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airline reviews

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airline reviews

are these really worth reading? i was trying to compare between continental and united and im finding mostly bad reviews for both. as this will be my first flights im nervous enough but after some things ive read its downright scary lol. so which airline would you recommend for international flight? anyone have info on how the one time ecconomy plus on united works? thanks

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1. Re: airline reviews

Ignore the rants of "never fly xxxx". Every airline has issues from time to time, and any one person's view is insignificant in the overall world of airline travel.

There is no way to recommend a carrier for an international flight if we don't know where you are going. Everyone will get you there safely, most likely in a timely manner.

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2. Re: airline reviews

If you are flying a major carrier, probably not worth reading.

The truth is that most folks only post if they have a bad expereince and some of them still want to be in the 1960s when flying was a luxurious expereince. That era is gone.

And any, and all, of them will have a bad day. Some of which is unavoidable. The airlines do NOT control the weather. Do you REALLY want to take off with engine trouble??? No, then why have a hissy fit, the airline did NOT break the bird on purpose and so on.....

Not to mention, that I can't tell how many times I have read "I AM NEVER FLYING X AGAIN" only to see several months or a year later. "Found a great deal on X and here I go" LOL!

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3. Re: airline reviews

I have never been nervous getting on a plane. I know that it will get me where I want to go, although sometimes it is scary in flight. But I know that the plane that I am on has never crashed.

That said, I would choose the flight according to schedule, cost, and seat desirability according to seatguru. Every airline has its good and bad days.

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4. Re: airline reviews

I tend to look at them and if there pages of really bad ones against an airline with more mixed ones I will take note.

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5. Re: airline reviews

Is this for your trip to Ireland? Please note that UA does not fly to Dublin. You will be on a codeshare and the plane on which you will be flying is actually a Continental or Aer Lingus plane. When booking, look at the flights; it will say "Operated by....." and then you will know what carrier you actually are on.

It won't be UA, so you don't have an E+ option. If you choose Continental, be advised the coach seats are extremely cramped; check in exactly at the 24 hour mark before your flight and try and get an exit row seat.

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6. Re: airline reviews

As indicated above, reading individual reviews are probably not all that helpful--small sample issues being but only one of the problems.

For a longer transatlantic flight, rankings may prove a little more useful. To this extent see rankings from 1700 trips for business class service at www.concierge.com/cntraveler/articles/501691

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7. Re: airline reviews

If they're anything like the 'never fly XXX' reviews we get on here most of the ranting is the result of one of the following:

-The reason for the rant wasn't even the airline's fault (bad weather etc.)

-Misunderstanding in how the airline industry works

-Passenger tried to break the rules and weren't allowed to.

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8. Re: airline reviews

Short flights? no difference in comfort and service. Both UA and CO are in the same alliance so there is no points difference. I fly CO mostly as Iive in their hub. I like UA because they often let you listen in on ait traffic control.

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9. Re: airline reviews

I demand good service, and often go far out of my way to get it. When flying international, I follow these guidelines:

1 - I don't even consider US carriers because both Euro and Asian carriers are so very much better

2 - I like the newest, most comfortable equipment

3 - I read airlinequality.com reviews for an airline and they tell me how the general public views that airline's quality (no, I don't believe them all, but you can get a general idea - count the stars!)

4 - I consider several alternate gateways for price and convenience

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10. Re: airline reviews

When I choose a hotel, I read reviews on TA. If over 60% of the people wrote good one, then I book that hotel.

For airline, I don't read reviews. I ignore them. Because everyone has different opinion, different feeling and different experience.

I found that many people don't like Spirit Airlines because of delays, bad service or lost baggage etc. As you know, Spirit is a ultra low fare airline. But when I took Spirit from LGA to FLL, I had no problem, no delays and flight attendants were very nice and helpful.

Enjoy your flight!