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eDreams Complaint.

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eDreams Complaint.

Just this evening, I purchased 3 tickets for a trip away to Riga from LHR via the edreams uk site - what a big mistake I feel 've made! I only started to worry after the email i recieved. The email stated that although the reservation is confirmed, a problem has been encountered in actually processing payment. I immediately contacted my cc who confirmed 35 GBP had gone through but not the full amount including the airline tickets. This I believe is the booking fee (which you only find out about once you get the final confirmation page). So, what problem did they encounter with payment?? they've taken a 'booking fee' but not booked anything! I doubt anything is confirmed / resevred. I began reading through the FAQ on the website and other forums including this one with all the bad experiences people have had and although, no one here has mentioned (or seen a post) not being able to actually fly after via edreams after full payment, I have seen numerous on other sites. I did try contacting the company on the UK contact number, but offices where now closed. I will let you know how I get on tomorrow.

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1. Re: eDreams Complaint.

eDreams is a NIGHTMARE. They attract you with cheap prices and add EXTRA taxes WITHOUT any clear information RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!

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2. Re: eDreams Complaint.

I have booked with them just this week and found it anything but straightforward.

I got the same message you appear to have done. "We've booked your flight but need you to fax us your passport and credit card before we can process payment".

So I faxed the requested documents and waited for email confirmation that was not forthcoming. I phoned them 7 hours later. "No we haven't received your fax."

To be fair the issue was resolved within a short time of my sending the information again as an email attachment. Nonetheless I was left feeling I'd booked with an organisation that is less than efficient.

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3. Re: eDreams Complaint.

<<I got the same message you appear to have done. "We've booked your flight but need you to fax us your passport and credit card before we can process payment".>>

This seems to be how they do business, when this happened to a relative of mine (first time I ever heard of eDreams) I advised them to get out.

I cant recall if they got their deposit back (I think so in the end) but in any case it seemed like a crazy way to do business and just prone later on to too many security issues.

Where for instance would you stand if it turned out later there was ID fraud and that you had voluntarily given out not just your credit card details, but scans of front and back including your signature and CCV, PLUS your passport???

Why anyone transacts with this company is beyond me. Irrespective of their prices or customer service, its the potential fraud & liability issues.

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4. Re: eDreams Complaint.

I would get away from them as fast as possible. And I have NEVER, EVER heard of having to fax passport in order to secure airline tickets. Another thing I just would not do.

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5. Re: eDreams Complaint.

Out of curiosity I tried on the hotel section to see what offers they had. 2 of us are going to palma nova next week and the Mirlos came up as £136.14 for both if us fab price but it gives no details of what board etc and before you get a final price you have to put in all your details inc passport number. Very strange, would rather pay that bit extra I think.


Knysna, South Africa
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6. Re: eDreams Complaint.

hi i've just booked with edreams, and i got a booking confirmation number, but my 'apparently' there was a problem with my credit card transaction, and now they request i bank transfer the money, ASAP (as the seats may be lost)...

i am uncomfortable with bank transfer and dont have the cash available for that and wished to pay credit card for the insurance. therfore will not be doing a bank transfer. can edreams take a cancellation fee from me, if i dont transfer the money....its seeeeems way dodgy to me. i followed it throught from kayak. and it looked legit.

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7. Re: eDreams Complaint.

Logically, if they cannot receive payment via the card, they cannot receive a cancellation fee by the card either.

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8. Re: eDreams Complaint.

there seem to be manys SCAMs with this site - I cannot remember how I came across it but it was during a search for cheapflights Athens - Mykonos return.

I purchased 2 return tickets on 18.04.10 (£152.20ea) and received a confirmation email.

9 mins later, I received an email stating my bank card had refused the payment and I should contact them with alternative bank details or check current card and re-enter the details.

I called my bank (Barclays) who confirmed the money had indeed left my account. I emailed the eDreams customer uk.weekend recommended email address stating the money had left my account. Brief response received telling me I needed to verify my account details. As it was a Sunday, I could not contact anybody by phone and needed to wait until Monday.

All Monday, I tried to ring them on the UK number (08712882892) with no response - a english speaking voice tells you to wait - then there is nothing - then a recorded voice saying something in German. I have also tried to call the 0080055885500 number linked to the site - again with no success.

I have emailed their customer feedback via gb.serviceclient@edreams.com - and it was returned 'undeliverable'.

This was their email response:


Thank you for booking with eDreams.

We regret to inform you that we were not able to issue your tickets because the payment on your bank card was denied.? Please contact us as soon as possible at 00800 55 88 55 00 to provide us again with your information or that of another bank card (card type, holder, card number, expiration date, security code).

Please note that flight prices are very restrictive.? So, in the event that we cannot issue the ticket, the booking will be cancelled automatically by the airline.

I then was able to talk to customer services who said they did not receive any payment of £152.20 x 2 but did receive the £23 booking fee, which they refunded.

I have now lodged a Debit Dispute with my bank.

Please be wary booking through them - if it is too good to be true, then it probably is a scam.

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9. Re: eDreams Complaint.

I just tried to book a flight through edreams, they added a 6.72 debit card booking fee and then demanded I pay by bank transfer. In their own terms/conditions they then say that there must be at least 6 days between booking and departure for them to accept a bank transfer - in my case there are only 4 days!

After a string of emails they knocked only around half my card fee off the total and then still demanded I pay by way of bank transfer when their own rules clearly state I do not have time to. They also advertise themselves as being the only internet booking site where you can book a flight up to 3 hours before departure!

I have asked them to accept my fully functioning debit card as way of payment or cancel my booking and return any fees... I will let you know the result...

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10. Re: eDreams Complaint.

I just tried to book a flight with edreams...

After charging me a debit card booking fee they then told me by email that I would have to pay bank transfer for ´security´reasons.

After a string of emails they knocked around half the debit card booking fee off the total but still demanded I pay by bank transfer. This is inspite of the fact that their own terms and conditions state that there must be at least 6 days between booking and departure for them to accept payment by bank transfer, in my case there are only 4!

After reading this forum I have instructed them to accept payment by way of my fully functioning debit card or cancel the booking.

If they don´t sort me out fair and square I´m going to be stranded in London with nothing to do but vent my anger at anyone who´ll listen!

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