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Priority Pass

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Priority Pass


I have a couple of questions regarding priority pass. I'm thinking of spending approx UK£170 for a year's subscription, I notice a number of people have got a card free or at a discount, can anyone advise if I can buy the card at a discounted rate?

Is the card value for money, I travel regularly and often find lounges close once some main carriers flights have left, this hapend last week whilst I was at Malpensa airport in Milan.

Terry L

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1. Re: Priority Pass

I had it for a couple years as it came free with an American Express card. "Worth it" is up to the individual. I only got to use it a few times. I thought it would be good as my travel dropped off significantly at the time which did not make paying for my Northwest Worldclub membership a good value. NW then dropped out of Priority Pass, further diminishing its value to me, but since it was free no big deal.

You need to look at the airports you will be traveling through on a regular basis and see if they accept PP. Be sure to pay attention to the lounge locations too. If the only lounge is a 30 minute walk across an airport from where your airline operates it may not be worth it.

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2. Re: Priority Pass

It all depends on your airlines and travel patterns, plus how you value the benefits of the lounges.

Take a look at the Priority Pass website and see which terminals the lounges are in and whether you'll actually get to use them much. Then figure out how much per visit you're paying and whether you think you're getting value for money.

I've had my Priority Pass for quite a few years, like tev9999, got it as one of the benefits of an American Express chargecard I have. Used it zero times since I have top tier frequent flyer status with the airlines I travel with most, plus am in business or first for the vast majority of my flights so between those I'm covered 99% of the time. For me though it's free so nice to have as a back up.

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3. Re: Priority Pass

One other thing that I didn't like about it was that you got X number of visits, then had to pay. At my home airport I rarely waited around for a morning flight because I timed leaving home perfectly, but might want do duck into the lounge for a quick cup of coffee. With an airline membership that worked because I got unlimited visits. With PP I had to maximize the value, so a $2 cup of coffee was not worth burning a "visit".

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4. Re: Priority Pass

One other thing that I didn't like about it was that you got X number of visits, then had to pay.


There are various levels of membership. The cheapest version gets you no free visits, you pay each time you enter, then the limited number of free visits (like you mention) and the highest level has unlimited access.

For a regular traveler the unlimited version is the only one worth getting, unless you can expense lounge visits.

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5. Re: Priority Pass

I have Priority Pass as well and like Speedbird said, your access (free? paid? can you bring a guest for free or for a fee?) depends on the level of membership you have. Availability of lounges and the quality of lounges also vary greatly depending on the airports.

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6. Re: Priority Pass

I find it very useful - mine comes with American Express - and I use it a few times per month as unfortunately I'm not usually on a business class ticket.

However, as others say above, you need to check your likely travel patterns to ensure there are lounges at the airports you will use.

There are some major gaps - for example nothing at HeathrowT5 or LondonCity.

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7. Re: Priority Pass

I've got one with my Co-op premium bank account. This costs around £13 a month and includes free travel insurance and lots of other useful freebies and benefits. This gives us 4 free passes a year and then each visit costs £15.

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8. Re: Priority Pass

We received our Priority Pass with a World Elite MasterCard. Obviously it was a great value. My first use of the card came this month at JFK and Heathrow. The lounges were not quite as nice as the Delta Crown Rooms, but the Delta Crown Rooms do not provide the food selections offered just a few years ago. In the context of today the Priority Pass seems a good value, the rooms provide relief from crowded terminals, free wifi and a nice selection of snacks and drinks.

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9. Re: Priority Pass

Some great information already posted, but here are some more travel boards that I scan regularly, and their thoughts.




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10. Re: Priority Pass

I get mine (and Mrs SS's) "free" with my NatWest Black Mastercard and I find it a great benefit as I use it 8-10 times a year on LCC in Europe. (Outside of Europe I am in Bus/1st so I use airline lounges).

Whether I would pay £170pa for it is another matter as you can buy lounge access for £15-17 per visit.

Note guests are charged £15.