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How good is Edreams site to book flight tickets

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How good is Edreams site to book flight tickets

Hi Guys,

I am just writing this to make you understand how people can get cheated if they are not sure about how to book tickets.

This is my personal experience.

I wanted to book tickets from Prague to Paris in the month of July 2012. I was trying to book thru "air France" where the total cost of ticket for a baby and couple was showing around 480Euros.

Both my friend and me were booking the tickets in parallel.

But once my friend got the tickets the ticket cost got increased drastically. My tickets totally started showing around 550Euros.

Now I did not continue flight booking in "Air France". I searched many sites. so found that Edreams are offering tickets for just 475Euros in SMARTWINGS flight.

I was happy, so started booking the tickets in hurry.

now after entering all the passenger details it took me to payment page. I gave all my credit card details and Pressed "Confirm Payment".

Now the pop-up came up saying "due to maintenance cost(for credit cards), and last moment flight charges increase, the tickets you have selected have been increased by 15Euros each, Please press on CONFIRM AGAIN to continue booking"!!(the warning gave was with the same meaning)

Now I don't have any choice, as I did not want to miss Paris tour as my friend family is also going.

I got a feeling that, If I don't book it now the charge may go up again.

So I did not have any other choice. I confirmed the tickets paying around 527Euros approximately.

now in the receipt confirmation I could clearly see that only 475 belongs to SMARTWINGS, and the rest of the amount belongs to EDREAMS.

My question:

1. If the maintenance cost is known, why edreams website says we offer very good discounts on flight tickets?

2. If the edreams is charging additional cost than the ticket price why it is not mentioned explicitly anywhere?

3. even if there is any credit card charges why they have to put burden on the customer?

The conclusion is: EDREAMS is a cheating website. Please deal with it carefully.

where I became fool:

after this incident next day I am searching the air-France ticket, it is now showing less price of 480Euros :(

Still How you can make use of Edreams?

search the flights thru edreams, you will get to know about the cheap flights.

Now don't book. Book the same flights directly in the flights website.

because if you book directly in the flight website you will avoid the

charges which you would have paid if you had booked thru other agent sites like Edreams.

Moreover the customer care service is WORST. it is difficult to reach the contact center of Edreams.

additional Tip:

even if you take air France as an example don't book back to back tickets. the flight tickets will go up if the booking are happened very frequently withing short period of time.

You can wait till next day. you may get the tickets for lesser price.

Hope this information helps.

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1. Re: How good is Edreams site to book flight tickets

A couple things... from the format of your post it would appear that you have posted it someplace else first and then copied it here. That is a no-no.

Second, this is a good example of why we say to book directly with the airlines. Remember, some airlines add taxes on after the purchase price has been selected. Airlines give only marginal discounts to travel agencies. The third parties have to make money from someplace so they do the logical thing and entice you with low fare advertisements that are often... well, "untrue" would be too harsh a word. Let's just say "hopefully ambiguous".

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2. Re: How good is Edreams site to book flight tickets

I think the issues with edreams are common knowledge, just do a quick search on here.

If you can't book it direct for that price, then odds are they can't either,,,and in turn they have to bump up the price to make a profit. So it's seldom cheaper, and then you have to deal with the fact you have to go through them as middle man if anything goes wrong, and they have limited customer service,

The days of airlines offering cheap deals through agencies are really long gone. All you are paying for now is someone to book it for you, this is always going to be more expensive than booking it yourself,

So yep, book direct, much easier and cost effective in the long run.

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3. Re: How good is Edreams site to book flight tickets

As froggy says-do a search

The way to do that is to input "edreams" in the spyglass feature above which will bring up all the posts,including some horror stories,on edreams.

The advice here is to use Agencies to identify flights and pricing and then book direct with the Airline.

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4. Re: How good is Edreams site to book flight tickets

Actually, although the OP should have done research before booking, this is good straightforward report on eDreams (ie not a rant).

Add to the list of warnings, including the fact that eDreams sells one way tickets masquerading as returns/round trips, meaning that if your outbound flight is canceled and you have to call off the whole trip, you don't get any refund for the return.

I wouldn't touch eDreams with an extra long bargepole.

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5. Re: How good is Edreams site to book flight tickets

"Now I don't have any choice,"

Yes you did, you could have simply aborted the booking.

To be honest, if people aren't deterred from using eDreams after the *many* other posts warning about them I doubt your post is going to make a difference. The issues you raise aren't even the biggest problem with them.

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6. Re: How good is Edreams site to book flight tickets

Hi GeoMedic,

Thanks for the reply.

After posting this question I realized that I have posted to different forum instead of air travel forum. So I copied the same post under Air-Travel forum.

Sorry for that.

And thanks for your advise.

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7. Re: How good is Edreams site to book flight tickets



Yes buddy,

The only reason I continued booking is I thought the price may still go up if I dont continue. Thanskf or your reply.

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8. Re: How good is Edreams site to book flight tickets

Thanks to all who replied here for my post.

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9. Re: How good is Edreams site to book flight tickets

If you had done a search here before booking you would have seen that edreams isn't the best place to book flights.

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10. Re: How good is Edreams site to book flight tickets

correct @Chrella,

I felt the samething after this incident.

thanks for the reply.

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