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Please let me know of any recent experiences to South America with Vayama

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1. Re: Vayama

Do a search in the box above, you'll find plenty of threads about Vayama.

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2. Re: Vayama

Don't believe all the negative press about Vayama - mostly from inexperienced travelers who refuse to read their contracts. I've used Vayama for long haul travel without a glitch.

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3. Re: Vayama

Hmm... avoid where possible... the horror stories are abundant on this forum.

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4. Re: Vayama

"avoid where possible... the horror stories are abundant on this forum."

Yes they are. However if you read the entire threads, most are , as noted by daawgon, issues caused by the posters themselves. Either by not reading or not following the T&C's. Those that turn out to be actual problems are soon resolved by a Vayama CS manager that frequents this forum.

That having been said, it is still always best to book directly with the supplier if possible.

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5. Re: Vayama

+1 on what vegas-guide said.

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6. Re: Vayama

+1 on what vegas-guide said.


+2 on what vegas-guide said and IMO if you are inexperienced enough that you need to ask, you shouldn't be using a third party booking agent.

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7. Re: Vayama

I agree with the last 3 responses about Vayama. But my problem is that Vayama doesn't fly to South America, airlines do. Vayama is a travel agency or website, not an airline. So, your question is not worded very well.

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8. Re: Vayama

Im not an inexperienced traveller and I did read my contract. However Vayama's inability and unwillingness to deal with a problem appropriately has caused me much stress and money. I have taken advice and I know that they are in the wrong. Getting them to act upon the issues has been impossible.

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9. Re: Vayama

they are the worst ever...they did a schedule change without notifying me...half of their customer service staff don't understand english well and are not trained well enough to solve issues....when mistakes happen they blame it on the airlines and do not take responsibility...I have dealt with other travel agencies...they are by far the worst...

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10. Re: Vayama

inexperienced travellers who refuse to read contracts??...I do not think so...really terrible customer service staff who cannot deal with issues and do not understand / speak english...I had a flight schedule change from the airlines...I called Vayama CS...they said they cannot help me bec the change came from airlines...I call the airlines and they say they cannot help me because I bought the tickets through Vayama...it took hours and hours on the phone to resolve...and then guess what?? they changed it again..this time without telling me....when I complained to their customer services about not being informed they said....well it is not our fault that the air lines changed flight schedule...and they had not idea!!...are they kidding??? this is a nightmare kind of travel agency...holly cow!!!!