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eDreams trustworthiness

Lisbon, Lisboa...
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eDreams trustworthiness

[I apologize for the long post, but this is on a serious note]

Hi, I'm thinking of booking a flight for two people from Lisbon to London. I've searched around nearly every booking site, and the price for a round trip is cheaper by far if booked through eDreams. (http://www.edreams.com)

To get an idea, the flights I want to book are €78 per person per flight if bought directly from britishairways.com. That amounts to €306. If I try to buy it on eDreams, I'll find that:

1. Prices differ based on the language of the site you're using (I'm not talking about exchange rates: the prices on the Portuguese, French, Spanish and international versions are all in euros but they are all different). I found that the French site offered the best prices in this case.

2. For some reason (and this is what I find most fishy), eDreams has a discount in flight prices. Why would they be able to sell fights at a lower price than the actually flight company? The weirdest thing is that this discount is offered at a fixed rate for each person per booking. What this means is that if I book the two flights separately instead of booking the whole round trip in one go, I get double the discount (which apparently is €12 per person per booking). In other words, I save €24 just because I booked two flights separately.

So instead of paying the €306 on britishairways.com or even the €266 by booking a round trip on edreams.fr, I pay €105.44+€136.62=€242.06. Here's an image to show you what I mean: http://i.imgur.com/9OsF4.png

Needless to say, I'm all for saving over €60 (20%) on my flight. The problem is that this sort of borders that 'too good to be true' line. A Google search for [edreams scam] returns a lot of unsatisfied customers, mainly complaining about poor customer service. On the other hand, searching for [expedia scam] gives over a million results, which obviously doesn't mean that Expedia isn't legitimate.

Even if we compare the number of results for [edreams scam]÷[edreams] with [expedia scam]÷[expedia], we get about 169000/129000000≈0.13% of results for edreams and 1030000/171000000≈0.60% of results claiming that Expedia is a scam. Based on that alone, I would say that Expedia is 5 times more likely to be a scam than eDreams, even though Expedia is definitely trustworthy and neither of the numbers seem to indicate that either is actually a scam.

Of course, there are a lot more people complaining about having been cheated on eDreams than there are praising it, but that really has a lot to do with people being much more vocal about complaints than praise.

Should I try to save €60 and book with them anyway, or I should play it safe and book on britishairways.com and pay the extra? Has anyone here actually had a satisfactory experience on eDreams? Thanks

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Edinburgh, United...
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1. Re: eDreams trustworthiness

You can't just go by the number of people screaming "scam" you have to look at the nature of the complaints. From what I've seen about eDreams I'd definitely recommend that you stay away from them. The kind of complaints you see about eDreams I have never seen about Expedia.

Seattle, Washington
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2. Re: eDreams trustworthiness

OP - you're joking, right?

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3. Re: eDreams trustworthiness

Just search in here for eDreams. Then if you have any sense you'll buy from BA.

Lisbon, Lisboa...
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4. Re: eDreams trustworthiness

@gracie_boo No, I'm quite serious.

I did search here. Most posts I found were people complaining about bad refunds on canceled flights. There are also some good reviews too, like this one: tripadvisor.com/…25010757.

Surely though, it can't just be a fake site trying to steal people's money, right? Some people _have_ actually had some good experience with them—at least that's what some posts seem to suggest.

The reason I'm not discarding this site as an outright scam is because it seams to have some credibility on some legitimate sites. For example, it's got a 91/100 score for trustworthiness on WOT (www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/www.edreams.com). That's a very good score and it's about the same as http://www.tripadvisor.com/ (mywot.com/en/scorecard/www.tripadvisor.com).

I'd like to save €60 if I can. On the other hand, I don't want to risk losing €240...

Vancouver, Canada
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for London
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5. Re: eDreams trustworthiness

Call BA. Ask what the lowest fare from LIS to LON is if you book directly at the BA website. Ask if the reduced fares eDreams are offering are actually available to book on the dates you wish to travel.

Then make a dummy booking with eDreams to see if that saving of 60€ will diminish if there is a service fee payable for booking at the eDreams website.

Then book at BA's website. You can find another way to save 60€, but the risk of losing 240€ is another matter entirely.

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6. Re: eDreams trustworthiness

Did you find this recent post ( see post 5 especially) perhaps the apparent low price isn't? tripadvisor.co.uk/…33880527

They are a genuine travel site, but I've read so many issues in here ( and that's discounting the morons who want a refund on a non-refundable ticket etc) that I would never deal with them. There is a poster here, Chrella (post 5 above) who has reported using them with no issues himself.

Your decision, but take care regards the charges they add at the very end. I presume you are aware that sometimes they ask for high quality colour scans of your passports and front and back of your credit card? That alone would put me off and that's how I ended up investigating them here when a relative of mine tried to use them.

Let us know how you get on

Edinburgh, United...
posts: 9,188
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7. Re: eDreams trustworthiness

Of course there are people that have had good experiences with them. You probably even have the odds on your side as far as having no problems. So if that's enough for you, by all means, go ahead and book.

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8. Re: eDreams trustworthiness

moshtour.me.uk/2010/… worth a read before you press the "buy now" button Martim

Lisbon, Lisboa...
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9. Re: eDreams trustworthiness

@TravellerPlus That's a good idea, I think I'll probably call them, then.

@joeintheuk I guess you're right. The frustration of being possibly stranded at the airport with little to no hope of getting my money back isn't worth the €60 I could save. It's a shame, though. It looks like a pretty well-meaning company, but I don't think I want to support one that has such disregard for their customers.

10. Re: eDreams trustworthiness

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