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9 Flights.co.uk

Sheffield, United...
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9 Flights.co.uk

I am worried!!!!!

I have booked my flight from Leeds/bradford flying on the 13th July to Kenya and returning on the 11th August. I have looked so far and my flight appears to be booked and going ahead as planned, however, I am aware that 9 Flights.co.uk have caused so many problems. I have left a message on KLM's facebook wall asking if they could confirm that my flight is booked with them, I am waiting on a response...... Could anyone recommend anything else I could do?



Elk Rapids, Michigan
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1. Re: 9 Flights.co.uk

Yes..call KLM direct and talk to a real person.

Sheffield, United...
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2. Re: 9 Flights.co.uk

I have rang KLM and they have confirmed that my flight has been booked, feeling a little better but will have to keep checking via KLM Website.



Cala d'Or, Spain
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3. Re: 9 Flights.co.uk

Why did you not just book directly with KLM.

Why use 3rd party agents

London, United...
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4. Re: 9 Flights.co.uk

I think if Klm has confirmed and you have the pnr number, you don't need to be concerned, just keep checking no schedule changes regularly, as this is where Using a middle man proves problematic, and costly.

Newbury, United...
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5. Re: 9 Flights.co.uk

I tried to book a flight with 9 flights - return London to new york. To begin with, my bank declined the transaction due to it being a large and unusual amount on my account. I called my bank who then authorised the payment and let it go through. I made the payment again and received an email from 9 flights saying that I would get my tickets in 24 hours.

The tickets never arrived, so at the weekend, I logged into their website and found that they had cancelled my booking without telling me. I called them and spoke to a very rude lady called Sharon who said that they had tried to call me once on a thursday morning at 9.10 to tell me. I told her that I work then, and wouldnt have been able to answer the phone. Her response was 'how was I supposed to know you work'! I explained to her that if she had left a message I would have been able to get back to her, and her response was 'we don't have time to leave messages for all our customers'. She then refused to give me the name and address of her superiors. I then contacted my bank who said that they had authorised the payment, and that the issue was with 9Flights bank not taking the payment!

So assuming my flight was cancelled (as this is what I was told, and due to the fact that someone at 9 flights had deleted my booking on the website) I booked with another company, only to find that despite cancelling my booking, they are still trying to take the money for the flights they are not offering! In my opinion I think this company is commiting fraud and trying to steal my money. Do not use them.

Cala d'Or, Spain
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6. Re: 9 Flights.co.uk

Why on earth are you booking flights with 3rd party agents. Have you not heard that all airlines have their own websites or was it to save a few quid.

You only have yourself to blame

Basingstoke, United...
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7. Re: 9 Flights.co.uk

I booked with 9 flights and it was fine. No trouble

United Kingdom
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8. Re: 9 Flights.co.uk

i cannot understand why people go through 3rd party sites then come on here and moan , so many people from the UK do it even with the budget airlines

i have to admit i have gone 3rd party on a flight but it was with ebookers who are a reputable company

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9. Re: 9 Flights.co.uk

Unfortunately I thought I could trust all the companies that appear in Skyscanner. If the tickets were cheaper through a third party why would I pay £ 200 more instead?

Now I know.... I had the worst experience with 9 Flights.co.uk.

Please do not trust them be very careful.

The worst part of this is that I’ve been working in tourism all my life and I know how it works....

I bought a ticket to Buenos Aires with BA and I had to change the date, which was a nightmare!

There is only 1 person you can talk to, in customer services (after sales) that is very unhelpful, he does not care at all, and would tell you no to everything you ask for.

He told me I could not change my ticket date, which wasn’t true, after a long discussion I ask to speak to his supervisor, but he told me he wasn't there. I called next day and the same situation happened, he would not understand me and kept telling me that I could not change it. I spoke with BA

they confirmed me that I could but I had to do it through them unfortunately....

I asked to speak with someone else.....and the new guy told me he did not know, I said BA has reconfirmed me that I could....

To make it short... I felt so frustrated; I sent a e-mail to the manager director many times and never received a reply!

At the end I I lost my £ 750 ticket.

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10. Re: 9 Flights.co.uk

hey, im an travel agent and i understand your frusration...

how ever companies such as 9 flights give all us "3rd parties" negative publicity..

Tickets fares and t&c change all the time, you should always clarify what you can and cant do with the ticket you are buying..

sometimes paying a little extra and buying a "flexi ticket"

tickets rules differ between the airline companies..

Feel free to ask anything and i will help as much as i can..