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Aer Arann, ATR 72 planes

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Aer Arann, ATR 72 planes

We are wondering whether we should use a ATR 72 aircraft, operated by Aer Arann, to fly from Dublin to Edinburgh.

The other option (later in the day, though...) is an airbus plane, operated by Aer Lingus.

Please advise.

Your input will be very helpful!


Nira Lev

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1. Re: Aer Arann, ATR 72 planes

Advice about what? Comfort on board? Service? Luggage allowance? Both planes are more than likely to get you to Edinburgh.

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2. Re: Aer Arann, ATR 72 planes

I am concerned about the safety of the smaller plane (ATR 72), because I read it had several accidents.

I am concerned about the level of service in terms of punctuality - flights leaving on time, flights nor being cancelled, stopping on the way, etc.

Thanks for any input!


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3. Re: Aer Arann, ATR 72 planes


On the safety side...

First, do know that all aircraft forms-- ATR's, Airbus, Boeing, etc. have all had crashes (with or without fatality) or incidents (with or without loss of airframe) in their history.. and not every crash is directly related to faulty aircraft-- many are in fact wholly user-controlled events..

Example, If an airline buys an brand new ATR, but fails to maintain it properly, or operates it incorrectly, and as a result, there is crash, is that the "fault" of the ATR or reflective of it's reliability? or is that really a reflection of the user?

Point here is that when you look at safety, you cannot look solely at the aircraft as there's a huge user piece that plays right along side that.

Second, when you look at statistics, you also have to look at how often is that aircraft flown-- either frequency or miles flown-- so that there's a consistent basis for measurement.

If you didn't do so, one might say that models like the Boeing 737 are unsafe, as the B737 does have a number of crashes attributable to it's model... but... the reality is also that the Boeing 737 (all variations of it) is, by far and away THE most commonly operated aircraft in the world with more than 7,000 having been built since it's inception..

So given it's popularity and number flown, you can expect to see a greater number of incidents with it..

I will say that the ATR 72, from the ATR company, is a rather well known and well used aircraft by many carriers on short-range operations.. I personally would not have any issues fly it..

I think when you speak to safety, it's much more important to look at WHO is operating it, than WHAT is being operated.

Travel Safe,

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4. Re: Aer Arann, ATR 72 planes

Assuming flight times / cost are both acceptable, I would pick the Airbus flight for two reasons:

a) hand luggage allowance - much smaller on the ATR (overheads are slimmer).

b) it's a faster flight with jet engines

There will also be sundry additional benefits, such as the likelihood of a jet bridge at DUB on the Airbus flight vs the certainty of a bus on the ATR flight. And if the Airbus flight is operated by Aer Lingus mainstream, rather than EI Regional, you'll get to use the shiny new terminal at DUB.

Having said that, I've flown with EI Regional (Aer Arran) in the ATR72, and it's fine - actually something quite enjoyable about the relative novelty of a propeller driven plane! Don't forget they board from the rear.

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5. Re: Aer Arann, ATR 72 planes

I travelled from Cardiff to Cork (Ireland) with EI Regional (Aer Arran) on a ATR72. The flight left on time and we arrived in Cork on schedule. Very smooth flight, with a friendly Irish crew, no complaints.

Attach a photograph of the airline if your interested :-


6. Re: Aer Arann, ATR 72 planes

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7. Re: Aer Arann, ATR 72 planes

The only aircraft that Aer Lingus use on this short hop are the ATR 72 or depending on the load they might use the ATR 42, since the takeover of Aer Arrann, Aer Lingus are using these planes on there Aer Lingus Regional routes that fly to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester,Bournemouth, and Blackpool,

The only difference with the flights is that it takes 15/20 minutes longer getting there than the jet aircraft.

All that said, Ryanair fly from Dublin to Edinburgh using a Boeing 737-800 type aircraft, but the best of luck with them LOL !!

perhaps this is were you got the jet aircraft Idea !!

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8. Re: Aer Arann, ATR 72 planes

Thanks for the information.

Do you feel Aer Arann is a good airline with competent pilots, maintenance, etc.?

I have a fear of flying an "unknown" airline, where I am not sure of the quality of the pilots and the maintenance of the plane...

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9. Re: Aer Arann, ATR 72 planes

Thanks a lot for the information.

Do you know whether Aer Arann, the Irish company, is responsible and takes care of its planes?


Nira ;Lev

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10. Re: Aer Arann, ATR 72 planes


Do they keep the hand carried luggage on the plane, or do you have to check it in?

Are they on time? Not cancelling flights?

What do you think of Ryann Air?