz class passengers. This really would help as its great to be first off the plane but not so great to wait around for your luggage.

Last i checked - ipads are still available & free for Biz class passengers so not sure where the previous contributor got his information. But I will be flying Scootbiz Sin-Syd on Nov 7 and will update then.

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6. Re: Review of Scoot Biz (Syd - Sin -Bkk)

Great review, thanks. Any comments on the seats?


Sydney, Australia
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7. Re: Review of Scoot Biz (Syd - Sin -Bkk)

That will be great if you can let us know about the iPads being still for use by Scootbiz

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8. Re: Review of Scoot Biz (Syd - Sin -Bkk)

We flew Scoot on October 9 and october 24 and the Ipads were still not available to anyone.

However, agree with the Original Poster - Great Airline and Service. Definately recommend them especially based on the prices

Sydney, Australia
posts: 8
reviews: 49
9. Re: Review of Scoot Biz (Syd - Sin -Bkk)

Thank you for the update

Singapore, Singapore
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10. Re: Review of Scoot Biz (Syd - Sin -Bkk)

i just tried them first time on scootbiz from Sin-Bkg and back.

The main drawback is the flight was delayed 2 hours on both ways...and there was no notification till we checked in...and nothing was done to make our wait more pleasant....even while on ScootBiz...and their flights only late in the night.

Other issue is they dont classify and prioritize check in baggage and we had to wait much longer (again both ways) then the other Scoot economy passengers for our luggage.

Otherwise, the flight/seats/meal and service onboard are above what the other mainstream economy seats are and are worth that little bit more in cost. Good job on this part of the experience. But hopefully Scoot does something abit more on the 2 areas above.