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Emirates flight.do they have pillows and blankets in Economy

Cranbourne Victoria
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Emirates flight.do they have pillows and blankets in Economy

Hi...now this may sound like a pretty dumb question but this is the first time I have flown "long haul" and overnight so I was wondering if Emirates provide a small pillow and light blanket so that I will be able to get some sleep.

Sadly I could not afford one of the lovely "bed type" seats in business class but I am hoping to be able to catch a few hours sleep on our flight from Melbourne to KL and then maybe a couple more on the KL to Dubai leg of the flight....then hopefully I will be able to stay awake from Dubai to Paris.

Any other hints about being able to sleep on flights will be welcome.

Our flight leaves at 0235 am on Saturday!!

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1. Re: Emirates flight.do they have pillows and blankets in Economy

Yes you will received a pillow and blanket. As for tips, wear loose comfy clothing and shoes, drink lots of water, dont drink anything alcoholic or caffeine based before or during the flight. Also on the Saturday prior to your flight, stay up, resist the temptation of having an afternoon snooze just because you know you will be having a late flight.

Safe travels!

Cranbourne Victoria
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2. Re: Emirates flight.do they have pillows and blankets in Economy

Thanks ddtm...I will definitely not be sleeping...I'm working Friday morning...last minute bits and pieces in the afternoon and dinner with the family before heading out to the Airport about 11 pm ish. I plan to be quite tired by the time I get on the flight at 2.35 am Saturday morning!!

I'm not a coffee drinker and never drink anything alcoholic on flights, I have a comfy "layered" type outfit planned so I can add or subtract depending on the temperature and I will wear compression/support stockings as well.

I am looking forward to the trip even though it's a long trip the destination is well worth it :)

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3. Re: Emirates flight.do they have pillows and blankets in Economy

Just to add to the good advise from ddtem for long haul flights and your own comments, I have a large thin cotton 'wrap' which folds up very small and I use that over myself before airline blankets which I never find comfortable and that makes me very cosy :)

I also start a good novel a day or so before a flight and then look forward to a nice read on the plane. The seatback entertainment is excellent but maybe old-fashioned but I always find a great novel truly makes the time fly.

A small hand size small towel is always handy, I am sure Emirates give out the hot towels still but airline ones are so small. I find my small hand towel very handy to feshen up.

I also always go for an aisle seat, even if 2 of us together we get aisle seats across from eachother, so easy to get up to stretch whenever you want , pop along to the restroom, without having to disturb and/or climb over people.

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Hong Kong, China
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4. Re: Emirates flight.do they have pillows and blankets in Economy

Good advice from all the other posters. A couple of extra things I like to help me feel human on long flights: face spritzer (whatever brand/smell you like, but I use rosewater). Good for hydrating your skin and refreshing you. Wet Ones are also good for feeling clean. Emirates supply hot towels, but I can't recall if they offer amenity kits on night flights in Economy-- if they don't and you want something like a toothbrush or eye shades, just ask crew.

Emirates are one of my favourite airlines. I think their Economy product is good and reasonably consistent. As your flight leaves at 0235, you'll just be offered a light snack (probably mini quiches or something similar), so if you want to just get some rest, eat before you fly-- you won't miss out on anything special! :) You'll be served breakfast before you land in KL.

West Aussie
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5. Re: Emirates flight.do they have pillows and blankets in Economy

The only other thing I could add to all the great ideas mentioned, is I take along a pair of comfy old socks (or use the ones supplied in business if you've struck it lucky) . . . ones I wouldn't care if I lost . . . great to wear if you like to slip your shoes off, feels good when wandering around the cabin instead of having to put your shoes back on (particularly good when visiting the loo :)

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6. Re: Emirates flight.do they have pillows and blankets in Economy

Lots of good advice already mentioned.

I travelled Emirates last year and i'm pretty sure you didn't get a toothbrush or eyemask but you will definately get a blanket and pillow (i can't remember about socks).

In my handluggage I always take -Toothbrush and toothpaste, lipbalm and moisturiser as the air is very drying for the skin. I sometimes also take a small facewash and can of anti-perspirant (all under 100ml of course) AND I always take a clean pair of underwear, socks and a clean T-shirt.

I always find long flights (especially overnight ones) leave me looking and feeling bedraggled, sweaty and groggy. An hour of so before I land I pop to the Loo and have a quick "freshen up" and change my clothes.

It's amazing what a clean pair of underwear and fresh smelling t-shirt can do to make you feel more human again.

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7. Re: Emirates flight.do they have pillows and blankets in Economy

Eek! I wouldn't venture into an airplane loo in just socks.

Personally when flying EC overnight and hoping to sleep I much prefer a window seat.

I don't like the gamble that I'll be in the aisle and the person in the window/middle seat will want to get and up and down while I'm trying to sleep.

Being really tired helps as does an eye mask and some ear plugs. I've managed many good nights sleep on airplanes in EC this way.

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8. Re: Emirates flight.do they have pillows and blankets in Economy

I've experienced "soggy socks" before whilst being lazy and not putting my shoes on to answer a call of nature.

I like to imagine that it was merely water on my feet but i fear otherwise.......

A pair of slip on shoes is much more preferable.

Cranbourne Victoria
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9. Re: Emirates flight.do they have pillows and blankets in Economy

Ewww soggy socks (the mind boggles LOL!!) ....will NOT venture to the loos in my socks!

THANK YOU everyone...as always the wonderful people here on TA are so generous with their help.

I think I have been allocated an aisle seat which is OK for me as I may need to get up and stretch occasionally (old back injury) and it will be nice not to have to worry about disturbing anyone.

Just another question....I was thinking of being cheeky and asking for an upgrade (given the time of our flight departure I thought Business class might not be fully booked *fingers crossed*).....I was wondering where do you ask for an upgrade ...when I check my baggage or when we go through to board? And what is the best way to approach asking for an upgrade....will Emirates still do it as I have heard some airlines no longer "upgrade" passengers.

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10. Re: Emirates flight.do they have pillows and blankets in Economy

It costs nothing to ask for an upgrade, but don't expect the answer to be 'yes'. The days of free random upgrades are well and truly over. Passengers with 'status' will get upgraded before you.

Lots of good advice given. Particularly the earplugs. You don't realize how noisy it actually is onboard till you put them in. I always take my own neck pillow in Economy and use the one the airlines give out as lower back support. The neck one stops my head from flopping round if I am lucky enough to nod off and I don't wake with a stiff neck. V. useful in an aisle seat where you have nothing to lean against.

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