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Easyjet Baggage Allowance

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Easyjet Baggage Allowance

Checking in luggage for the first time in a very long time. My allowance is I understand 20kg for checked bags.

What I'm unsure of is my hand luggage allowance for weight and dimensions. I'm aware that I must have only one piece of hand luggage.


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1. Re: Easyjet Baggage Allowance

You may only take one piece of hand luggage which should be no larger than 56x45x25cm in size.

Easyjet don't have a hand luggage weight limit, so long as it meets the size guide, you can stuff your bag as full as you can.

This is a benefit of flying easyjet, and I have exploited it on numerous occasions, saving on having to check luggage.


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2. Re: Easyjet Baggage Allowance

The size limit for hand luggage is 56 x 45 x 25cm, incl wheels & handle.

There is no weight restriction, as long as you can easily lift it into the overhead locker then you will be ok.

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3. Re: Easyjet Baggage Allowance

Remember that your purse/laptop/camer etc all must be inside that one carry-on.

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4. Re: Easyjet Baggage Allowance

There is no "allowance" as such for checked bags with easyjet. The price you see when checking the schedule is for zero baggage in the hold - you pay extra if you want to add a checked bag.

And just to reinforce what others have said. The one item of hand baggage is exactly that. One bag only really means one bag. It's not one bag plus a camera case or one bag plus a shopping bag.

Visitors who have never flown with easyjet before are sometimes startled about how strictly this is enforced.

Scotland, United...
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5. Re: Easyjet Baggage Allowance

This is the 1st 'package' holiday I have been on for a very long time.

The Travel Agent has quoted 20kg as being the amount allowed for hold baggage on an EJ flight. Reading the above post, it looks like the TA has put their own restriction on hold baggage.

Am I right to assume that along with this, I am also allowed the usual carryon limit 56 x 45 x 25


Llandudno North...
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6. Re: Easyjet Baggage Allowance

No the travel agent hasnt put their own restriction on your hold luggage, it is 20 kg.

It is your hand luggage which doesnt have a limit in weight, just in size. So long as it fits comfortably in the cage for size checking it can weigh as much as you can get in it and lift yourself.


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7. Re: Easyjet Baggage Allowance

No, the standard allowance for your first piece of checked luggage is 20 kg. That is a limit set by easyJet.

And yes, you are allowed one piece of carry-on within the dimension you mention. There is no weight restriction for this as long you can lift it into the overhead compartment.

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8. Re: Easyjet Baggage Allowance

What I think has not been explained by the OP's travel agent, nor made clear above is that checked/hold baggage with easyJet does have a 20kg restriction, but still has to be paid for, over and above the ticket price. And it is cheaper if paid for in advance online, than just turning up at the airport.

So if the easyJet ticket was purchased by the TA as part of a package holiday, I'd suggest the OP seeks clarification from their TA of whether their comment that checked baggage has a limit of 20kg was just for information purposes, or because the TA had also already paid for a checked bag on the OP's behalf as part of their booking.

Of course, if no checked bag has been paid for, and the OP feels they can get all their luggage (and be mindful of the liquids restrictions if going down the hand baggage only route) into a single bag with the aforementioned dimensions, then all well and good.


Cala d'Or, Spain
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9. Re: Easyjet Baggage Allowance

The hand baggage rules are clearly spelled out on the Easyjet website www.easyjet.com You don't need a debate on Tripadvisor to get this sort of information

If you to clarify your hold baggage then speak to your Travel Agent

Edited: 4:55 am, March 27, 2012
Llandudno North...
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10. Re: Easyjet Baggage Allowance

Wrong side of bed thismorning Crazypom?? :-)

There are many thinks dont really need a debate about on here, but it is a forum for debate and information so all valid I feel.

Also as Im sure you well know talking to a travel agent once they have your money can be a frustrating task and they will tell you what you want to hear rather than actual facts.

People who have travelled with ailrlines some very frequently are probably better qualified than a TA to speak on the mater.

So relax a little maybe.


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