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How would you feel if.....

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How would you feel if.....

...if you had reserved your seats because you were travelling with a child. Then you turn up at the airport to be told that the seats you had reserved are not reserved (despite the airline guarantee). And they are sitting your family separately, leaving an 8 year old to sit alone? Just wondering if I'm the only parent a liitle bit disppointed, to say the least, with Emirates. If you are thinking of flying with this airline, do beware. Despite various correspondence they have yet to respond to my issues regarding this.

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1. Re: How would you feel if.....

I'd fell pretty cheesed off to say the least. Did you explain to the cabin crew when you boarded? They usually try to help by asking passengers to move for you.............

Emirates customer service is apparantly notoriously slow. Hang in there & keep pestering, I'm sure you'll get a response...........

Dos cerveza, por...
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2. Re: How would you feel if.....

should be *feel*

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3. Re: How would you feel if.....

Have to say that no airline "guarantees" seat assignments. There are always caveats that passengers can be moved if operational conditions require. That said, however, I would expect them to make every possible effort to accommodate appropriately a family with a young child, especially if you went to the trouble of pre-selecting seats together.

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4. Re: How would you feel if.....

I would be well ... off too.

In fact I would refuse to board. They would soon find you your seats rather than have to off load your luggage.

That's what I did with BMI. No sit with family, No fly! there were 150 seats and I only needed two.

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5. Re: How would you feel if.....


why didn't you sit alone and let 8 yr old sit with family.?

Was it a long flight or a short hop?

Most passsengers will change seats to help you out unless they are also with family. I have done it many times when I am alone and i can see the need to change.

the FA are usually much more helpful than the gate agents they have more control once in plane.

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6. Re: How would you feel if.....

Well to start with I understand that you were and should have been very angry. But when I have 'requested' seats together, that is all it is - a request. The airline has always told me that my seats are not confirmed as being together although I have 'selected' them before the flight. The cabin crew normally try to re-arange pax if needed.

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7. Re: How would you feel if.....

From a parents point of view no doubt it is disturbing.

AGree with another post that Emirates could have at the very least asked another single pax (they have passenger manifests,yes?) to move so 8 yr old could be with parent LeBreton. How hard would that have been???

it would be intersting to know what the 8 year old made of it....it may have either contributed to a life long fear of flying and separation anxiety OR she/he may have thought it was awesome. Unless the child was really effected by it I wouldnt get too bent out of shape...but I wouldnt fly them again either just as a matter of principle and make sure you let them know that in your ongoing correspondence.

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8. Re: How would you feel if.....

this is ridiculous and out of order i personally think

wouldnt have hurt anyone to move!!! or for check in to move things around!!!

great, flying emirates soon, am worried now.....

Edinburgh, Scotland
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9. Re: How would you feel if.....

How early/late did you check in? If online check in isn't available and when travelling with children, I'd always assume its best to check in ASAP to ensure you all sit together...

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10. Re: How would you feel if.....

From Emirates T&C:


We will try to meet advance seating requests, but we cannot guarantee that you will be able to sit in any particular seat. We can

change your seat for a similar seat at any time, even after you have boarded the aircraft.

So if someone guaranteed seating assignments, they were contravening their own T&C.

Mind you, given those provisions, the cabin crew could have insisted that another passenger move to allow the 8-year-old to sit with family.

However, the T&C is clear and the OP has no real grievance against the airline.

The lesson is not to take seat assigments for granted and to check in early (or online) if where you sit is important to you.