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Vueling Airlines - BEWARE!

New Carrollton, MD
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Vueling Airlines - BEWARE!

This low cost airline turned out to be more hassle than it is worth. I advise anyone who is considering flying with Vueling to reevaluate their travel plans and consider another mode of transportation or another airline.

The trouble with our Barcelona to Granada flight began before we even set foot in Spain. We booked a 1:40 PM flight so we could enjoy our morning at a leisurely pace. Vueling sent us an email saying that we had been rescheduled to a flight that departed at 6:30 AM and no reason whatsoever was given for the change. After checking the Vueling Airlines web site, I saw that a 1:30 PM flight was available and I wondered why they didn't put us on that flight instead. So I sent Vueling a very curt email indicating that the 6:30 AM flight was absolutely unacceptable. A couple of days after that, Vueling replied with an email that we were on the 1:30 PM flight. Great!

So we get to the Barcelona airport, check our bags, go through security and are sitting at the gate waiting for our flight. Up to that point, we had been checking flight status monitors and our flight was good to go. With less than one hour before departure, the status on the monitor changes to Canceled with no reason given. Vueling didn't even have the courtesy to send a representative to the gate to announce the cancellation or to provide any guidance on how to proceed. "You're on your own" is the name of their game! My wife and mother eventually found the correct Vueling ticket location with no assistance from the airline and I stayed behind to collect our luggage. After standing in a line we learned that there are no other flights to Granada that day and we were forced to stay at a local airport hotel overnight so we could catch a 6:30 AM flight the next day. Vueling gave us vouchers for the Tryp Hotel near the airport, which was in an industrial neighborhood and lacked any sort or charm.

We lost a day in the wonderful city of Granada and I feel like Vueling stole it from us. If you plan on traveling in Spain, plan your itinerary so that you can use the excellent (and timely) Renfe train service to travel between cities. Vueling is a poor excuse of an airline and I will never travel with them again.

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Leeds, United...
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for Leeds, Bradford
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1. Re: Vueling Airlines - BEWARE!

" I advise anyone who is considering flying with Vueling to reevaluate their travel plans and consider another mode of transportation or another airline."


An unfortunate incident, which could have been handled better but often in the heat of the moment even airline staff at the airport don't have the full picture. Better to not give out information than give out incorrect information - and it could have happened on any airline.

But if you're advising others to reevaluate their travel plans are you going to compensate them for any further costs incurred if they've already booked to fly Vueling?

Edinburgh, United...
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2. Re: Vueling Airlines - BEWARE!

If people were to avoid any airline that ever canceled a flight they wouldn't be flying.

New Carrollton, MD
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3. Re: Vueling Airlines - BEWARE!

@sunmagic -- you must be joking if you think I am going to compensate anyone for anything. The only thing you get from me for free is advice. The lack of good customer service on Vueling's part should be enough to drive anyone away. All I am saying is to plan your itinerary so that intercity air travel is not necessary. I won't make that mistake a second time and I certainly will not use Vueling again. As for the cancellation, I understand it happens sometimes, but the way Vueling handled the entire situation was very poor. No guidance or assistance was provided and the Vueling ticketing representative in Barcelona did indeed give us bad information by telling us to go to a location that didn't exist to collect our vouchers. We ended up getting proper assistance from a representative of another airline who basically went to the Vueling counter and told them to stop sending people to the wrong location of the airport. Vueling was totally inept in their handling of our flight.

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for Bangkok, Air Travel, Thailand
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4. Re: Vueling Airlines - BEWARE!


To me, one of the largest failures here was the lack of information-- to whatever extent it was known-- by staff at the gate, once it moved to CXLD status..

I do agree with the others in that it's very counterproductive to give out false information or to speculate on it-- but I think you can still send a representative to the gate to make a basic announcement, but also to give some forward-looking advice..

Example might be:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we are sorry to inform you that flight 123 has now officially been cancelled. At this time I do not have the exact circumstance that has driven this cancellation, but we will be more than happy to make that available to you once it is communicated to us here at the airport.

At this time, we'd like to focus our staffing resources on addressing your more immediate and pressing concerns-- that being the reclaim of your checked baggage, and looking into re-booking options for you."

The "why" it cancelled might also be built in there, but that we'd need to know the facts-- was it mechanical, crew legalities, weather (upline or downline), etc.. So, without knowing this, it's hard to say one way or the other..

So, to me, I think the largest failure here that was one that to me, is really wholly controllable by the carrier-- that being the lack of an agent to give information-- whatever or little there was known at that time-- to those at the gate once it went to cancellation status.

Travel Safe,

Houston, Texas
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5. Re: Vueling Airlines - BEWARE!

Bump ( Bumps are not normally allowed, but permission has been received to recover from an evil posting attack today).

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6. Re: Vueling Airlines - BEWARE!

MD_scubanut,I suggest you google EU261/2004.I think you have a case to claim the requisite compensation.May require a little correspondance though.

Cardiff, United...
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7. Re: Vueling Airlines - BEWARE!

I am currently in Spain and flew with vueling from Cardiff to Alicante

The cabin crew was very slow serving drinks and food. We was served 4 minutes before descent. I asked for a mojito (none left) another cocktail (none left) diet coke (none left) fanta lemon (none left) only coke or carlsberg. I was disgusted.

The cabin crew spoke very little English and was very rude to other passengers when boarding and placin bags in overhead locker.

I have to fly back with them on Thursday however would not recommend then based on the 1 flight.

Amsterdam, The...
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for Amsterdam
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8. Re: Vueling Airlines - BEWARE!

I've flown this airline lots and they have always been on time, nice staff and I have no complaints. Based on about 10 flights I would fly them again.

Seems that you were not treated to your satisfaction so the airline is to blame for this but I don't realy think complaining about the view from your free hotel room has much relevance.

Airport hotels are souless places all over the world.

Dallas, Texas
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9. Re: Vueling Airlines - BEWARE!

You get what you pay for.

Edinburgh, United...
posts: 9,167
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10. Re: Vueling Airlines - BEWARE!

"We was served 4 minutes before descent. I asked for a mojito (none left) another cocktail (none left) diet coke (none left) fanta lemon (none left) only coke or carlsberg. I was disgusted. "

It's an airline, not a bar.

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