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Qantas - A380 seating questions

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Qantas - A380 seating questions

Flying LAX - MEL return in January 2013 and I wanted to know if anyone can give some advice on the seating on the A380.

I see there are non-emergency seats with extra leg room on the Qantas A380. Towards the back of the plane seats 80 A and K are window seats without any seats infront of them. They are close to the rear galley and self service bar.

Are these seats worth considering? Is turbulance more noticable towards the back of the A380 and does deplaning take much longer?

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1. Re: Qantas - A380 seating questions

80 A/K are definitely worth booking if you can get either of them.

We booked 80 A/B on our flight back from LAX to Sydney. My husband had the seat with no seat in front and was able to stretch out comfortably. I had the middle seat beside him and as this row of seats is off set from the exit row in front I was able to hop in and out without disturbing the passanger on my right.

My husband thought this seat was better than the ones we had in PE on the way over to LA.

We didn't notice any more noise than usual nor did it take that long to deplane.

Book it while you can.

If we should ever fly economy on an A380 again I would definitely try and book these seats.

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Sydney, Australia
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2. Re: Qantas - A380 seating questions

You'll be lucky to get 80A or K as they are usually blocked for Gold or Platinum status pax. If no high status pax pre-allocate them, they'll presumably be available to request at checkin (either online or at the airport).

Note that QF are making rumbles of introducing A380s with a different layout on new aircaft delivered this year and next which would see a small number of Y seats upstairs. That would possibly also mean a reconfigured lower deck, so row 80 may or may not be THE row 80 on the a/c you fly.

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Melbourne, Australia
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3. Re: Qantas - A380 seating questions

We booked 80A/B/C on our Melb-LAX flight on the A380 last November. Maybe Qantas have changed the allocation of 80A/K, but at that time we had no problem booking 80A, and we have no Qantas status.

I agree with Dimarie above. Plenty of leg room and easy access from both 80A and 80B. My daughter and I swapped between the middle and window seats during the flight and both enjoyed being able to stretch out. Didn't notice any more noise or turbulence.

We would definitely book these again if we could.

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4. Re: Qantas - A380 seating questions

Definitely book these seats if you can. My daughter did in February this year & said it was the best long haul flight she has ever had. In fact, people who had paid more to be in the exit row in front of her ended up moving because it was too cold, but she was very comfortable.

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5. Re: Qantas - A380 seating questions

I'm flying to LAX from Melbs in November 2012 and we've managed to book 80 a &b on the way there and 80 k & j (exactly the same set up as A & B) on the way home.

Hubby is well over 6 foot so the extra leg room without the extra price tag is genius!!

We're looking forward to our flight :-)

Perth, Australia
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6. Re: Qantas - A380 seating questions

Ooh, just saw this...!

I booked seat 71D on the Qantas A380 ... it had no seat in front of it. The whole row in front of us only had 3 seats, so the seat in front was missing. I was told by a steward it has steps down to another level for the crew, but because I was sitting there, they used other steps as to not annoy me. Very thoughtful young chap!

Click on this link... it will show you that it is a good seat.


We did the flight MEL to LAX .. and it was great .. heaps of food, so many movies.

We even got a goodie bag with chocolates and biscuits.. like an afternoon tea with coffee, tea or hot chocolate. I asked for marshmallows with my hot chocolate and they said "sorry we have none". 5 minutes later they turned up with a few marshmallows .... that's service for you!

Glasgow, United...
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7. Re: Qantas - A380 seating questions

Hi I have booked 80 A on a London to Melbourne next week does its still come with the in flight screen? As no seat in front to house it? Thanks in advanced

Melbourne, Australia
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8. Re: Qantas - A380 seating questions

We had 80 A Melb to LAX. The in flight entertainment screen and tray table are stored in the armrest, and are easy to move about as needed.

Perth, Australia
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9. Re: Qantas - A380 seating questions

Yes, the screen is on the back of the seat in front of you .. or in the arm rest, like the seat I had.

When you get on the plane, go to Information .. and then tail cam ... you can watch the take off and landing ... the camera is on the tail of the plane.

Have fun...

Glasgow, United...
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10. Re: Qantas - A380 seating questions

Thanks for the information will have fun! Thanks again!