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Air Pacific - Pathetic

Gold Coast
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Air Pacific - Pathetic

After reading some reviews on TA, i decided to double check that my flight was still on schedule for next week with Air Pacific from Brisbane to Nadi. After checking Air Pacific had decided to cancel our flight without advising us at all. In fact they have moved us from a day flight to an overnight flight which isn't ideal with little kids, however it does beat not getting there at all.

So now we arrive into Nadi at 5.15am and we can't check into our hotel until 3pm. I asked Air Pacific for accommodation as it was their fault for the early arrival and they agreed to put us up in a hotel for the day with breakfast.

Mypoint. Please ensure you double check your booking. they will never advise you of a change.

Anyone else been affected by this?

Newmarket, Canada
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1. Re: Air Pacific - Pathetic

I think your post heading is rather harsh. I wouldn't call them 'Pathetic'. So they cancelled your flight, which happens on all airlines from time-to-time. And because of the earlier arrival, they're giving you breakfast and a hotel room for the day? That sounds very reasonable. I'm not sure what more you could expect of them.

Yes, it would have been nice if you were notified of the flight change. Who knows, maybe they did try to notify you by e-mail, and it never made it through. Maybe they didn't. There's no way to know. At the end of the day, all travellers should watch their flight bookings for changes to flight times, routings and seat assignments.

After hearing about your experience, and the reasonable way they handled it compared to what I've heard some other airlines do, I'm actually more inclined to use them in the future!

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2. Re: Air Pacific - Pathetic

Anybody who flies has been affected by a flight change.

Sounds like the airline accomodated you well.

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3. Re: Air Pacific - Pathetic


I've have to agree with the others..

Yes, the part about no notice is not good.. and in today's world were many/most people have or have access to an email account, I see fewer and fewer cases where not making notification due to connectivity is a viable excuse.. so, yes, they should have..


The other parts about moving you to another day is common... I would not that Nadi doesn't exactly have a lot of alternate flight option as does a larger city like Tokyo or the like-- so any re-booking options would be rather limited..

Again, this is only a reflection of the realities that a schedule change can present when going to/from smaller markets..

The part about FJ putting you up in a hotel and with a meal (and it sounds as if they're doing so on their dime, not yours) is, IMHO, a very good resolution and unless I'm not mistaken is not and was not a legal nor contractual obligation on their part to do so..

Therefore, with that in mind, while yes, the no-notification part is bad (and I'm making the assumption that indeed FJ didn't make any attempts to do so, but we cannot determine this as fact, but I will assume it to be fact) their 'recovery' in terms of offering you a free hotel and breakfast is a very good resolution-- and one that, unless required under contract or regulation, most other airlines would be reluctant at best to offer.

I think if you really wanted to call it 'pathetic' that would have been: a) No-notification and b) a 'go pound sand' reply to your request for a room or meal due to early arrival.

To that end, I do think that FJ earns some points back for their recovery to what was otherwise an unfortunate situation.

Travel Safe.

Gold Coast
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4. Re: Air Pacific - Pathetic

Thanks for the feeedback. Yes my title is a bit harsh and i accept that, however this is just another problem in a long line of problems i've had with the airline (even when we booked it took 5 hours and then they stuffed it up which then took me about another hour plus emails to sort out). I just wanted to book a holiday!!

We have other friends travelling with ius and they hadn't been notified either. We pushed them for the accomm as we are travelling with small kids and chose this airline initially because of the flight schedule - daytime flights. As far as I'm concerned they have broken the contract and the accommodation and breakfast after begging is a nice touch.

We have also had problems with pre allocated seating which includes (and hasn't been rectified as of yet) that they have my family of 4 all seated in different rows all through out the plane. We are travelling with 2 kids under 5. i have advised them of this and yet still hasn't been fixed. i was advised that i could swap with other passengers - what????

Anyway my title was born out of pure frustration - i hope everything from now on is OK.


Destination Expert
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5. Re: Air Pacific - Pathetic

This certainly isn't a one-off complaint about Air Pacific. See this link to a thread discussing these problems on the Fiji forum.


Sydney, Australia
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6. Re: Air Pacific - Pathetic

So you got what you wanted in being accommodated yet they are pathetic?

Agree with the other posters in that's quite harsh - airlines do cancel flights, and although you should have been informed, slip ups can occur!

Houston, Texas
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7. Re: Air Pacific - Pathetic

And just because hotel check-in time is 3PM, that *doesn't* mean that you won't be able to check in to your own hotel early.

East Sussex, United...
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8. Re: Air Pacific - Pathetic

Well given what they did to alleviate the situation I think your topic title is very harsh indeed.

Gold Coast
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9. Re: Air Pacific - Pathetic

Update on our experience with Air Pacific.

Flights on time -excellent.

Service to Nadi - excellent.

Service to Brisbane -what service!!

Food - you wouldn't feed to your dog.

Our free accomm when we arrived - no-one knew anything about it. Took 2 hours to sort out upon arrival. Not the best experience with young tired children.

All in all this airline is average for a full service airline.

Lyons, Colorado
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10. Re: Air Pacific - Pathetic

Worst airline I have flown in 35 years of travel. They twice changed flight times, with no notification, by as much as 9 hrs., causing missed connections with other airlines. I had to pay steep change fees with these other airlines, as well as missing prepaid reservations at 2 resorts. At one point I was stranded late at night with no hotel. The Air Pacific staff would do nothing to help me, and could care less. I received no compensation from them what so ever. They "meals" were inedible snacks that my pet pig would not eat. This is an extremely unreliable airline with rude, surely staff, no service, and inedible food.