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This airline is extemely poor with customer relations. It is virtually impossible to contact an agent and when you do they are extremely unfriendly and unhelpful. We booked a flight and bought insurance. Then when we went to use the insurance it didn't cover cancellation except in the case of illness. Our cancellation was within a 24hr period of the booking. But that didn't matter. They were not willing to waive the fee. So we are stuck having to travel with them. Now I see they are cancelling flights frequently and not refunding their passengers. This is very worrying since we a tight schedule for our holiday. I am stuck with this precarious booking now which has the potential of ruining our trip. Wish I had never booked with them. Never will again.

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1. Re: EasyJet

Is someone keeping a list? We should have almost covered every Airline, Booking Site, and car rental agency on the planet on the "Do Not Use" list.

C'mon TA! We need a seperate "Do Not Use" Forum.

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2. Re: EasyJet

Sounds like you did not read what you were buying when you bought it.

Easy Jet is not a bad airline, I've used them several times and never had issues. Just remember to be on time and stick to the baggage rules.

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3. Re: EasyJet

So just to clarify, your definition of "poor customer relations" is "their insurance doesn't pay out on things it doesn't cover" ?

Do I have that correctly?

Regards your point "Now I see they are cancelling flights frequently and not refunding their passengers" where exactly do you get that from? Since if any airline cancels a flight, of course they will have to refund, it's a legal requirement ! So either you made something up, or misunderstood.

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4. Re: EasyJet

Well, my girlfriend and I have taken approx 280 Easyjet flights between us over the last six years and I don't recognise the same Easyjet that the OP is describing. They are not perfect and, as with all airlines, encounter logistical problems from time to time but we are, by and large, quite happy with the overall service they provide relative to cost of flights.

And I can quite categorically confirm that Easyjet do give a full refund or transfer to alternative flight on the same route (whichever the customer chooses) in the event of a cancelled flight. And on the odd occasion I have felt the need to contact customer services they have been quite helpful.

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5. Re: EasyJet

Nearly lost for words.

Paid for a policy.but did not read the terms and conditions before doing so, Lovely. Now wishes to complain that the clause they required was not in there.

Would say it can't be beat. But unfortunately, looking at other threads, it can be.

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6. Re: EasyJet

>>when you do they are extremely unfriendly and unhelpful<<

translated to "I tried to cancel this flight after booking it but they would not let me"

>>Then when we went to use the insurance it didn't cover cancellation except in the case of illness<<

I think you will find that cancellation insurance is for when the airline cancels not when you decide to change your plans. Most policies in the world will only cover cancellation by the insured if there are circumstances such as illness.

I also have used Easyjet hundreds of times without issue. They have a very good timekeeping record but like all airlines there can be technical issues although their aircraft are mostly under 10 years old.

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7. Re: EasyJet

Would say it can't be beat. But unfortunately, looking at other threads, it can be


I wonder if the OP booked via Vayama :-)

What with this and the Vayama posts, its cloudy, or I'd look out the window and check if its a full moon tonight.

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8. Re: EasyJet

Nah, just another day on the air travel forum.,aka " care in the community" forum:))

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9. Re: EasyJet

Nope seems I was right first time Froggy, just saw this …yahoo.com/look-sky-supermoon-due-saturday-1… I swear I didn't know about it when I posted :-)

I think the posts here disprove the second paragraph in the story :-)

Edited: 5:12 pm, May 04, 2012
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10. Re: EasyJet

conken7, are you serious? You bought insurance without knowing what it covered, and are shocked that they didn't pay out for an uncovered risk?

Here is what the Easyjet booking page says about insurance (this is before you enter your CC/DC):

"easyJet travel insurance offers instant cover from the moment you book your trip. It also helps protect you against medical emergencies, missed departures, baggage loss and delays. "

Seems clear to me. Medical, missed departures (need to check the small print on that, most likely things beyond your control like breakdowns), baggage loss and delays.

Oh and I see it isn't valid for non-UK residents, and you can get a full refund within 14 days. So why not cancel the insurance. Then go and buy an all-risks travel insurance policy that allows cancellation for any reason?