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Thai airways complaints info

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Thai airways complaints info


Does anyone know the contact details for Thai Airways Complaints department? Believe it or not, they have nothing listed on their website. I find this pretty poor for an international flyer.

I read elsewhere it is worth complaining to the Star Alliance Group as they are a member.

If you are interested I am writing to complain of Salmonella poisoning from the meal on the last leg of my flight home. I ended up in hospital and off work for over a week. Worst sickness I have ever experienced in my life.

Thanks in advance!

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1. Re: Thai airways complaints info

There's a bunch of contact details here.


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2. Re: Thai airways complaints info

My goodness, that's terrible but you will probably have to prove that you didn't get it at the airport before boarding the last flight or that you didn't get it before your flight from thailand and if others on the flight were'nt affected then it's going to be diffiìcult to build up a case.

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3. Re: Thai airways complaints info

There is a "Contact Us" link at the bottom of every page. Just call the nearest ticketing office to your home and ask them for the contact details for the appropriate department for your issue.

Sorry to hear about your illness, but as Chrella mentioned, it could be difficult to prove your case, as Salmonella can take from a couple of hours to 24 hours to manifest, so could have come from somewhere else as well. It is good to inform Thai about the possibility their food or water was contaminated, but don't expect much compensation unless others on the flight were also effected.

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4. Re: Thai airways complaints info

Airlines always seem to escape based on the onset period being substantially longer than the flight. It typically is not the last thing that you ate that made you ill. What companies will look for is a cluster of sickness so it is always good to let them know... not that they would readily admit that others were also ill.

The was a study done by a young lady in the UK on airline food safety in the late 80's to early 90's. The findings were that airline food was indeed the cause of many illnesses. Unfortunately I don't remember her name any more, but I do remember the nice time in Morrocco. ;-)

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5. Re: Thai airways complaints info

"if others on the flight were'nt affected then it's going to be diffiìcult to build up a case."

Not every complaint is about builiding a case against the airline. If there's a reasonable suspicion that the disease was contracted on the plane, it's in the airline's interest as well to be told about it.

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6. Re: Thai airways complaints info

That is pretty much all I want to do - make the airline aware that this happened on their flight, not looking for compensation even though plenty of people have told me to ask for it! I do realize also it is difficult to prove without a sample of the food but based on the information that the girl I was traveling with ate everything the same in the prior 24 hours except the first meal on the flight we ate differently and I felt approx 3-4 hours later, it seemed a bit suspicious. Also the night I went to hospital the doctor mentioned she had seen 5 cases like mine that day. I looked at my local government reports online and they don't even get that many salmonella cases a week so I am guessing it could've all happened from that one flight!

Thanks for the contact details, I saw those details but thought they may have had a dedicated department. Thai's service was great by the way but the food experience was a bit average. I hope no one ever has to experience what I did!

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7. Re: Thai airways complaints info


"Thanks for the contact details, I saw those details but thought they may have had a dedicated department."

That's pretty much the only "door" to their customer relations department-- known internally as CQ..

TG is very centralized so that most all issues need to be first routed to their main office customer service channel where they are read and classified as to their nature.

From there it will then it will then for forward to the department responsible for the issue for comment, investigation or whatever they deem appropriate.

If there is a reply, it will come from the general customer relations group and not from any one sub-division like catering..

Do be aware that TG is not widely know to be the most timely nor comprehensive airline in terms of addressing/getting back to you- the passenger- on a letter of complaint or the like... but they do forward them to the sub-departments for their review and action-- that I do know.

Travel Safe,

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8. Re: Thai airways complaints info

Interested to know you believe you contracted salmonella on a Thai Airways flight.

We've had 3 Thai flights Bangkok/Brisbane in the last 6 months. Each time we have arrived home with food poisoning. This can't be co-incidence. The most recent occasion only my husband ate the stir fried chicken Phuket/Bangkok and he got sick. I'd already learnt my lesson and didn't eat for the entire trip Phuket/Bangkok/Brisbane, I stayed well, which was just as well as I had to support my husband who was violently ill.

We can't be the only ones surely.

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9. Re: Thai airways complaints info

I travel Thai a lot,always eat and have never been sick.If everybody was getting sick on every flight I suspect it would be all over the tv news.I dont doubt you had a poor experience,but I think you are in a minority.

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10. Re: Thai airways complaints info

Thanks for your comment, do you travel business or economy? We travel business that is why we are so surprised it has happened, previously we mostly travelled economy and did not have a problem.