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Ryanair - Priority Boarding

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Ryanair - Priority Boarding

My husband, 10 month old and I will be flying to Spain this weekend, it's our first flight with Ryanair.

I was just wondering, is it worth booking priority boarding? We would like to make sure we are all sat together and preferably with a window seat.

I've heard the boarding process be described as a scrum! Is this true?

We've never flown anywhere with unassigned seats before.

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1. Re: Ryanair - Priority Boarding

It may depend on which airport you are going from but it's not too bad usually.

What happens is the priorty boarders go through the gate first then the OTHER Q. If you walk to the plane you tend to keep to the line you were in. There will be a few sprinters trying to get on earlier. Because your wlking on an open airfield you are often marshallled if you have to cross roads so its not an uncontrolled sprint

As you approach the plane have a look at the queues and make a decision wether to head for the front or back.

Been flying for years don't believe in pushing my way on and have always got a seat beside my partner. Whether you could get a window seat is another matter. I have also heard that priorty boarding where passengers are bussed to the plane causes trouble as the get on the bus first but fall back on a par with the rest when the bus diembarks

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2. Re: Ryanair - Priority Boarding

If you're worrying about it, I'd say it's worth it (it's pretty cheap with RA). I must have flown Ryanair hundreds of times by now and I find that people always queue up and walk to the airport nicely though I realize other people have had other experiences so maybe it's route-dependent,

Birmingham, United...
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3. Re: Ryanair - Priority Boarding

Thanks for the replies.

I can't seem to add priority boarding now, as I've already checked-in.

A few people have told me that people with infants automatically get priority boarding... anyone know if this is true?

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4. Re: Ryanair - Priority Boarding


I just checked the Ryanair website and it recommends buying priority boarding if travelling with infants, it does not say you will be boarded first. It also says you should hand in your pushchair at the bag drop which seems a little crazy because you may have a long walk from there to the plane. I would personally post a question regarding pushchairs on here and see what other parents do.


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5. Re: Ryanair - Priority Boarding

"A few people have told me that people with infants automatically get priority boarding"

They don't.

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6. Re: Ryanair - Priority Boarding

Yes, once you are checked in, you can't make any changes.

And no, no one automatically gets priority boarding. Even wheelchair passengers are boarded last, although seats are blocked off for them. Like everything with Ryanair, if you want/need it, you have to pay, although as has been pointed out, it's not a huge amount.

I would say get to the gate early, and if there is already a queue, join it. If not, sit or stand as near the gate as possible. As soon as the gate personnel arrive, the queue will form if it hasn't before, and if you are not quick you will be at the back of it with little chance of three together on a full flight

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7. Re: Ryanair - Priority Boarding

Thanks for the replies everyone.

We have reserved seats now, so I don't have to worry about it.

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8. Re: Ryanair - Priority Boarding

I thought there was only one row that you can reserve seats on if you've got an under 16, (could be wrong though) If so, you were lucky to be able to get a reserved seat at this late stage.

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9. Re: Ryanair - Priority Boarding

You get priority boarding automatically if you'r disabled and have ticked the "Special Assistence" box when you booked your flight as far as I know. Otherwise you need to pay for it. It costs £5 per person per flight which isn't too bad though I thinks it's £6 if booked at the airport on the day. It is in fact what seems to be the only extra cost that's cheaper than EasyJet's equivelent service. When flying EasyJet's I'd think twice as it can cost over twice as much but based on your preferences I'd pay that bit extra to be one of the first on-board. By the way if a bus takes you from gate to plane, no matter how early or late you get on the bus, always stand as close to the doors as possible so you can get out and on the plane first.

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10. Re: Ryanair - Priority Boarding


Have you just paid £5 for priority boarding or have you actually paid an extra £5 and chose you actual seat from the seat map?

I ask this as if you have done the latter you will not be allowed to sit in the reserved overwing exit seats with a baby, nor I believe in row 1 ABC.