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flying with trekking poles

Plettenberg Bay...
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flying with trekking poles

I need to fly internationally with a set of trekking poles. These do not collapse far enough to fit in the small case I am putting in the hold so will need to go in the cabin with me. Can anyone advise whether I need to get special permission, can expect hassles? I am flying to Vietnam from South Africa, via Bangkok

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1. Re: flying with trekking poles

I doubt trekking poles will be accepted as cabin baggage. You should check with your airline.

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2. Re: flying with trekking poles

Hi I dont think you will get them in the cabin with you.

We had the same problem a few years ago, had our trekking poles taped together and the points with cardboard on them, the staff at check in let us go through with them but did say security may refuse them and that was what happened. We had to go back and check them in. It was no big deal as they arrived with our other luggage and the airline did not have extra charges.

Now, when we buy new poles we do check they come apart and will fit in most of our rucksacks/luggage.

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3. Re: flying with trekking poles

To my knowledge, hiking poles are not allowed as carry-on baggage. On some airlines, ski poles are on the forbidden list for carry-on -- not much difference between those & hiking poles, IMO.

Most hiking poles will unscrew at the joints if they don't collapse enough to fit in your suitcase. Then, you can fit them in the bottom of nearly any suitcase you will be checking. I have done this several times, no problem at all putting them back together.

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4. Re: flying with trekking poles

We have Leki poles (popular worldwide) that are telescopic and break down to 50cms in length.These fit into our hold bags and we have never thought of trying to put them through carry-on when we go on walking holidays in the Tirol.I note you are taking a small bag for the hold (what to sweaty Vietnam?).Why not just take a larger hold bag that your poles fit into? I am sure you won't exceed your weight allowance as these poles weigh very little being extruded aluminum as you know.

Plettenberg Bay...
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5. Re: flying with trekking poles

Thanks for all the replies. It's great to have a resource such as this forum, and my original question has been answered.

Reason for a small bag is the same as the reason for taking trekking poles - bad back. If the choice is between washing a few things at night and coping with a big case, I go for the former.

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6. Re: flying with trekking poles

One of my poles jammed and I couldn't collapse it for my return flight. I had no problem at all taking it on board separately. Make sure you have the tip covered.

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7. Re: flying with trekking poles

I have mobility problems and use trekking poles as opposed to more traditional canes/walking sticks (which are allowed) due to, well, I don't know. Last time I flew they would not let me bring them through security despite the fact that I use them for a disability because they did not pass the requirements. I was ready for it based on the website info but figured I'd try. I would be prepared to have to break them down and check a larger bag or something else just in case the same happens to you. The inconsistencies may have to do with the difference in tips (can they get away with categorizing them as approved devices) or inconsistencies with TSA staff. If your poles are expensive it might be worth picking up a set that can break down smaller as opposed to having to take a chance on having to leave them with TSA.

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8. Re: flying with trekking poles

Walking sticks usually do not have the sharp tips that treking poles do.

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9. Re: flying with trekking poles

keenvisitor- yes- that is the difference but my sticks are sold in sports stores but don't have the pointy tips and have the rubber stubby things but still didn't pass muster so people who think their might pass still need to be prepared with a back-up plan.

Plettenberg Bay...
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10. Re: flying with trekking poles

'thank you all. Problem solved this side. I am looking forward to the trails with my faithful poles. Can anyone recommend some really good trails, bearing in mind that, though I can walk far, my Z shaped spine does not allow for much uphill. In any case, I was born refusing to go uphill.

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