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AA connecting flights

Preston, United...
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AA connecting flights

Ive had my flight from Manchester To Las Vegas via Ohare booked for a few months now with a 2hr wait at OHare. However Ive just had an email from AA saying my flight times have changed and now only have 90mins at Ohare...so my question is, is this enough time to get through immigration (being british) and security and make it to a different terminal?

Waupaca, WI
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1. Re: AA connecting flights

Its close. consider carry on if you can. You will arrive at Terminal 5 for international flights, pass thru customs and then take a bus to Terminal 3. Big wildcard is if your flight is late or luggage is slow in coming to customs. At T3 you need to go back thru security checkpoint to connect with domestic flights. They have lots of flights to LAS, look at the schedule, call AA and see if they will change you to a later flight without assessing a penalty.

Hong Kong, China
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2. Re: AA connecting flights

90 minutes seem too tight. You never know with immigration, sometimes it takes an hour to get through, sometimes it takes under 30 minutes. After you clear customs, before you have to go to your connecting terminal, there should be a luggage security checkpoint where you can drop off your check-in luggage so you don't have to drag it all the way to the next terminal. It may then take another 15 minutes to get to the next terminal, and you'd have to clear security again. All in all, very tight in my opinion so I agree with the above suggestion that you should try to get AA to switch you to a later flight.

All of the above is assuming that you are on AA for both segments and you can check yourself through to Las Vegas from Manchester.

Lakenheath, United...
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3. Re: AA connecting flights

Hello Mulders21,

I have done this sector many times with United (LHR-ORD-LAS) and immergration here can be a nightmare !! The last trip in which we did this route was May 5th and Clearance took just under 1hr 40 mins and that was quick for us. Once through, you'll need the monorail accross to another terminal and then have security there (Which was not actually too bad last time for us but it was United's terminal) It's going to be very close. If you waiting in Immergration a long time there will usually be someone where you recheck your bags to let you know if you'll make your flight. If it is anything under 30 minutes then they will normally direct you to the ticket counter for rebooking onto another flight. Of course, it does happen that you could be really lucky and whizz right through, it all depends on how many international flights are arriving and from where (I find flights arriving from the far east tend to have more people who have not filled in their cards correctly so hold things up). If you get straight through, then it will be tight but doable. Have a good trip !!

Honolulu, Hawaii
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4. Re: AA connecting flights

You can do it but it will be close depending on any delays. AA has about 5 direct flights from ORD to LAS a day so if you do miss your connection they will put you on the next available flight.

I would suggest as someone else did to call AA and explain that you are not comfortable with the change and would like to be moved to another later flight. They will tell you that it is a "legal" connection but your rsponse should be you do not like it and want to be moved to a later flight. You should not have to pay for the change since it was AA that changed their schedule. It would help if you are a FF elite member in their Oneworld Alliance but still you should not have to pay.

In any event, if you are delayed and miss your flight; they will have to re-book you at no additional cost to you.

Dallas, Texas
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5. Re: AA connecting flights

When do you travel?

If you do travel this summer the last AA flight ORD - LAS is at 2:30 or 2:45pm.

The only way to change flights will be by routing through DFW.

Kind of a bad deal.

Assuming the above is correct,then make sure you get seats as close to the front as possible on the MAN - ORD flight( you can chose seats at AA.com ,you just need your passenger number on your ticket).

When you land ,walk very fast towards immigration.There will be two lines at that point.One for US passport holders and one for foreign visitors.Make sure you are at the correct line.

After retrieving your luggage and you go through customs there will be a transfer desk for you to drop off your luggage.DO NOT MISS THIS,drop your bags there.No need to have tags put on the bags as through tags should be already on them ( the flight # for the LAS flight should be on the luggage tag AA put on it in Manchester).Make sure the tags are still on the bags and are visible and not damaged.

Follow the signs for terminal transfers.

You are looking for the train ,not a bus.

AA has several concourses at Terminal 3 (H,K,G,L).

Since you arrive around 1pm it is possible to make it to your gate with plenty of time to spare since from my experience this is a relatively slow time at terminal 5 for immigration and so forth.

Regardless, go as fast as you can.Good luck.

Preston, United...
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6. Re: AA connecting flights

Thanks for the advice everyone. Some really good information there! We travel on 24th September, arriving at 1pm Chicago time. Connecting flight is now 230pm. All flights are with AA so im hoping if there is any delays they should be able to sort out rebooking us without too many problems.

Ive been watching for delays on these routes and MAN -ORD seems to be on time (even arriving early somethings) and ORD -LAS seems to be delayed quite often so theres a glimmer of hope i guess.

Ive just checked out AA's timetables online and they do seem to have a later flight to LAS however its 930pm. I guess this means im in a 'do i chance it' position.

Im also liking the suggestion on moving seats. At the moment we are in row 37 on a B767 (which is 7rows from the back), im guessing not the best place if i want a quick getaway lol

Dallas, Texas
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7. Re: AA connecting flights

I am 99.99% certain there is no other flight on AA from Chicago to LAS after 2:30 pm that does not stop either in Dallas or LAX.You might want to double check,or even call.

Seats are available on row 21 and 22 which is almost all the way up front in coach.Grab them now!

To make sure going through security at terminal 3 goes smoother I always use my short time on the train from T5 to place all metal objects,watch,jewelry, my belt ....everything, in my carry on.I put them back on when I reach the gate.

Preston, United...
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8. Re: AA connecting flights

Have just changed my seats for the flight there....row 23, so we can see the Inflight entertainment better and be closer to the exit in chicago....thanks for the heads up

London, United...
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9. Re: AA connecting flights

I take a flight on AA from Heathrow to O'Hare, it arrives around 1PM, that's a good time to get there. I've noted that the lines for Immigration are not bad at that time compared to others and luggage doesn't take so long to unload either, I take that flight 5 x a year (the Heathrow one)and it's always been the same.

As for the flights to Vegas, I'm going from Heathrow to Vegas on July 9 via Chicago. I'm on an earlier flight than the 2:30 one (I'm landing at 10:20AM this time) and I was checking some things today, you are correct, there is that later flight from O'Hare to Vegas they could put you on if necessary.

If you are going to worry though, if it were me, I'd contact American and tell them they changed the times thus making your connection time tight, especially since you are in the no resident/visitor category for the lines at Immigration which do move more slowly than the US citizen/residents lines. See what options they have for you and remember, you should not have to pay for a change since they are the ones that made this initial change.

Dallas, Texas
posts: 475
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10. Re: AA connecting flights

He said he was traveling on September 24th.

The 9:45pm flight ORD - LAS is discontinued starting September 2nd.