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Flight Centre - Australia

Sydney, Australia
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Flight Centre - Australia

I had been searching for a couple of weeks online for prices for our open jaw tickets - Syd / Rome then Paris / Sydney, for June, 2011, I wanted to go Singapore Air.

Everytime I searched Singapore Air's website a price of $2,130 would come up, but when I then put in 6 passengers, the price when up to over $2,400 each. Even putting in 2 passengers took the price to over $2,300 each.

Well, I found a price of $2,160 each on Bestflights for 6 passengers, but hesitated to book as I had seen uncomplimentary comments about their customer service.

I decided to try my local Flight Centre (we booked our O/S trip with them 2 yrs ago) Well, she matched the Bestflights price & gave us each a $20 voucher for domestic travel. Plus she waived the credit card booking fee of 2%.

So I'm really pleased & would recommend to anyone who is a little nervous about booking online, to try Flight Centre & just see if they can match your online prices.

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South Pole
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1. Re: Flight Centre - Australia

yes that is all they do. match the competition, never competitive initially.

lazy way of doing business.

they will never get my dollars.

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2. Re: Flight Centre - Australia

I have used Flight Centre once, 3 years ago for my RTW and every year since then they send me a $50 voucher on my birthday, also they kept me up to date with any flight changes, I found them to be great, if they are lazy and match other peoples prices, great, doesn't bother me, I wish I could do business like that, get someone else to do the hard work.

Sydney, Australia
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3. Re: Flight Centre - Australia

We're planning on using Flight Centre (or another travel agent - there's one in our local shopping centre that's been very helpful and will match prices too - I just can't recall their name at present) because we're flying business class next time and my sister and I each want to use our respective credit cards so that we get the gratis travel insurance available with the cards. If we book online with say Best Flights, we can only use one credit card. I suppose we could ring Best Flights, but the last time I used them I booked a flight for my husband to the States, used my credit card and then had to fill forms in and fax them a copy of my credit card. Too much hassle :-) I'll let the travel agent do the work next time :-)

Brisbane, Australia
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4. Re: Flight Centre - Australia

Meh, I'm still peeved at Flight Centre for not telling me my long haul flight included a free layover stay at a hotel. Instead, she booked me into another hotel for the layover which I had to pay for on top of the flight cost.

West Aussie
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5. Re: Flight Centre - Australia

Marmalade T, just interested to know why you wouldn't just book them individually direct with the airline?

My experience with Flight Centre is not impressive, but if I had known then what I know now, I would deal direct with the companies I need to travel with.

Edinburgh, United...
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6. Re: Flight Centre - Australia

Booking the flights individually isn't likely to change the price.

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7. Re: Flight Centre - Australia

I would never ever use Flight Centre again. A once off effort to redeem a gift from my children turned into a major bun fight - even though I had found my flights and hotels and taken the printouts up to them. Yep, all they had to do was book it for me and it stlll wasn't happening. Also read the print, if you decline Flight Centres travel insurance - Cover More, any claim made against their bookings incur a $50 surcharge.

Maybe I have been spoiled with the ease of internet bookings?

Sydney, Australia
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8. Re: Flight Centre - Australia

paintedskies, we can't book 2 seats online as one booking and pay with 2 credit cards - we each need to put our flights on our individual credit cards in order to qualify for the travel insurance. If it was my husband and me travelling together (or a dependant child and me, for example), I could use my gold credit card and we'd both get the insurance, but as it's my sister and me travelling, we have to pay individually)

Edited: 5:24 pm, April 08, 2011
Sunshine Coast...
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9. Re: Flight Centre - Australia

Marmalade you could book directly with the airline and use your individual credit cards but have the airline link the two bookings so that they essentially become one booking.

I have done this many times when we needed to use a work card for one booking and a personal card for the other. I've also done that when only one of us is using FF points and the other is paying.

Our bookings have always been linked successfully and we have always been able to check in together, sit together and once when our flight was cancelled the airline knew that we had originally booked separately and had subsequently linked the bookings as they checked with us to make sure there were only 2 of us when they rebooked the flights.

Sydney, Australia
posts: 3,803
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10. Re: Flight Centre - Australia

thanks HarleyB :-) in the past (before I got my new credit card that has the travel insurance "bonus") we've booked using my sister's card and then I've just paid her for my ticket and so I didn't realise we could do as you've suggested. It's certainly worth doing it that way, especially if we can choose our seats at the time of booking.

The only possible fly in the ointment is we're thinking of using Asiana next time (especially if they've finished their seating upgrade in business class for the Sydney - London flights by September 2012) and their website is pretty awful, to put it mildly. For the life of me I can't work out how to do a dummy booking from Sydney to London (return) - it'll do Sydney to Seoul or Seoul to London, but only as separate tickets. Is there some magic method to get around this? That's another reason we were thinking of using a travel agent, just for the ease of it, if we do end up opting for Asiana (they're much cheaper than SQ, Etihad etc and most reviews look positive, esp in business class) ;-)

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