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I am looking at booking some flights within Italy for October, and when I searched Kayak, the fares on Alitalia came up as about half the cost if booked through Wegolo.com. Is this legit? You know that saying, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is? Anybody had experience booking through this website?

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1. Re: wegolo

The airline could have sold blocks of seats to the agent ,Wegolo , at reduced prices in the understanding that they are not refundable and now the flights are full and expensive !

Never used wegolo and cannot comment further .


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2. Re: wegolo

Are you sure the headline Wegolo price includes all taxes and fees?

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3. Re: wegolo

#1 & #2 both came to mind for me. Another thought I had is that often airfare websites like this will offer a *great* fare, but when you actually try to book it, you find it isn't really available after all. Could you actually get to the booking part on Wegolo.com, with all taxes & fees included?

BTW, for some flights to Europe, taxes & fees can cost as much or more than the "airfare" itself. I paid more in taxes & fees than the airfare on a trip to Spain two years ago on Iberia (still had a great fare).

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4. Re: wegolo

Do not book with Wegolo.com, it is a scam.

I tried to book a flight, entered all my information including payment and got a PENDING message and technical error. Said that I must contact their technical support - only through email, no phone number available. I submitted my message and still waiting to get confirmation on my flight.

I am waiting to book with another vendor because after this terrible experience, I found a review of Wegolo.com. Person got the same error message I got, but booked with another vendor. 2 days later, person got an email from Wegolo.com saying flight was confirmed. At this point, credit card double charged and no idea if Wegolo.com gave a refund.

So be warned - this is a scam. You give Wegolo.com your payment, you get a pending/technical error message and your flight will not be confirmed until days later. Should you book flight with another vendor, you get double charged.

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5. Re: wegolo

Aw man, I wish I should've read your message 4 days ago! We booked tickets through wegolo only to find the same error message!

My wife was asking me to book with another vendor. I know now to hold off for awhile.

What's the deal with this site?

How long will does it typicall take for wegolo to respond to emails?

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6. Re: wegolo

I wish I had read this last week too. I booked with three friends - of course mine has now gone through with ALL the wrong information given to the airlines (nothing matches) and my other two friends had a pending message but then somehow got their money back! Looks like I will be flying solo!

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7. Re: wegolo

Wegolo ended up giving us a refund. We wrote an email to Kayak asking them not to "recommend" wegolo. It shocks me how wegolo is still in business!

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8. Re: wegolo

Probably because a lot of people are blinded by price and don't do any research before booking.

In the cases described here, it sounds more like technical problems or incompetence on the part of Wegolo rather than an outright scam. And I don't understand why anyone would proceed to book elsewhere after getting a pending message before making sure their creditcard hadn't been charged.

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9. Re: wegolo

Hi amjam9

Can you please explain how you went about getting your refund? I'm not having any luck getting a response from Wegolo and need my flight sorted asap... refunded!!


Edited: 11:31 am, January 27, 2011
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10. Re: wegolo

OMG! I just typed in wegolo into Google to see if anyone else had the same issues I am currently having with them, only to find this forum with multiple descriptions of the exact same headache I am currently having. Should have come to TripAdvisor first.

They are absolutely terrible. They take a minimum of two days to answer every email I write, there is no phone number to call them on, and they change their responses every time they get back to me, (first it was the airlines fault, and then it was Kayaks, etc. It is 100% WEGOLO's fault.)

Do not book with them. They declined my credit card, so I booked the flight via another carrier, only to get a confirmation message from them three days later. I now have 6 tickets on board the same flight, when I only needed two. Boycott that website, it is absolutely terrible.

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