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never again Lufthansa

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never again Lufthansa

Never again Lufthansa.It was my first and last time with Lufthansa.I am really disappointed and angry.We all allow a margin of human error at work but we do not have to suffer due to incompetence.A Lufthansa ticketing officer gave my secretary a receipt instead of a 50 kg voucher ticket which was rejected at the airport by Lufthans's director and there was no person on earth capable of convincing her that it was lufthansa's responsibility.

Now I have to try to refund the voucher( 1000 euro)and it turned out to be there fault!

The rudness of a security officer at Frankfurt airport who isisted that I take off my jacket even though her colleague ( a man) did not like it ,is unexplained.I had a sleevless blouse under the jacket and I didn't feel comfortable about it.

First class sevice is equal to the economy class of other reputable airlines. At least in economy class they offer you "Tea and Sympathy".Business class seats from Frankfurt to another EU country are regular seat.I was Hungry and angry . luckily I didn't have to pay for my ticket even though I feel as if my company threw the money in the bin with Lufthansa.

I fogot to tell you that they give you a tiny small PJ that won't fit the majority of ladies for the night. I have never heard of anyone willing to wear a pj in public.

Regards and safe journey.

South Pole
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1. Re: never again Lufthansa

added to my list of "never fly with airline x"

so u had the wrong paperwork.

this is a almost a "crime" under the german system....just not LH. :-)

best of luck getting a refund.

btw, airport security has nothing to do with lufthansa.

did they force u to wear the pj's or did u have a choice?

i wish i could get a freebie in first class of any airline.

Nannup, Australia
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2. Re: never again Lufthansa

Another OPW......

Stuttgart, Germany
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3. Re: never again Lufthansa

Did you have a broken arm too?

It is many years since I have been through security where they didn't insist on scanning jackets. Most people are happy to join the pajama party in first,if that is indeed where you were

Iowa City
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4. Re: never again Lufthansa

I cannot comment on the wrong paper work, but taking off jacket was routine at FRA airport security-I just came through FRA on LH, I don't know why that is such a big deal, it is the procedure at every airport I know of.By the way, I love Lufthansa.

New York City, New...
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5. Re: never again Lufthansa

Business class seats from Frankfurt to another EU country are regular seat.


As is it with every other European airline unless in very rare exceptions.

Others have already noted security are not under the control or influence of Lufthansa.

Pyjamas are a pretty standard amenity for international first class on most decent airlines. In premium cabins on overnight international flights I'm rarely the only passenger wearing pyjamas. The one thing that confuses me is why Lufthansa don't give out pyjama bottoms.

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6. Re: never again Lufthansa

Speedbird you wear the ones on Lufthansa without the bottoms? When are you next flying them? This I have to see!

Bronia :)

Travelling The World
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7. Re: never again Lufthansa

It's all to make it easier to join the mile-high club!

Amsterdam, The...
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8. Re: never again Lufthansa

Hey welcome to the forum although we will probably never hear from you ever again.

Free first class travel and all you can do is moan.

Vancouver, Canada
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9. Re: never again Lufthansa

I annoy CO by wearing my QF pj's on long flights... it occasionally gets me bad service, but they are very comfortable.

Back on topic... I have my guys stay away from LH if at all possible. Besides the fact that FRA is horrible, we've had them stranded in Houston, Germany, and worst of all, Nigeria. While things happen, true service is seen when something unexpected happens or goes wrong. Details are irrelevant here but suffice it to say, they have consistently failed to provide the level of service for BC clients that is second nature for other airlines. Communication and attention to detail are the low points. Ergo, I'm not surprised that their pj's are only "tops".

"Lufthansa... Our PJ's are tops!"

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10. Re: never again Lufthansa

We accept standard security measures as a part of our own safety,but unnecessary frisking is not the usual procedure at any airport