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Emirates A380 seats in row 50

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Emirates A380 seats in row 50

I am flying Emirates A380 UK to Bangkok and was looking at booking seats A50 and B50 in the front cabin for all four legs of the journey. Seatguru and Seat expert show a bulkhead behind them which may restrict the recline but neither site has any adverse comments.

Anyone have any knowledge of these seats?

Motherwell, United...
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1. Re: Emirates A380 seats in row 50

Hi Alfie

Whilst not having experience of row 50 on the Emirates A380, I can recommend the following seats. 68 A and K and the same seats in row 81. these seats are the row behind the emergency exits but have no seats in front thus giving excellent leg room. We had those seats in and out of BKK last year.

The wife had seat B as she likes the tv in front of her while I had the extra leg room.


Sydney, Australia
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2. Re: Emirates A380 seats in row 50

Hi Alfie,

How did you find these seats? I've got them tomorrow and am wondering the same thing, will we be able to put our chairs back (A50 & B50).


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3. Re: Emirates A380 seats in row 50

Haven't flown yet but the seat review sites have recently been updated and grade the seats as below average with limited recline.

Sydney, Australia
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4. Re: Emirates A380 seats in row 50

You're right. I've found this good website which shows pictures of the seats.


Going to call the airline and see if I can change or what time earliest check in time is to see if I can get an emergency exit seat.

Will let you know how I go in a day or so.

Sydney, Australia
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5. Re: Emirates A380 seats in row 50

I just flew from Sydney to Dubai in these seats as I wasn't able to change them.

They aren't too bad actually. We were very suprised how far back they did recline considering that the bulk head was behind us.

I think it doesn't go back quite as far as a regular seat but the differnce is negligible.

On the Dubai to Manchester leg we had A72 and B72 and couldn't really tell the difference in the amount of recline that we had.

In short, don't worry if you get row 50 seats on the Emirates A380.

Happy Travels.

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6. Re: Emirates A380 seats in row 50

Thank you for reviewing these seats and giving your feedback. I have found it helpful.

Sydney, Australia
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7. Re: Emirates A380 seats in row 50

No worries. Any questions, let me know.

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8. Re: Emirates A380 seats in row 50

Hi had your seat a tv. I like the leg room but would like the tv as well

Sydney, Australia
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9. Re: Emirates A380 seats in row 50

Yes, we both had a TV in row 50.

Melbourne, Australia
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10. Re: Emirates A380 seats in row 50

Hi I have flown in row 50 hjk twice and the limited recline is not an issue the seat goes back almost as far a normal and it has its back to a bulkhead so no one behind you whuch is great .This end of the plane is really quite and cosy