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China Southern Airlines

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China Southern Airlines

Never - ever - ever fly China Southern Airlines. I can't even deal with the stress of recalling and then writing a list of reasons why I say this just simply never - ever - ever fly China Southern Airlines. Thus I have done my bit. You have been warned.

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1. Re: China Southern Airlines

My, what an insightful post! It does appear, however, that lots of people don't agree.


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2. Re: China Southern Airlines

Gosh - I was going to but after reading that amazingly informative post I've cancelled my flight.

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3. Re: China Southern Airlines


I also find it telling that two of the three major PRC carriers finished in the top 3 for this category..

To me, that's kind of an affirmation that they're making progress toward doing what's necessary to be a legitimate "player" in what really is THE most hotly contested region and also home to around 50% of the world's leading airlines.

The "don't fly with" part is hard to understand as no specifics are given-- therefore it's hard to tell if the matter really was wholly a carrier failure, a shared carrier/passenger failure or really wholly self-inflicted.

Travel Safe,

Sydney, Australia
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4. Re: China Southern Airlines

Why bother typing something like this out and then not justifying things?

A lot more people are starting to fly these airlines, for either price or heading intio China itself and beyond.

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5. Re: China Southern Airlines

I should have read your post before choosing to fly with them as well. The flight experience was terrible, the 8 hour stopover at he terminal was awful. We cancelled our return and went with Qantas back to Australia. The stupidity of getting a visa in order to stay in a hotel for a few hours is ludicrous. The China Southern promise of a hotel stay for layovers of 8 hours is empty especially when it relies on an official deciding whether we could get a temporary visa. No amount of pleading could change his mind. The mindless and arbitrary way in which we were treated makes me agree wholeheartedly. Never again with China Southern no matter how cheap the cost of travel. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

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6. Re: China Southern Airlines



"The stupidity of getting a visa in order to stay in a hotel for a few hours is ludicrous. The China Southern promise of a hotel stay for layovers of 8 hours is empty especially when it relies on an official deciding whether we could get a temporary visa."

==> I can apprecaite how that probably felt.. but... to be fair China Southern- the airline-- does not set, control or otherwise have jurisdiction over the visa/entry rules into the PRC..

So, to that end, I think the comments of "... The stupidity of getting a visa in order to stay in a hotel for a few hours is ludicrous.." whether right or wrong, really should be directed at the Immigration Public Security Bureau (PSB) as they make the call about entry-- not China Southern.

That said, I do think you should be advised by China Southern, to check your entry status as *some* (if not most) non PRC nationals will require an entry visa-- even for a hotel stay..\

But again, the fact that you were denied entry, isn't China Southern's "call"... Yes, they can help petition for a **discretionary** waiver (and it sounds like they perhaps didn't try that) but in the end, the final admissability falls to the PSB to decide-- not CZ.

To me, I just can't see faulting CZ for what really is a national immigration issue and not a carrier controllable matter. Does that mean they shouldn't at least try to help? They should try to help you-- no doubts there... but in the end the matter does ultimately fall to the PSB to determine-- regardless of what CZ does or doesn not do.

This is a PRIME reason why it's always a good idea to have either the necessary entry visa in hand, or, be sure your passport alone is sufficient for entry-- just in case you end up neededing to 'enter' the country--- even if that's to recaim baggage or spend a few hours in a land-side airport hotel.

Travel Safe,

Sydney, Australia
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7. Re: China Southern Airlines

We just flew China Southern and were very satisfied with the food, service and general amenities. Yes the seat space is a little smaller on their domestic flights, and the entertainment is not individual, but neither are we paying for top of the line. For what we paid for, we thought we got a fair deal. Refresher towels on waking , English movie with Chinese subtitles as well as the Chinese movie. Reading a book is an old fashioned but very acceptable alternative, as is sleeping! The Asian meals were very acceptable, presented exactly as we would expect on any other long haul carrier, and with the addition of Moon cakes as a supper treat for Mid Autumn Festival - a lovely touch. Western meals were also fine, except for one breakfast which was just a bit dull, but I should have had the noodles! Pillows, blankets, water whenever needed, and if you don't like pre- sweetened coffee there is always very nice tea. And we had five flights over the space of a fortnight, so this isn't a one off experience. We went to China as guests to dance Scottish Country Dancing in an international Festival, but the flights were our responsibility and our choice. So keep up the good development China Southern.

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8. Re: China Southern Airlines

If we follow all the "Don't fly xxx Airlines" in this forum then there's nothing left for us to fly. Even the best-of-the-best airlines (i.e. Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines and Emirates) to get these types of comments. Should we taken all of the those bad comments seriously?

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9. Re: China Southern Airlines

Traveller540, what exactly was 'terrible' about the China Southern flight experience?

Cramped seating? Satff attitude? Unpunctuality? Obnoxious other passengers/ Lack of communication in English? Or something else?

Edited: 6:45 am, October 09, 2012
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10. Re: China Southern Airlines

Hello everyone and its nice to hear all the responses in this thread. Im very much interested in knowing what really was wrong with the China Southern flight which was started by our fellow advisor BobLost. Im also deciding whether to get China Southern for our upcoming trip to LA and Las Vegas (MNL-LAX, LAS-MNL) come April 2013. China Southern is the only airline that has consistently given the lowest RT fare to the USA, part the west coast. Oct-Nov are the worst times to try to book flights for next year, as major carriers like Delta, PAL and even the chinese carriers EVA Air and China Air for Taiwan have unbelievably high fares. Im seriously considering taking CSA (CZ) because it will save me at least USD 2,000 for all 5 of us in my family! So the consensus that I get from all the reviews I read both in and outside of Tripadvisor will help me decide whether to get the flight from CZ. We are relatively a young family: my kids are aged 14, 13 and 6. Ill take this opportunity to ask my fellow advisors this choice. Also, the issue of getting a short transit visa (is the term right?) for the five of us also matters s lot bec its a hassle to think that I need to get them! I also noticed that as with carriers like Korean and Delta, they dont suggest people to get Korean and Japan visa respectively.

I hope I didnt deviate the discussion, but your inputs will really matter.